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June 23, 2018, 05:37:36 AM

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Author Topic: The New Kid [Serenity & Fabs]  (Read 860 times)

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The New Kid [Serenity & Fabs]
« on: February 02, 2016, 04:15:56 PM »

Another new school. Kira was really starting to dislike the constant moving around. This time however they said they were sending her off to an academy for her 'condition'. Her parents were human, and didn't understand when she underwent the change. Became a vampire. They thought she was sick, always looking up her symptoms and what not. For awhile they tried to get her to see a doctor but she refused so they moved somewhere where they found a specialist after contacting one from a site. He told her there was an institution where she would be treated, where she could also still learn instead of having to miss school. Her parents were so quick to agree. But Kira was more hesitant.

They've moved a lot before, when her father was switching jobs. So she was the new kid for a pretty long time. Now, it was her junior year and she would be the new girl once again. And she was just finally starting to make friends at her old school before the accident happened. But she wasn't one for talking about that. It was behind her now, and she merely accepted it.


Goodbyes were said and done as her parents drove off, leaving Kira in front of the 'institution', which looked more like a rich kid school. So not only was she new, but now she was thrown in a school that looked at though it would have a lot of stuck up rich kids? How will she ever fit in. It wasn't her style. She was more a quiet type, one to keep to herself. Back at her old school she always hung out with the 'odd' kids. The scenes, the goths, the emos, those sort of cliques.
"Just get yourself together Kira... maybe they won't really be all that bad?" She tried to tell herself as she headed up the steps to the front door, one bag over her shoulder and the other in her free hand. A map was in the other and she was looking it over as soon as she entered. "Main office...." she started looking at the signs and doors, looking for where she needed to go. She was told she would need to go to the office first, and then the guidance when they had contacted her instead of her parents. And so far the halls were empty, which was great as she didn't want to end up running into someone, not yet. It was too soon to interact with people for her.

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Re: The New Kid [Serenity & Fabs]
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2016, 01:11:15 PM »
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She wasn't a normal girl and they all knew it. That was what Kate usually thought whenever she went out, either to attend her daily classes or just do some random stuff. At first, she felt as if everyone who crossed in her path were staring at her the whole time. She thought it to be really weird, but usually ignored it, thinking it might just be her mind trying to molest her and make her feel even more nervous...Until her parents actually confirmed her thoughs. "Vampire? What's that?" those had been Kate's first words when her parents decided to tell her the truth. Suddenly finding out she was what some people would consider a "monster" was something expected to be hard to believe and quite astonishing. Yet...Kate didn't react in a negative way. It sounded quite funny and interesting, especially because, as her parents also shared that exotic condition, she could have any sort of question solved rather quickly.

Still...They had to do something. She couldn't go to school and pretend to be a mere human anymore, at least not know she had finally found out what her true nature was like. Thus, both her parents and Kate herself agreed to apply for a well-known institution which dealt with more people like her. None of them really knew what that was all about, but the chances and hopes of meeting new people who shared her attributes were too strong to just ignore them. That way, Kate ended up attending that special academy, solely dedicated to vampires. People like her, to sum it up. It had been a bit violent, at first. But, thanks to her courage and lack of embarrassment, she managed to somehow control the situation.


A whole year has passed since her first day in her new high school now. Used to be one of the most popular females in her class, glad to see all the people were paying her attention almost the whole time, she couldn't be happier...Until the Principal told her the news. That morning, her presence had been requiredin the academy's main office. Kate had thought it would be to discuss the punishment for her usual, irresponsible and bad behaviour...Still...When she heard she was there to serve as a quick guide for a new student who was supposed to come there that day, her whole body froze. "A new student?!" she couldn't help but exclaim in a rather loud tone, without really caring whether other people could hear her or not. The brown haired female had no choice but to accept the offer though. Given her low marks and not so desirable behavior, there was always the possibilty she got expelled without warning. And Kate did not want, by any mean, to leave the only place in the whole world where she could interact with other vampires. So she decided to stay in the main office without any further complaints, impatiently waiting for her undesired mate to arrive.

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Re: The New Kid [Serenity & Fabs]
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2016, 06:03:19 PM »
The layout of the school was very different than all the other schools she had gone to. Usually the main offices were right out front, a straight walk. But Kira had to walk some ways and make some turns until she reached the door with the words 'Main Office' in gold letters. "This is so going to take some getting used to.." she told herself as she folded up the map and shoved it in her back pocket. Not having been given very many details on how  the day would be going and just simply told who to see, she was a little bit surprised to see another girl already in the office. She wondered if she was new too.

"Sorry if I might be a bit late..." Kira started, closing the door behind her as she stepped in. "Got a bit lost.."she added. She then noticed an empty chair near the desk and took it. Her attention turned to the other girl however. She was really pretty. "I'm Kira.. are you new too?"