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Author Topic: Varied Ideas from an Active Imagination (M seeking F)  (Read 1776 times)

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Varied Ideas from an Active Imagination (M seeking F)
« on: February 06, 2016, 10:27:27 am »
First, an assortment of Pairings I would be interested in working a plot around.

More ideas/pairings can also be found on my On/Offs page, along with samples of my writing/links to active games.

I only play the MALE role in the following pairings. Some pairings remain 'gender neutral', meaning the Male/Female can be either/or of the characters.


Husband/Wifes Sister [Wifes Mother]
Husband/Wifes Best Friend
Wife/Husbands Brother
Wife/Husbands Father
Wife/Husbands Best Friend
Wife/Husbands Boss


Boyfriend/Girlfriends Sister
Boyfriend/Girlfriends Mother
Boyfriend/Girlfriends Friends
Girlfriend/Boyfriends Brother
Girlfriend/Boyfriends Father
Girlfriend/Boyfriends Friends

Friend/Friends Sibling
Friend/Friends Parent

Modern / Contemporary
Fantasy / Futuristic
Historical Settings




Nerd/Popular Person
Hot Nerd/Bestfriend

Neighbor/Neighbors Daughter
Neighbor/Neighbors Son
Neighbor/Neighbors Wife
Neighbor/Neighbors Husband

Pornstar/Neighbors Daughter
Pornstar/Neighbors Son
Pornstar/Daughters Friends
Pornstar/Sons Friends

Teacher/Students Parent



Father/Daughters Friend(s)
Mother/Sons Friend(s)





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Re: Varied Ideas from an Active Imagination (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2016, 10:48:30 am »
Basic Pairings with Basic Plots: While these are snippets, many of this initial pairings have the possibility to turn into long-term games

Older Man / Younger Female
-A Single Father is seduced by his Daughters Best Friend
-A CEO finds his Secretary has a darker, kinkier side
-A Teacher takes advantage of his failing Student
-A Married Man has an affair with the Girl Next Door
-A Sugar-Daddy and a college Coed have a lot of fun together
-A Reclusive Adult Novelist is seduced by his sexual Niece, his new Muse
-A Father decides to show his sons Girlfriend what a real man is like
-A Father-in-Law is obsessed with his Daughter-in-Law and takes advantage when she gets into BDSM
-A Father-in-Law, rich and wealthy, finds his poor Daughter-in-Law advertising as an Escort
-A Boss is seduced by his married employee

Older Woman / Younger Male
-A lonely Housewife takes pleasure in her Neighbors spying son
-A lonely Housewife wants to know if 'Black is Better' and her personal Trainer is a perfect specimen
-A Teachers past comes back to haunt her when her student discovers it
-A lonely Teacher decides to make the nerd of her class into her personal pet
-A Teacher has always had a thing for younger guys and there is no end to them in her class
-A Mother wants only the best for her daughter, so teachers her Boyfriend how to treat a woman properly
-A Handsome exchange Student from another Country pushes a Mother to the edge with his antics
-A married Teacher runs into a former student of hers on a night-out
-A CEO hires a new personal assistant, little does he know just what she will demand of him

Same Age Pairings
-With her husband passed out on their wedding night, a newly wed bride turns to the best man to satisfy her cravings
-A wife has always been intrigued by the myth of the BBC - with her husband gone for the weekend, she asks his best man, a black guy, if its true
-The Head Cheerleader discovers that the Nerd of her Class is well hung during a game of 7-minutes-in-heaven
-A name mixup in college has paired a shy guy with an outgoing girl as roommates
-A Jock is paired with the smart girl for a history project but history is the last thing they'll be studying together
-Two best friends, having had a little too much to drink one night, start getting frisky
-A gamer-guy and a gamer-girl play a risque game, where the loser has to shed a piece of clothing each round. And when the clothes run out, its dare time...
-A boyfriend finds himself wanting to spend more time with his girlfriends flirty sister
-A boyfriend knows his girlfriends roommate has been watching them, so surprises her one night by getting into bed with her instead
-A girlfriend is more interested in her boyfriends brother
-A girlfriend is more interested in her boyfriends bestfriend

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Re: Varied Ideas from an Active Imagination (M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2016, 01:55:26 pm »
Small Plot Ideas: Gangbang Themed. I will play all male characters. You will play all female characters.

-NSFW InspirationSarah was not happy that her husband had lost her for the night in the bet to his boss. The man was older and black. She'd never been with a black man before and she knew that spending the night with her husbands boss meant only one thing. She was told to dress in something that made her feel sexy, so she did. However, when it came down to business, she was in for a shock. The man was big - far bigger then her husband and far bigger then anything she had every experienced before. The night that followed was the best night of sex in her life - when she gave him her number in the morning, she knew it was because she wanted more. And he delivered - and also introduced her to some of his equally hung friends. Sarah felt like she had died and gone to heaven - but she couldn't tell her husband what she was doing! It would kill him!

