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Author Topic: ASC's Request Thread - craving 'The Ghetto Streets'  (Read 3133 times)

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Offline Alive She CriedTopic starter

ASC's Request Thread - craving 'The Ghetto Streets'
« on: January 29, 2016, 06:23:55 AM »
Please do not post in this thread, instead PM me.

Hello, I am seeking a plot to smut ratio of around 70/30. I do enjoy erotic role-play plenty, but I prefer to have story around my erotic role-play. I like the back and forth banter, the nuances, the subtle manipulations and so on that help flesh out characters and stories. This is why I've come up with scenarios that intrigue me and came up with characters that are either a bit naive or empowering so that there is something else to it besides just sexual emotes. So, as a reminder, I'm looking for story over smut, but I'm certainly looking for both. Thank you.

The skinny of it: I RP over PM. I do around 3 to 6 paragraphs as it varies by partner. I write in third (3rd) person for my role-plays. I'm seeking a partner who replies at least twice a week as anything less sort of kills any immersion and momentum for me. Also, since it has been asked, you may use any of my ideas entirely or partially for your own request thread if you wish. I mostly stick with FxM, but I will consider most any pairing if you've got an idea for one of the plots, and if you're fine with people who write as the opposite gender and give me a convincing argument for the swap.

My Pros/Ons/Yes and Cons/Offs/No kinks are listed here.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

PROS: Not required but enjoyed by me.

  • Realism within the lore
  • Serious writing
  • Cock sucking
  • Ball sucking
  • Vaginal
  • Anal
  • Ass to mouth (to mean oral sex after anal sex)
  • Rimming
  • Facials (feel free to nut on my face, love this kink)
  • Dirty (as in unshowered after long day at work or similar)
  • Humiliating, degrading, and objectifying scenes, but subtlely & creatively done
  • *Sexism, misogyny*
  • One character 'using' another character for their needs, but subtle about it
  • Age play with age gaps (within site rules, teens vs middle aged+)
  • Interracial & racial RP
  • Unattractive men - Beauty and the Beast effect (short, chubby, fat, hairy, aging)
  • Realistic sizes 5 to 8 inches, with a +/- 1 or 2 depending on story. Brownie points for smaller
  • Hairy partners (love hairy men & pubic hair, but shaved is fine too)
  • Urinating in front of or on is fine, but not inside of me, no thank you.
  • Exhibitionism, nudity in realistic places (behind closed doors, pool, retreat, etc)
  • Original characters (Will still consider canon characters)
  • Rough sex is fine, pounding intercourse, slapping, face into pillow, some choking
  • Promiscuous lifestyle: Oblivious to society's take on casual sex, done in a nuturing or dutiful manner
  • Slice of Life style stories, daily life storytelling

  • Unrealistic, fantasy erotic themes, Macro breasts or dicks
  • Non-consensual, rape, just not my thing. Rough sex is fine.
  • Sissyboys (I prefer men, even if they are sub)
  • Scat, assplay is meant for things to go in, not out. True story. *sagenods*
  • Bondage, just not into it.
  • Extreme pain, but as I've stated, rough sex is fine.
  • Emoting or controlling my character... go RP with yourself then.
  • Text speak. If texting in a scene, then text speak is fine, but no U, R, Tho, hru, 2 for the RP emoting or dialog itself. [/b]


The Ghetto Streets

This is probably a long shot, as I've rarely encountered writers into urban ghetto role-play, but here goes! I'm hoping that you've seen the HBO series 'The Wire' or to a lesser extent the Starz series 'Power'. Basically, a black version of a Sons of Anarchy type of show where it is about the gritty mid level guys and not the mafioso dons and their multi-millions. I'm looking for a slice-of-life story based on the daily ghetto gritty lifestyle. The urban slums of America where most of the hoodrats are home grown, but some do pass by or pass through.

Note: This is geared up to involve race play, mostly favoring black over white, so if that isn't your kind of story, then feel free to move on.

What I'm looking to do is portray a ghetto white girl who grew up in the hood. She went to an predominantly black school, at least until she flunked out, and grew up in the ghetto streets. She's not  some white diva within the black hood. She looks, talks & acts street:

MC = My Character / AC = Another Character

MC: "Tsk, whateva, playa. I ain't tryna hear that."   
AC: "Bitch, shut ya mouf... damn you is a dumb white hoe. Now bring ya ass over here already."
MC: "Ugh, dun be callin' me white. My ass been blacked. All the shit I been done for y'all niggas n' ya gonna throw my ass bein' white at me? Tsk, fuck you."
AC: "Damn, bitch, calm ya ass down. I ain't mean it like that. I just meant ya ass white, ain't mean you was actin' white."
MC: "Mhm... yea, that a lil better. So ya holla'd at me, so what ya want?"

