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June 23, 2018, 03:44:09 AM

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Author Topic: Fantasy Adventure stories, the perfect spot to finish your quest (M seeking f)  (Read 521 times)

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Offline AlexandrTopic starter

I've been looking for a good adventure story with an engaging writer. Talent over words is great, a vocabulary second to none would be fawned over, but really, it comes down to wanting to find somebody who I flat out enjoy creating a world with.

I'd like to preface this by saying that I like themes of power. I like stories where the change is subtle, each obstacle barely overcome, and just as many that cannot be triumphed against, and yet the protagonists still press on, for pausing even a moment will spell the end of their struggle. I like stories where immeasurable power is gained, where it is maliciously abused, and also where the most important piece is to control it. I like seeing a Goliath brought to his knees by the most meager person, the despair and humiliation overflowing from his eyes as much as the rest of his body, and his legacy inherited by somebody who seems to have no right to possess it, and yet the giant is flat on the ground and the little one stands with a knee raised atop the body. I love fantasy stories, where the most influential people in the world gather to discuss how they will address events going on in the world, discussions that lead to a man becoming king, and a king becoming deceased. I like ambitious males trying to gain power just for its own sake, so he can fuck the noble's daughter and the father can do nothing but thank him for it. I like girls losing all that they have, whether it was a shrewd woman who played intrigue as if it were a board game, or an innocent girl whose only mistake was having family who upset someone with a shallow temperament, or a birthright she never even knew about. I like seeing them being thrown to rock bottom, and having to climb up again, or perhaps kept down by a heavy boot belonging to somebody with far more might than they now possess, a single finger grasping at a hanging lace that will be used to collapse the oppressor from underneath. I like a group of men surrounding a girl, enjoying the prospects of a ransom or a new toy, and each of them a minute later spending their breath begging for their lives and offering to put a dagger in their companion's backs to save her the trouble.

I like characters with goals, who have rivals who they overcome and opponents they are humiliated by, all for this slightly less than tangible concept. A proper revenge story can make my heart burn just as brightly as a hot romance between a star-crossed couple, or bending the iron heart of a feisty partner who doesn't know their place into obedience. A tale that implements both ends properly has been an unattainable dream, and I mean to correct that, no matter who I need to coerce into taking that journey with me!

Verdant land of dream
Like any well-raised child, MC idolized his father, a man with the respectable job of hunter next to the unenviable spot of the "cursed woods". It wasn't just a nickname, his father had shown him the invisible edges among the trees inside, tossing a rock between two saplings, and its fall seemed to slow, the rock gaining a new shine as it began to sparkle where there had been no glow at all. His curiosity moved him to investigate the rock, and it took the firm hand of his father pressing his chest to hold him back to remind him of the danger of ever crossing that line. When papa moved away, and the boy could see the stone again, its aura had nearly vanished, and the stone itself grew ever darker, as if the branches above moved to hide the sun and covered the object in shadow. Once the area had blackened out, a new beam of light made its way to breach the branches and reveal the rock, yet nothing was left in the spot that it had lied. It faded away right before the both of them.

His father and mentor told him tales of the domain of elves and faeries that lay beyond, meant never to be broached by humans at the cost of their life. It was as if this were the end of the world, in a sense. That's not what most of the locals believed, though, thinking it only to be a forest so thick that one could get lost so easily in the dark that the only thing that would make it back is the animal that had eaten the poor fellow. It might have seemed logical, stories were only stories, after all, until the eye could confirm the sights they told of, and his father could never show any proof of his claims, only a family heirloom that was of no human make. But the events that unfolded made him doubt the others too, when his father disappeared one night. His father knew the woods too well to simply get lost in them, and when he searched he found that all of his father's traps were still laid. Something terrible must have forced him through the boundary... and his father had either fizzled into nothing, or he was coerced and captured by something that came from within, laying beyond the borders the boy was forbidden to pass.

Eight years went by, and it was a long time for his family to wait for him to mature. It would have been easier to give up and move on by anybody's count. But they had taken the most important person in his life away from him, and today he was an adult at 18. His body may have outpaced his brain, as he had it in his foolish mind to go and grab one of theirs, as some sort of revenge, to bring them out of their world and into his, and see just what answers he could finally obtain of the fate of his father.

There can be only one
Has anybody seen Highlander?

There is a competition enforced upon a group, many willing and some unwilling, chosen to become Immortal to anybody but one of their own. They are granted a power in addition to the enhancement to their life, and this is taken from them by the Immortal who ends their life. Things had moved slowly at the beginning, with each one discovering what has become of themselves, and the advantage that they possess. But as the rules become clear, soon any remarkable and outstanding figure in the land might have just outed himself and the value that his life has, and an ambitious Immortal might make a move to seize it. Strength builds upon strength, and those who have taken many abilities overwhelm those with only their own or a few.

