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January 18, 2017, 06:20:31 AM

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Author Topic: pv's partner quest {mxm} {OPEN}  (Read 288 times)

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pv's partner quest {mxm} {OPEN}
« on: February 03, 2016, 05:01:51 PM »
hey y'all! call me pv, pet, whatever you like - i am finally approved and ready to seek out some partners! please bear with me if my thoughts are a little unsettled and spazzy, that tends to be how it goes at times. anyway, read on ahead, please and thanks!

general stuff:
- i do work two jobs right now, so while i will try to respond as quickly as possible (and typically, i type pretty fast!), i can't guarantee immediate responses. i'll do my best to keep up though. sometimes i disappear for a while too, so y'know, don't worry too much. i will come back! i just might be napping.
- please try to match the effort i put into a post - i appreciate good writing and good roleplay etiquette. i don't need to read a novel for every response, but i'd like more than a smattering of sentences if possible.
- i'm primarily an MxM player. let's just keep it to that for now.
- ditching: it happens. quite frankly, i don't like insulting people, so sometimes i'm more likely to let an rp i'm not sure is working die than confront somebody. on the same topic, i really don't care if it happens to me. try to let me know if something's not working, and i'll try to do the same, kay? thanks.
- character roles: i love D/s dynamics, i work in a kink-friendly club and have a lifestyle D/s relationship, so i'm happy to put these things into roleplays. HOWEVER - i do not like playing the big domly dom who runs all the things all the time. i prefer to play switchy characters, and prefer that others don't throw spineless submissives at me. does this mean i won't play dominant-leaning characters? no, but it will not be their sole characterization, a, and b, it will be less likely than me playing someone who can lean either way.
also, i am just generally happy to talk to people about kink. xD here's my f-list, and i'm working on my ons/offs list.
an additional addendum on this topic: i will NOT accept any more requests that 'only play bottom/submissive,' 'have been playing too many dominant characters,' 'prefer to play bottoms/submissives.' in point of fact, if you'd really like to earn my undying love, don't come to me with a predetermined idea of where your character stands in the bedroom at all and let the plot and character development go where it may. i hate to sound like a jackass, but this is a serious pet peeve of mine and i'd like to just draw that line now. thank you.

stick to those, and we'll get along great! and if you have any particular questions as to whether i will or will not do something, please ask.

as to what i would be interested in doing right now - oh, man. the list is gonna be kind of disjointed right now. in the instance of pairings, the character i would prefer to play will be in italics. stuff i'm really craving right now will be in red font.

let's get to it! subject to suggestions and updates at any time.

non-fandom stuff

mostly just general plot ideas, and feel free to throw new ones at me!

- jumbled up fairy tales - i love mixing stuff up.
- something with knights, thieves, sorcerers... i don't even care. epic fantasy adventures with the world in peril and an intrepid band of adventurers for the win!
- two words: FEY COURTS.
- dragons. humanoid dragons, actual dragons, i don't even care.
- d&d-esque epic adventures.
- merfolk. MERSHARKS. i don't know.

idea: a noble known throughout the kingdom as a cad, a crook, and the king's spymaster catches a thief attempting to pick his pocket; he allows the lad leniency in exchange for entering into a contract with him, to steal exclusively at his word, from targets he chooses. what purpose the thief will serve is yet unknown, but one thing is sure - there are plans in motion greater that could reward him far more greatly than picking pockets on the street ever could. {i can roll with either character here.}

idea: a warlike tribe of nomads has recently entered into a cautious trade agreement with the kingdom at the border of their lands. a delegation from the kingdom is sent to the village nearest the border to meet with the chieftain and those deemed most important among the tribe. but the agreement, it seems, was nothing more than a lure; the nomads' land holds resources the kingdom wants, and they have chose to resort to force in order to take it. {i have a nomad in mind.}

idea: pretty much anything else involving my blood mage. because hell yeah blood magic.

idea: a vengeful faerie ruler sends a gift to a fellow noble (fey or human or something else, whatever works): an enchanted chest, made to protect anything kept within it. made, in fact, from the tree of a dryad who was accused of treason. the faerie ruler thought that killing the tree would kill the spirit of it, but the clever dryad hid himself within the grain of the wood, thus escaping the ruler's wrath. he intends to escape once the chest reaches its destination; however, by faerie law, the chest is now the other ruler's property, and so, by extension, is the dryad. (yes i know dryads are mythologically female but COME ON DUDEDRYAD FUN TIMES.)
ALTERNATE VERSION OF THIS PLOT: the tree is made into a ship, which is meant to be gifted to another ruler, but is then hijacked by pirates. COME ON YOU KNOW YOU WANT FAERIE PIRATES!

idea: the witchguard are an elite squadron of soldiers, each of them blood-bound to a mage whose talents are considered necessary for the greater good of the world. during their travels, one such guardian has his witch slain, and is taken into the custody of a darker-minded mage - one whose interest is harm, not help, and who binds the witchguard by force into his service. (definitely have a character in mind for the witchguard, and this could easily be developed into a multi-character plot.)

idea: a once upon a time in wonderland style genie/master relationship

idea: pickpockets who choose the exact wrong targets and get into crazy amounts of trouble.

idea: male retelling of swan lake, because if you haven't seen matthew bourne's swan lake yet, you should, it's freaking gorgeous. also i'm a sucker for classical ballet so COME AT ME YO.