So MC doesn't seem to have a problem with being called dumb, or a bitch, but takes issue with being regarded as white. With all of the nigga dick she has sucked and taken in the ass, she has earned the right to belong more than a typical white person, yea? White bitch favoring the blacks.

By looks, I mean the kind in booty shorts and flip flops, not the prissy diva in platform heels. Example1 & Example2 & Example3

Anyway, the story can go down any number of avenues. It can be a story where YC tries to pimp her out, or she used to suck YC's dick on the bus on the way to school and now you've recently caught up with her in the streets and you've always had a thing for her... she is a PAWG after all (Phat Ass White Girl). Maybe YC is a mid level thug/shot caller on the streets for a gang and want to try to bring the PAWG into the gang as a gang bottom/property. Maybe YC owns a rims/wheels & car wash shop and you see $$$ in having a white girl working the front desk.

MC is a bit on the dumb side, meaning she is ghetto blind, so she has a default respect for blacks, hates the police, knows the hood lingo and all of that. YC doesn't have to be dumb. For some reason, I think a lot of people assume that most ghetto thugs have to be portrayed as dumb, when in reality their street smarts make them shine as quite bright. Thugs are not synonymous with dumb, but I am looking to portray a fairly dumb character myself. What I mean by dumb is just a bit naive, as in she'll believe you fairly easily, "Oh damn, for real? Huh, I ain't know that.", is something she'd say to something that YC said that was pretty obviously a lie and YC was just trying to get one over on her.

MC: *steps out of the front door of the house waving YC's cellphone at YC (only wearing a short shirt) where YC and a few others are standing* - "Hey baby, ya phone ringin'."
YC: "What the fuck? Get ya naked bitch ass back in the house, damn."
MC: "Huh? Naked? My ass got a shirt on, what the fuck?"
YC: "Ya ass n' pussy all hangin' out."
MC: "So? Like ya niggas ain't been seen my ass n' pussy before."
YC: "Get ya bitch ass back inside before I black ya eye... n' gimme my damn phone. Fuck."
MC: "Damn, fine... my ass goin' back inside, relax already, damn."

Hoodrats have a lot of attitude, just goes with the territory, but the respect and loyalty is never in doubt.

I'm just looking for something ghetto streets themed, but fairly believable slice-of-life. You know the sort, the stereotypical going to the corner store in the middle of the night for the grape drank, getting told to get her bitch ass into the kitchen to make him a sammich, or to get into the bathroom to give him a bath while he smokes a blunt. or to get down and suck his dick while he and his cousin play some hoops on the Xbox.

The racism of it is that whites aren't really favored in these parts, but MC sort of gets a pass because she grew up in these parts and has probably had her mouth around every fifth nigga's dick at some point. She's a dumb white bitch, but she's loyal, so YC sort of low key likes her too. Side bitch material (though can go for main bitch if you've got a story for that).

I'm also willing to take on a black character, but I am looking for the same dynamics. It'd just be black on black instead of interracial & racism focused. For MC, I'm willing to be 16-24'ish. YC can be 16 to 60's. If you're into a fairly believable gritty ghetto story, then message me and let me know what ideas you have. 

Other Plots

Madam Secretary / Foreign Dignitary (Ambassador or Minister of _____ sort)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I'm assuming that you're familiar with the TV show 'Madame Secretary' starring Téa Leoni. This can be loosely based on her and the show or it can be purely non-canonical with original characters. I'm leaning more OC, because, why not this Madame Secretary? However, I'm willing to go with whatever you have a strong preference for.  I'm also willing to have YC be the Secretary of State and MC being from another original smaller nation where you're the super power and we're more or less at your mercy. I'm leaning more toward MC as the Secretary of State but it is up for debate. We could also go in the direction of U.S. super power and you're at my mercy if you're preferring a power woman dynamic, but we'd have to really hash out the dynamic to where it'd all make sense.