-NSFW Inspiration Claire was tired of hearing the cries and screams coming from her mothers room whenever her mothers new boyfriend was over. She accidentally saw them one day, the door left open, and she suddenly understood why her mother was making all those noises! Her mothers boyfriend was going to stay and 'babysit' her for the weekend while her mother was gone on business so Claire decided it was time to find out just how big that thing really was. Luckily, her mothers boyfriend had no problem being seduced by the younger girl. Of course, Claire had forgotten that her friend Sophie was coming over. Sophie walked in on them in the middle of the act but instead of being shocked, she was turned on, eager to get a piece of the action herself!

-NSFW Inspiration Karla was not happy that her daughter was seeing a black guy. She knew they were fucking as well...something that made her jealous as her husband no longer had sex with her. Getting up late one night, Karla went downstairs to get a drink of water, wearing next to nothing. Her daughters boyfriend came downstairs, wearing nothing, and she was shocked at his lean physique, toned body, and the size of his cock. Unable to help herself, and craving such things, she gives him a blowjob in the middle of the kitchen, telling him to come back on the weekend when the house was empty. True to his word, with the house empty, he returned to be with his girlfriends mother...bringing his twin brother along for the ride.

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Re: Varied Ideas from an Active Imagination (M seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2016, 09:20:30 am »
College Fantasy:  Guy and Girl, both in college, find they have a lot in common. They're in a few clubs together, maybe even have a class together, and find themselves talking to each other a lot after the clubs meet etc. Boy starts to fall for Girl, who seems to be into him then reveals she is 'sorta seeing someone'. Saddened, Boy doesn't think much of it until a few days later when he gets an email from her asking him if he wanted to go get dinner sometime. He agrees. After a pleasant off-campus dinner, they got back to her room where they start watching TV. She is more forward, placing her head on his lap before guiding his hand to her breast. They make out and she gives him his first college blowjob. They start hanging out more, making out, her giving him head in more public places (common lounge while no one is around) and even pulls him into a shower with her, though no sex. She says 'no sex for at least 3 weeks' in a heated moment of passion. Boy didn't know sex was on the table, still a virgin, but 3 days later his roomie is gone for the weekend and Girl comes over. Sex ensues, her taking the lead again but him growing bolder by the minute. They fuck like rabbits for the entire weekend.

So, basically a college romance that is smutty. But it doesn't end there. They grow as a couple, start to get into kinkier things, experimenting along the way. I am not sure your thoughts on things, but there would also be cheating elements as the story progresses - the girl banging her now ex-bf, maybe another guy or two as well, but keeping it secret from the Boy(her BF) etc. Other details can be discussed too.

Ages are also negotiable along with many other things. There are a lot of directions this story can go. Basically, just looking for a slice-of-life, BF/GF story with many ups and downs!

Sugar Daddy A College Student, needing help to pay her college loans, seeks out a Sugar Daddy.
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Re: Varied Ideas from an Active Imagination (M seeking F)
« Reply #4 on: February 25, 2016, 07:22:35 pm »
A Brothers Love - A Brother and Sister, always close, have always been sexually active - namely, the brother groping and fondling his sister, even sneaking into her bed to rub his hard cock against her. He both lusts and loves after her and has always been protective of her. However, when he learns that she has a boyfriend, he takes things to the next level, getting into her bed and raping her. His sister loves it nonetheless, loves how possessive he is of her and how dominant he has become over her, eagerly submitting to her brother right under the noses of their oblivious parents. She is too embarrassed and ashamed to admit the rape to anyone but all of her friends think her relationship with her brother is inappropriate.

My Brothers Wife - Andrew had met the girl of his dreams the day his older brother had introduced him to his girlfriend. There was that instant connection and instant spark, but Andrew was on the sidelines while his brother, Richard, romanced her. He was the best man at their wedding but Andrew never said anything about it or his feelings for her. And then he continued to sit on the sidelines as the years ticked by and his brother began to cheat on his new wife, though she always bought into his lies. Now, it was the middle of winter and the entire family was getting together for the holidays. Andrew was still single and almost 30 years old now. His brother was a few years older, as was the girl of his dreams.

He picks her up from the airport, his brother unable to make it due to 'business' once more. The unspoken words were there. To get her mind off of things, Andrew offers to take her up to the log cabin in the hills around where the family was staying. An unexpected blizzard strikes, burying them in for the night where they both give in to temptation and relief, enjoying a night of passion with each other. But in the morning there are regrets? How does it change family relationships?
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Re: Varied Ideas from an Active Imagination (M seeking F)
« Reply #5 on: February 27, 2016, 01:06:56 pm »
Updated a few ideas.