- a witch/warlock/sorcerer who unintentionally summons a werewolf familiar (could also be medieval)
- anything with shapeshifters/wereanimals/lycanthropes
- vampires and the people who hunt them, also could be combined with other monstrous things.

- angels and demons, on earth
- mythological gods given new, modern identities
- more jumbled up fairy tales? yes.

idea: in a world where the supernatural is not unknown, but is still on the fringes, a young detective with a gift for accurate hunches and semi-prophetic dreams is put on his first big case - an undercover job, investigating the head of a well-known and dangerous mob family. hired as an assistant for the other's legal front job, he works his way into the man's confidence, only to discover that crime shouldn't be his biggest concern; the family is a pack of very territorial werewolves, and once you're in, you don't get out alive. {i need more criiiiime. xD i have a character in mind for the detective.}

idea: a spin-off of the phantom of the opera style idea; young, untried performer, mysterious and slightly obsessive mentor, drama and intrigue! idk this one needs work.


- post-apocalyptic craziness
- i don't know, space pirates? something.
- genetically engineered supersoldier corps!

okay, so there's this series called 'the lotus war' by jay kristoff.
and you know what? it's FUCKING AWESOME.
basically, it's a feudal japanese steampunk world that also has crazy oni and mythological creatures and other cool shit. and I WANT IT. yes. gimme. no knowledge of the books necessary, i can give you the rundown on relevant points for the world (but also READ IT IT'S AWESOME).
**update: i have a pretty rad disenfranchised aristocrat who's trying to steal back his inheritance for this. FEUDAL JAPANESE STEAMPUNK SKY PIRATES WHAT UP.


GLADIATORS. look, i just finished watching the spartacus TV series and now i'm obsessed. so, okay, fantasy gladiators, historical gladiators, whatever, just... GLADIATORS. right now.

suggestions are always gonna be welcome, so throw me stuff. <3

fandom stuff
characters i prefer to play are italicized.

spartacus {tv}
agron x nasir
{i swear to god i will love you forever. i am also a-okay with AU shit. i also play a bangin' saxa, gannicus, and occasionally caesar.}

original characters! DO THE THING!

harry potter/hogwarts universe
remus x sirius
original characters of any generation - from founders to marauders to next generation!

game of thrones
renly x loras
original characters
please note, i've read the books but i've only watched about two seasons of the show. so i'ma be basing it largely off book stuff, not that it totally matters. throw things in, i'm cool with it!

tales of zestiria
sorey x mikleo

teen wolf
let's be real i've pretty much been ignoring it since 3b. so... proooobably a lot of au-type stuff.

derek x stiles
scott x isaac
peter x stiles
peter x chris
jackson x isaac

college au's, magic!stiles, nogitsune stuff, crime au's, and a number of other badass awesome things are TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE AND ENCOURAGED.

pacific rim


percy jackson and the olympians
jason grace x nico di angelo
or original demigods

kushiel's legacy
original characterrrrrs

final fantasy vii
reno x rufus
reno x tseng

final fantasy viii
seifer x irvine

sailor moon

kunzite x zoisite

original fighters & sacrifices
plot ideas include:
RECKLESS - a fighter who's a daredevil and a sacrifice who's a masochist; one could consider it a match made in heaven, but when the two are afraid to even get close, how is a name supposed to bind?
PEERLESS is a fighter who has never lost, a cocky, overconfident youth whose natural talent shown in training has given him a super-giant ego. it's only when he finally meets his true sacrifice, a domineering man who demands nothing less than perfection, that he'll get knocked down a peg... or five.
HEARTLESS is a sacrifice whose fighter is on his deathbed, and he cannot care less. when he's paired with MATCHLESS, who has never known and likely will never know a true partner to share his name, will it be enough to break through the shell of impervious lack of emotion? or will it just be another deadly disaster?
ZERO series cannot feel pain, but they are also the only pairs capable of a dangerous spell, one to exchange sacrifices. when two pairs' exchange lasts long outside of battle, will they ever manage to win back their initial partners? or will they at long last learn the meaning of pain?

... okay, i think that's all for now! new things added as they come up. please hit me up! <3
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Re: pv's partner quest {mxm} {OPEN}
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2016, 01:00:02 AM »
updated and new plots added; craving crime, nomads, and spies. not all at the same time, obviously.