The paradigm of the world stage is changing and the United States, while still very much a super power, is needing to mend relationships with the rest of the world due to their over-zealousness when it came to playing 'World Police'. The USA isn't the leader in exports these days, since the Middle East owns oil and the Asians own technology, and Europe and South America all contribute to exports of medicine and agriculture respectively. That just leaves the United States with their military might, so peace brokering is their main ticket to the world stage (aside from sheer military might).

Most countries still view the United States as the middle man when it comes to solving disputes between other countries, as the United States always interjects to play referee since that is what the USA enjoys doing the most, however... other countries are starting to pull the United States down from the clouds and to their level. The United States is coming to the realization that in order to keep playing 'problem solver' to the world, that they have to swallow their pride and view themselves as more of equals than their usual 'better than everyone else'.

All of the men who held the position of Secretary of State in the past were always hotheaded and out to prove something, so they needed a gentler touch when it came to engaging world leaders. This caused for the President to appoint a woman to the post. The woman appointed was known for her willingness to work with anyone and to honor other's customs and traditions when she was previously a Senator or Governor.

In comes your character, preferably of a country that either doesn't exactly see eye to eye with the United States and/or has strict laws & decorum toward women. We can even make up an original country and customs if you prefer. The show 'West Wing' made up the middle eastern country of Qumar so that they could have scandals with the Qumari people. We can do the same or similar if you prefer to be African or South American or European.

Your character is aware of the USA's new direction, that they're willing to be more accommodating, or even perhaps a bit more subservient to get the job done so that the world at large still views the USA as a power house in the realm of peace brokering. Your character wants to fully experience the USA's newfound humility, so he pushes the envelope with the newly appointed Secretary of State with trivial things, even when it involves things not so trivial... like peace in the region.

Long story short, I'm looking for a fairly serious & realistic take on this, meaning that there needs to be some amount of discretion and subtlety when it comes to the debasing acts that he requires to agree to peace or trade deals. This is a story about knocking a dwindling superpower country down a peg with a few metaphorical slaps to the face - but how does he go about it? Does he make her subtly humiliate herself in some way? Does he degrade her in some way as proof that she represents a more humble nation? Does he... make her suck his cock or the deal falls through? Does he make her take it in the ass or nut on her face as a slap to the USA? The sexual aspects take it to the limit, but it doesn't have to be to that extreme (I know most of you would prefer it though). If so, how does he go about keeping it fairly secretive? It can't get out as common knowledge... at least not to the people. He could certainly tell the ambassador to his neighboring nation what they can now get away with, but common sense prevails that it isn't something that can be slap-stick comical and outed to the citizens.

This is all personal for your character. There just has to be some save-face. It all sounds silly/comical when described this way, but I'm looking for someone to bring a fairly serious tone to it. "We will agree to your terms and call off the troops so that you can claim this deal as a success and bring peace to the region... if... you're willing to prove to me that you're a mere servant and not above the rest of the world like your country used to act."

We can also exclude all of that listed above and go with a more current / real take on things if you want just a political story absent of any erotic aspects. If going with the idea listed above, I do prefer plot over smut though, so I'm leaning 70/30 or 60/40, as I do want a fair amount of back and forth banter and engagements before it comes to anything sexual. I would like a sense of natural progression when writing together. "I'm here! Blow me." doesn't really arouse the senses. I want the story as to why I'm respecting you while you're disrespecting me. The dynamic is that your behavior is toward my country, not toward me, but I'm the one that has to endure it. Do it in such a way that I even respect your disdain toward my country due to how you and your country has been treated in the past, making me want to 'make things right' between us.

So yea, if you're up for some political storytelling, then send me a PM. I'd like to hear your ideas for this. I just ask that it somewhat feels as if it could actually happen.

Teen on Juvenile Probation (Potentially Adult on Adult Probation)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My initial thoughts are that I'm on juvenile probation and in a single parent home. Mom is always working as she works two jobs and there just isn't a dad in the picture. So when you come by the house I'm often alone. When I come to your office, it is often due to taking the bus and not being driven there by mom. You take my naive / ignorance for your personal gain where you do cavity checks (vaginal and anal) which is reserved for prison and not people out free on probation, but I just don't know that, and you also have me do the weekly piss test in front of you, when by law you're supposed to have a female probation officer administer it, again I just don't know any better and you're testing the waters.