This could be the story of a person who tries to hide from the public eye, and is inadvertently dragged back into the competition by somebody close to them. Or, perhaps a character's partner keeps becoming stranger, and yet more magnificent, and slowly they are woven into the secrets and the fate of the Immortal.

Virgin's Gift
This one is more of an idea than a plot. I've had this fantasy about gaining some sort of material benefit or physical enhancement by taking a person's virginity. When you do it with them for the first time, either something happens to you, granting you an ability or prowess, or you are now able to have a direct influence on their life. (Something like a telepathic link, affecting their senses, or so on.)

Here are some examples of the pairings I could see.
  • Demons are an incredible foe, as any being worth that name has the same might as a small army. For a man whose job it is to untaint the land and oppose those beasts, an edge above them is needed. His courage is emboldened and his will steeled with the sacrifice of a girl's purity, and it takes such holy might to stand against these awful and foul opponents.
  • Sometimes, a Sorceress needs to undertake tasks less ordinary and more lethal than usual, and a little extra oomph in her spells never hurt a dangerous situations. She's on such a mission now, but her rarest spell components and attuned foci have dried up as of late. That's no matter, as her physical magic benefits from a physical relationship with the right, fresh guy.
  • A warlord has a fanatical devotion from his army, but the source of that loyalty is mystical in nature. He must take a new bride each year from a newly conquered land, and six months ago he moved to the country adjecent to your character's. He may have a wedding dress waiting now, but for the right girl that doesn't mean there has to be yet another after that.
  • An ancient curse, newly awakened, is sucking an adventurer's life away. Such as an adventurer's life goes, many wonderful companions have been met, and the curse's effects would seem to recede after bedding the right person, but it always returned after some time. The adventurer learns that when they die, which seems to be coming soon, the curse will renew upon those with whom they shared a night, and now several lives lie in the ability to break it.

More of a broad idea than a specific plot. I'd like to do an RP where a character gets possessed by a ghost, or a demon or something. It would probably start out as very non-consensual, them not getting along very well, and the host being punished into doing things s/he doesn't want as punishment for disobeying. It could continue that way, them fighting each other for control, taking more and more drastic measures to be freed/conquer, or they might slowly get along, becoming able to actually enjoy each others presence within. After all, having such a significant spiritual bond probably offers some sort of companionship, despite all of the inherent burdens.

Another angle might be a character who has a level of domination over another's mind, using the victim almost as a plaything. Here I'm thinking something along the lines of the enthrallment of a succubus upon a poor man, charmed into doing her bidding for her, or a wizard who mentally overpowers a lesser adept into being a nice obedient little pupil after one too many uncontrolled experiments. This would certainly be a more one-way relationship between them, but it could be exciting to explore nonetheless.

System Games / Tabletop RPGs
You know exactly what I'm talking about. Pull out the character sheets, set your mind to brainstorming new personalities and archetypes, and then start heaping on the backstory for a brand new protagonist. There's little better way to show off just how unique a character's abilities are and the prowess with which they wield them, than a whole system dedicated to defining heroes as the incredible paragons that they are. I'm familiar with both ends of the GM screen, and with the right partner I'd be more than comfortable in either role.

I don't have many hard concepts, but that should make me pretty flexible on settings and themes. I'd be looking for either an adventure, or a game of sort of intrigue, hopefully not being too far lost into the veins of plotting, treachery and betrayal. As far as systems go, I'm most familiar with the D20 type games. I've done others with limited results, such as GURPs, and percentile games like Palladium usually fall flat with me.

One concept I've been toying with is taking turns telling a story from different perspectives, sharing the world but trading off mastering through our little plot. For example, I've had the idea where a succubus begins to prey upon a town, and a righteous resident sets himself to stopping her. When it is time for her to start making her next move, seducing the figures of power and corrupting the commonfolk, I could be running the story and the results of her actions. When it is time for the focus to switch to the efforts to subvert her profanities, and how the resident could steel the town's resolve against her, we'd trade places at the seat of the world's master. In the end only one victor can be crowned, but it seems like it would be fun how we each set the other up to get there.

I want to finish by saying that your ideas are welcome too, even if they're nothing related to the stories I've tried to pose here. These are a bit specific, but I wanted to form a complete plot for all of them, rather than leave it open to fill in the gaps later. I'm open to other stories or ideas, and if one of my plots almost hit the mark but there was a snag, I welcome the collaboration process to smooth over any rough edges to get us moving into a wonderful story together. So, send me a message, and tell me what you love!
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Offline AlexandrTopic starter

I've switched things up a bit, and I'm still looking to snag the perfect partner! Drop a line my way if I've caught your eye. Or, even tell me what you wish that you saw in here that I might be able to provide!