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Started by Dabi, January 29, 2016, 12:58:26 PM

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For that is the best way way to get a hold of me.

Role play on:
- E-mail and Forum style only.

For out of character:
PM and Skype.
What I can offer you as a role player:

- I can respond every day, twice if your lucky depending on the time zone difference.
- I can give you plots twist and ideas. Through plotting and throughout the RP.
- I can give you long detailed replies. From one paragraph to 8 depending on the muse and your response.
- I am versatile. I can play seme, seke and uke. (Top/Bottom)
- I can give you character development that grows with the RP.
- I can create/inspired worlds with you.

What I expect from you as a role playing partner:

- Able to reply frequently. (Due to the amount dropping rp's, I am clamping down on my patience with my partners. Unless told otherwise I'd assume our rp is put on hold and lock it. Anything longer then 3 months. I will drop it.)
- Long detailed replies. 3-6 paragraph average per reply. (I can tolerate a paragraph through certain scenes when the characters are talking ect.)
- Able to give a contribution to planning and plotting through out the role play. This is a equal ownership. I will not be the one pulling the strings. Don't just react.
- Spelling doesn't matter to me as I make mistakes. Any efforts or attempts I'd be grateful. (Long as it's readable basically.)

Thing's I like to happen in a RP

- Competition
- Fighting for Dominance,
- Dirty Talking,
- Pre-Existing Relationships,
- Age gaps,
- Male pregnancy,
- Teasing,
- Very experienced partners,
- Story driven,
- Sloppy Seconds,
- Incest,
- Broken characters/Wounded warriors ego  ect.
- Fantasy/Historical/ action-adventure/Modern/Urban fantasy/Fandom.
- Force feeding/Forced Growth (getting the belly bigger)
- Lot's of Emotional Angst and drama.

Thing's I don't like to happen with the RP.

- Sex, sex, sex without plot or a meaning for it.
- Delayed responses (A  one of is okay we all have commitments, I mean 3 months within each other.)
- No character development from your guy.
- No one liners,
- Shy ukes that stutter.  (unless it's actually necessary.)
- Just reacting.
- God modding my character. I get silly with this Haha. Side characters are OK.



Student x student
Delinquent x President of the council.
President  of the council x Jock
Head of the council x Head of the council
Captain of High jump team x Chess champion 
Captain x Captain
Teacher x Teacher
Teacher x Delinquent's parent.
Artist x Artist
Artist x Athletic swimmer.

Brother x Brother in-law.
Step brother x Step brother,
Husband x Best man,
Husband x next door neighbor.
Husband x best friend.
Wife's best friend (male) x Husband.

Doctor x patient,
Doctor x Doctor,
Doctor x Therapist,
Doctor x Soldier,
Boxer x Doctor,
Therapist x Patient,
Therapist x Soldier,

British x Scotland,
British x Ireland,
British x India,
Catholic x Christian.
Spiritualism x Catholic,

Doctor x Ex-athlete.
Bodyguard x Celebrity,
Witness protection x civilian,
Cop x cop,
Undercover cop x Mafia's leader,
Second in command x under cover cop,
Mafia leader x mafia leader.
Ex-cop x new recruit.
Drug dealer x Cop,
Rehabilitated civilian x drug dealer.
Drug dealer x Drug dealer. 
Soldier x Soldier
Solider x Doctor,
Rehabilitated soldier x Doctor 

Band mate x Band mate,
Band mate x Manager
Band mate x Fan
Band mate x stalker.
Dance choreographer x Band mate.

Vampire x vampire,
Vampire x Angel,
Vampire x Warewolf/shapeshifter,
Angel x Angel,
Spirit x Medium,
Shape shifter x shape shifter
Dragon shifter x Human,
Dragon shifter x Reincarnation mate.
Dragon x Vampire,
Unicorn x Angel,
Greek god x Greek god.