I have a GPS ankle monitor due to being on probation because I'm always truant from school or caught out at clubs way late at night. I have to request permission from you to have my curfew (7pm) extended if I want to stay out late, be it a party, clubbing, or catch a movie with my jits) so you cook up things for me to satisfy to be granted a curfew extention (oral, anal, etc). I'd like for me to be your first 'trial test run' so you're still not 100% sure about exploiting me, but you just find me to be too dumb to really know any better and you're certain that you can get away with it, so it builds. You start by doing the piss test in front of you (to expose myself to you - also it isn't meant to be a watersports theme per se), then it transitions to having me get naked for you to do cavity searches (vaginal & anal), then it progressed to oral and so on. I'd like a somewhat realism based touch to this.

I enjoy racism mixed in with my gritty stories, so if you're up for a black vs white or white vs black (or even Arab or Hispanic for the matter) then feel free to suggest including that as well. I'm also willing to flip the script a bit where I'm an older adult and you're the newly hired P.O. at the ripe young age of 19-21 or something. I'm also up for being the P.O. to your character.

Soon to be Daughter-in-law / Soon to be Father-in-law
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This storyline is for fullfilling my shameless self-inflicted sexism / misogynistic mental-masochist kink (holy mambo adjectives, right?). In plain English, I like subjecting myself to a warped sense of traditional values in a modern setting, where I am willingly treated as someone's lesser, and they as my betters. This isn't meant to be some "I am Dom, kneel before me!" but more of a slow manipulation themed story.

For this, I'd be marrying your son soon, and we've planned a hot tub gathering for me and my fiance, you and my father, so it is a chance for the boys to be boys and for the fathers to meet. Your son gets pulled in to do a last minute surgery at the hospital, and my father either couldn't make the flight or he simply refused to come due to being upset with my life choices, so it ends up just being the two of us at the house for the hot tub party and then you're spending the evening with just me.

Additionally, your son has told you what an old fashioned traditional housewife I'm going to make, how I put the man first in my life. There are also other things to discuss involving that, which we will get into if you pick this scenario. Also, I could be reading a fictitious controversial book titled: 'Why Gender Matters', which is a top seller that goes on about traditional gender roles and is arguably one of the most sexist & borderline misogynistic books to date. My computer desktop background or tattoo that I have has a quote from the book  "Always respect your betters, even though they owe you nothing." so that could be a topic of discussion ICly.

Personal Assistant / Politician or CEO of company
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Similar to the in-laws concept, this storyline is for fullfilling my shameless self-inflicted sexism / misogynistic mental-masochist kink (holy mambo adjectives, right?). In plain English, I like subjecting myself to a warped sense of traditional values in a modern setting, where I am willingly treated as someone's lesser, and they as my betters.

I'd serve as your personal assistant, and you're one of the most powerful or influential men in America (or another country using their political titles) and I'm very protective of you and your stress levels, even if I'm the somewhat oblivious sort (unaware of a nip slip and it doesn't get addressed sort of thing). I have a few ideas involving this scenario that could be simple fairly short term, or even complicated and long term.

Personal touch side note to add background to my character: I have a signed copy of a ficticious controversial book on my desk titled  'Why Gender Matters'  which is a top seller that goes on about traditional gender roles and is arguably one of the most sexist notable books to date, and borderline misogynistic. My computer desktop background has a quote from the book  "Always respect your betters, even though they owe you nothing."  Also, if you prefer to keep this overall theme to private corporations, incorporating skyrise rooftop access pools and gyms, and more wealth/lavish livestyle, feel free to mention that and we can change it up a little bit. I can be the personal assistant to a company presidet or CEO. 

Swimmer or ice skater or gymnast / trainer
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I'll be from Sweden or Finland or similar, speaks fairly fluent English, and comes to America (or insert your preferred country here) to learn from a renown and successful trainer of the sport. Every single one of your trainees have gone on to the Olympics and placed with Bronze Medal or better. The story takes an interesting turn when I show up to our private practice and I come out of the changing room in the nude (aside from the equiptment needed such as skates, goggles, arm/ankle wraps) and you'll soon discover how training is done overseas in my home country, so a clash of cultural differences come into play.

A ficticious line taken from a student-teacher handbook from my country: "You are who you are today all due to your instructors & educators, so the debt that you owe them is eternal. Because of this, your instructors will forever be your betters."

For this story, I envision some detailed practices, with routines being established. It eventually becomes a mixture of self-gratification (for you) and actual practice, so it is always pregressive and on point. I've had it said to me that this is 'classic daddy dom' but take it how you will. We can discuss the particulars in better detail over PMs.

