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Author Topic: The Accidental Futanari  (Read 1200 times)

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Offline wigglebiscuitTopic starter

The Accidental Futanari
« on: February 08, 2016, 01:17:06 PM »
The Accidental Futanari
Category: Light to Extreme Solo
Pairing: Futa X Male/Female. Student X Teacher, Sister X Sister (Step, no incest), among other couplings.
Partner Wanted: My writing partner will play the futa, and be willing to play Switch roles. This RP is open to all gender designations.
Themes: Modern Setting. Sexual Awakening. Sexual Power and Control. Fear and Awkwardness. Revenge. Experimentation.
The Pitch: In this RP, I will act as a 'GM' to yours in a free-form modern setting. You will play the role of a young woman who accidentally transforms herself into a futanari.

Due to some biological or genetic malfunction, YC has an extraordinarily low libido. Perhaps her hormone levels are abnormally low. Perhaps some genetic trigger is 'off' when it should be 'on'. She has had sex, but never had an orgasm, not even through masturbation or while dreaming. Sex is, at best, uncomfortable for her.

Her step-sister teases her relentlessly about her problems, even spreading rumors at school. Her lab instructor is one of the few people she can confide in, though she can't quite bring herself to trust her. Finally there is Tomas, a boy in her math class who, for reasons that escape her, has crushed on her since the two of them were in grade school.  These will be the three main characters I will be playing, in addition to any others you would like to bring in.

YC's condition also shows in her physique. While she is a pretty girl (her exact appearance is up to you),  her body never developed as it should. She is pretty enough, but from the neck-down has the body of a prepubescent boy. Waiters regularly give her the kids menu at restaurants. What she lacks in sexual maturity, however, she makes up for in smarts. She's a genius, and is set on the task of curing her sexual impotence.

And boy does she.

After recording some encouraging results from her lab mice, she takes the latest version of her serum herself, and wakes up the following morning with something like
between her legs. Worse, she goes from having no libido to having a nearly uncontrollable one. She is horny constantly. She must learn to hide her new member, avoid erections in class, how to pee standing up, and so all.

Lastly, there is more to her transformation than meets the eye (pun intended). Her cum is addictive. Her body changes, becoming more shapely (This happens quickly in the story, giving you complete control of the appearance of your character). How does she react to these new changes in her body? Does she use her abilities for good? or to seek revenge?

That is for you to decide.

Closing thoughts: While I'm fairly settled on certain aspects of the story, I am open to others, so please don't think this is a railroad by any means. Also, it is worth mentioning that what I'm going for is a more realistic approach to the subject. Her cock isn't abnormally large, and she doesn't produce an inhuman amount of ejaculate. She is just a girl who happens to have both a penis and a vagina. As if high school wasn't awkward enough...

And now for some picture inspiration (note: NSFW and large images ahead):

getting caught

morning wood

in class

On the

Help from a


Revenge on the

Interested? If you are able to post two to three times a week and are literate, check out my O/O thread. . If it seems we are a match, please PM me.

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Offline wigglebiscuitTopic starter

Re: The Accidental Futanari
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2016, 04:13:27 PM »
Opening this request to all genders and orientations...

Offline AndyZ

Re: The Accidental Futanari
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2016, 09:26:26 PM »
Did you find anyone for this yet?  If I played the futa, she wouldn't be interested in males, but otherwise this sounds absolutely fantastic.