Much Fandom, Much Fantasy, Come See! *{MxM}*

Started by Flail, February 04, 2016, 01:40:42 PM

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Hello, I am here, and I'm looking for a roleplay or two. I prefer to roleplay over email or PM but you can talk me into a forum RP. I have many years of roleplay experience.

All roleplays will be MxM only, please and thank you, however, I do not care what gender the writer is.

I am seriously craving a STAR WARS roleplay. OCs preferred, as I wish to play a Sith apprentice and need a Jedi to play with him. Or possibly a Sith Master to play with him. I also -think- (which is to say I am fairly confident) that I could play Kylo Ren acceptably well if anyone is interested in that.

I like story as well as smut, and hope we can plot out something interesting to write together, I also love the darkly gothic and romance of a like nature. I am not a writing Nazi or particularly demanding, I just ask for some attempt at proper grammar (I mix up my tenses a bit, so I understand those kinds of issues) and use of the spellchecker. I tend to write long intros, and short sex and fight scenes so there is lots of back-and-forth between my partner and I; otherwise, I generally reply with about as much paragraph-wise as I am given.

My limits are no toilet stuff, mpreg, pedo, or bestiality (which does NOT include sentient and self-aware beings like werewolves.) I prefer to play switch or seke characters, and not be stuck always in one role, though if my partner really prefers to be dominant and for me to play the bottom, I will do so. I have no limits on language and none on violence except for the obvious no killing my character without permission. I do not mind limited godmod on my characters: I.E. you can throw my character across the clearing if they are fighting, but what happens when he lands I will write.

Other things I am interested in include:

*Star Wars! I know, I am repeating myself...
*Twilight. I particularly want a werewolf to play x my vampire. Imprinting encouraged.
*Anything inspired by or set in the old World of Darkness Changeling, Mage, or Vampire series.
*Lovecraft/Call of Cthulhu inspired characters and settings.
*Something set in the universe of The Mortal Instruments, Shadowhunters and warlocks and vampires and weres. OCs.
*Hellboy 2 - I want to play Nuada.
*Marvel Universe - I want to play Loki or an OC.
*The Host - Marvelous sci-fi story and I'd like to play a soul OC.
*The Hunger Games - Tribute x Tribute OCs
*Game of Thrones/ASOIAF - OCs
*Once Upon A Time - just started watching this, but now am intrigued by the idea of a rp using classic storybook characters (in an AU way)
*Divergent (I'd play a Dauntless OC).
*American Horror Story: Freakshow (I'd play an OC).
*Hemlock Grove (I'd play an OC).

I also really would like to do the following pairings. The role I want to play is in bold:
*Vampire x Werewolf or Vampire (non-Twilight)
*Serial Killer x FBI Agent
*Serial Killer x Serial Killer
*Patient x Psychiatrist
*Pirate x Naval Officer
*Prince x Knight
*Victim x Kidnapper
*Apprentice Assassin x Assassin
*Summoner x Demon
*Emperor x Gladiator
*Gunfighter x Sheriff
*Zombie Hunter x Zombie Hunter

-- I like many things fantasy, including modern fantasy, so feel free to suggest anything. I read a lot, and watch a lot of movies, so try me! The only exception is I don't have a lot of knowledge about anime or games.

If any of this interests you, please PM me - and thanks for reading!