ErotiCon (Think ComicCon but for erotica)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
*All links herein are to be considered NSFW*
I'm thinking of portraying Remy Lacroix or Marie Claude Burbonnais, so it really comes down to if you're an ass man or a tits man.

(Fictitiously) ErotiCon started to gain popularity at the heel of the success that Comic Conventions were getting. Similar to movies, it receives an restricted rating, so anyone 17 or under must be accompanied by an adult. Only stipulating this aspect of it for anyone wishing to be writing around age-play. It isn't exactly a Porn Convention, because those exist. It is where the sexualization of Comic Con style characters come to life. Nude Mystiques, 3 titted Total Recall girls, mostly nude or nude slave Leias, you name it. It is just an adult rated Comic Con, not Porn Con.

For the age-play aspect of it: Perhaps my Remy-esque character has gotten into nude hula hooping at a young age. She started to upload hula hooping videas while in her underwear on Twitter, Reddit, etc, and then she started to get a following. Eventually the following urged her to start doing strip-hooping/hula-stripping, and she did and started to get an even bigger following. All of the DIY video sites like the many Tubes (XTube/RedTube even YouPorn) type sites permitted her videos due to there being no actual sex, just nudity. Teens can be portrayed as nude, as long as it isn't sexual. Well, clearly anyone can make it sexual, but the court of law can't block what your mind does. Several avenues that this can take, being you're her adult handler so that she can attend these functions, be it body guard / agent / brother-father-uncle, or you can be an convention goer who came just to see me - or stumbled upon me. I can field questions at a Q&A, be singing autographs & posing for pictures, or simply performing on stage.

For the non age-play aspect of Remy: You can be an attendee or my handler/bodyguard/relative, with the numerous obvious interactions that take place at such functions like being at a Q&A, signing autographs & posing for pics, or performing. Any number of ways for us to interact.

It is all similar for Marie Claude Burbonnais, though she isn't about to be a teenager with big fake tits, so that angle is ruled out. The same ErotiCon interactions would apply. This can be both a long-term RP being slice-of-life around the lifestyle of these types of Con goers, or it can be a short term story about a single convention. I do think it has potential to be a fairly serious & character building roleplay, even though it might sound a bit comical/one-sided. Let's flesh out our characters. It can be sensual/sexual and arousing without revolving around straight smutty sex. You've got all of the nudity and talk of nudity and sex within the ErotiCon environment.

The Vineyard Partnership
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is more or less a short term, one time scenario, but we can discuss ideas to extended it past a one time plot.

My character is the owner of a large wine vineyard near Osaka, Japan, the Nara region. She is white (or we can go with Asian if you have a strong preference) and she is welcoming you to be her distributing partner back in your country, be it the USA, England, UAE, or wherever you want your character to be from. So, in short, we are meeting to sign the papers to close out the deal that makes you a large buyer/seller of my wines (and for the sake of the story, it'll be popular expensive wines). My character (the reason I was going with white) is surprisingly rather into the Japanese culture, perhaps even wears a Geisha outfit, and to respect their culture, she practices the art of Gokkun to close out her business deals. We'll just blur the lines that Gokkun was a traditional method of bridging gender gaps in business deals, since traditionally it was Japanese men that conducted business deals, so whenever a woman stepped in, by proxy, by inheritance, or by chance, then Gokkun would be done as it is simply considered a way that business women show respect to the man or men that they're doing business with. It isn't widely practiced anymore, as it is considered medieval in nature, but my character just has a strong connection / respect for the history and the culture that this is how she concludes her business deals.   

It is likely a short term, one off plot, but we can discuss doing on again off again meetings, where you come back in a month to see how things are going, or we can shift to another meeting where you're a different distributor and come with multiple people.

All Moved In
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I just moved into this fairly nice gated community ($400-$600k dollar homes sort of spot) and maybe you're a lawn care guy or the mailman.

For the lawn care plot: so you go around and cut each persons grass, you do the even number houses Mon/Wed and the odd number houses Tues/Thurs, so by the end of the week, you've done every house in the neighborhood and start over the following week. Ditzy me doesn't realize that it is part of the Home Owner Association (HOA) fee, so when I see you cutting the neighbors yard, I flag you over to ask if you can cut mine because I don't have a lawn maintenance crew yet. You quickly realize that I'm not the brightest (I'll leave you plenty of clues and open doors for YC to realize this IC) and you sort of play into the fact that I'm a bit on the dumb side of the equation and begin to exploit.

