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September 27, 2021, 09:37:05 pm

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Author Topic: GM for solo character (Pathfinder system)  (Read 748 times)

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GM for solo character (Pathfinder system)
« on: January 31, 2016, 01:32:18 am »
My drive for system-based fantasy (specifically Pathfinder system) has been high lately, so I'm willing to open up another slot (maybe two, but that's a Big MAYBE) in my itinerary to GM another solo game for a female/futa/fem-male character (regardless of actual player gender).  The world itself can be Pathfinder's Golarion, the Forgotten Realm's Faerun, or a unique custom-built world that we can come up between each other.

By my own admission, I'm terrible at handling simple smut-heavy plots (e.g. explore a dungeon for some poorly-defined treasure and get manhandled by every orc, goblin, beast, and his cousin on the way) and my muse quickly fades with such games, so it would help my motivation and enthusiasm if you have grand aspirations for your character.  I'm not one of those GMs who's out to smack your character with everything I can throw - I love to give them a fair chance at achieving their goals, with some complications along the way.

I'm a detail-based GM, so players who are prepared to immerse themselves into the world stand to gain the most.  Feel free to look over my post history to get an idea of how I handle and format my games.  I'm not a mind-reader, so communication is key, or I won't be able to deliver the goods.

All that said, I do have things that capture my interest, which I'll lay out below.  Whilst I'm not against doing something completely different (especially if it's captivating!), in the event of more than one interested party, the person who hits the most things on the below, has my attention.

Basically, stuff I'd like to base a campaign on.
  • Quest for the crown: The character aims to be a big-shot in the world as one of it's movers and shakers.  Not necessarily has to do with becoming a monarch.
  • Redemption: An Evil PC trying to find their way to the light along a very crooked path.
  • Lost in fantasy: Think earth person gets transported to fantasy world.  Big craving for this one.
  • Thwarting/Destroying great evil: Think Lord of the Rings.  I'm more appreciative of a PC who has a personal stake, rather than someone just roped in.
  • Questing in a Dark Hyper Sexualised World: For a unique campaign setting, everything in the world seems to have some sort sexual implication.  Those who have played Corruption of Champions or Fall of Eden will have some idea of what I'm on about.

Character ideas/builds that I'm quite partial to at the moment.  Again, to note, they are not requirements, only preferences that make me happy. :-)
  • Races: Aasimars, Catfolk, Changelings, Elves*, Dhamphirs, Half-orcs, Humans, Strix, Tieflings, Vishkanyas
  • Monstrous Races: Amanusya Rakshasa*, Green Hag*, Kuwa Oni*, Pairaka Div*, Shae*, Succubus*, Urdefhan*, Vampires*
  • Classes: Arcanist, Barbarian, Bard, Bloodrager, Cavalier/Samurai, Cleric, Druid, Inquisitor, Investigator, Mesmerist, Monk, Occultist, Oracle, Paladin/Blackguard, Rogue/Ninja, Slayer, Swashbuckler, Witch
  • Age Range: Crossdressers/Futas/Traps (18-23), Female (28-50); equivalents for non-human races with who have different ages.
  • Backgrounds: Decadent/Disgraced nobles/royalty; escaped criminals; people from primitive cultures; people fallen from power; ordinary people with special heritages; lusty seducers out to take advantage of the sex appeal.
*Requires discussion.

  • Athletic/Muscular and/or Curvy women and futas (but generally as long as they aren't waifish).  Femininely suggestive, but lithe cross-dressers/traps.
  • Generally realistic proportions, give or take some.
  • Pubic hair on females, more the better.
  • Tribal/Arcane tattoos, some of them provocatively place.

  • Your character's primary sexual interest should be in males.
  • Breeding/Impregnation/Risk of Pregnancy.  Cross-racial/species impregnation.
  • Male to female transformation (could be temporary or permanent; would favour some element of this for purely male PCs)
  • Interracial/Interspieces copulation
  • Non-human PC with a fetish for humanoid races.
  • Spur-of-the-moment-sex; rough play; passionate lovemaking
  • Character exhibitionism; teasing
  • Incest; forbidden relationships (favouring an older female PC relation)
  • Faux-non con (When 'no' means god yes!, when 'stop' means harder!, when 'I'm not on the pill' or 'It's not safe' means Knock me up!)
  • Male preg (actual or oviposition)
  • Romance (preferably with other humanoids).  This is a big one for me, and is the closest to a prerequisite amongst all the things I've mentioned.

Pretty high on the want craving list right now.

Always a favourite theme.  People who can get out and go and get something done.  They needn't always be the brightest, but will, courage, and few scars are pretty damn sexy in my opinion.



Anything you may think of, don't hesitate to put them out in the open - better to know where everyone stands, after all ^_^.  Please answer by PM, rather than posting here, thanks!

If you're interested, please do send something that I can potentially work with, such as character background, example adventures you'd like to put the character through, encounters and people you think you'd enjoy, etc...

Final note: this is not on a first come, first served basis.
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