For the mailman plot: similar to the above lawn care setting, just that our encounter(s) occur around the mailbox instead of out in the yard. The high heat of summer makes it all incredibly hot and so I've got several ideas on how to have multiple encounters after an initial encounter should this turn into a long term plot.

While they already seem like fairly cheesy encounters, there is one last part to add... that MC is more or less a nudist. It is a lifestyle and not a means to be overly sexual/sensual, as nudists don't view nudity = time to fuck. Her thought process is,  "Why dress up in your own home?" and so with all of that said, I'd like to remind you that we can add the natural progression angle to this: "Is this really happening?" > "Is she really this dumb?" > "I wonder if..." and we can build on it instead of turning it into a race to sex by allowing YC & MC to naturally engage each other.

For this, I'm thinking of making MC the sort of nudist that makes people do a double take, so Marie Claude Burbonnais as the reference character. I stumbled across her cosplay photos and then saw that she does some nude centered shoots and found her to be rather Barbie-esque.

Thoughts? Ideas? 

Dream-walker / Dreamer patron (The Last Witch Hunter inspired)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Alright, giving fantasy RP a go. I saw The Last Witch Hunter and liked it, and thought I'd base something loosely off of that, but the plot is very different. The only elements from the Witch Hunter story is the use of dream-walkers, but everything else is modern realism based. I'll explain further below.

In short, dream-walkers were kept secret by the government when they were discovered in the early 60's (one of the UFO sightings were true). It was believed by the government that the world wasn't ready for such beings so they kept us hidden, but all in all, we were surprisingly treated rather well and respected by the government. The Y2K data scare causing for the government to ensure that all of the software and hardware were ready for the year 2000 change over, one of the contracted software engineers stumbled on the files about the dream-walkers, and threatened to go public if the government didn't out us, so they did. Since 2000, we've been public knowledge and now live out in the open. There are only a few hundred of us, so we're not common at all.

Dream-walkers are all female, and our offspring are always dream-walkers, regardless of the male sperm donor, be it human (or dark or light skinned human) any other race (be it aliens from far away or whatever). All dream-walkers are identical, so we all look like twins, we never visibly age past our prime, so early 30's is as old as we look, and we live to be roughly 800 or so. We look like a BAJORAN or TRILL from Star Trek to keep it simple. The Bajoran look is basic human anatomy, but with the serated nose bridge and connected earrings that go from top of the ear to the bottom of the ear, and the Trill look is basic human anatomy, but with speckled markings that run from the head to toe down the sides. So we look human, but with noticable differences, be it our nose or markings. Also, to make it more 'alien without being all that alien' perhaps they wear something somewhat Geisha themed or something backless due to their cultural belief that it is proper to bare yourself to indicate that you 'leave nothing behind' as you leave/depart, which is a sign of peace & respect in their culture.   

In the beginning, people were nervous, maybe even scared, but once it became public that all we can do is dream-walk, people started to see us as physics/witches more than aliens or powerful beings, so we are now generally accepted, aside from the small cults and racist sort of people. Most of us have emporium lounges, which is basically a wine bar with loungers everywhere instead of bar stools and booths, and the dream-walker that owns the establishment goes from lounger to lounger and offers her services. Private rooms are available as well.

The dream-walking is enabled by way of donation or 'pairing' which is what we refer to it as. The dream-walker must have a genetic part of the dreamer in order to pair and walk them through. For recent dreams (recent memory playbacks) we need saliva, sweat, or urine (probably won't play out the urine, but it is there for backstory), and for deep dreams (years old memory playbacks) blood or semen is needed to pair. The dream-walker decides the method of intake, be it sprinkled into her wine, or if she consumes it orally directly from the source. Dream-walkers used to be rather open to direct method, but have since avoided seminal fluid offers due to the prudish views of humans referring to them as dream-suckers, cock-walkers ("She's taking his cock for a walk, not his dreams! Ha!"), or simply cocksucker gypsies since people were starting to seek them out more for the easy & legal oral sex as opposed for the purpose of reliving a memory. This has caused for us to be reluctant in new customers seeking the semen donation. In our culture, pairings were normal and casual, but humans turned it into a mockery. Sucking cock for a seminal pairing was common place until the mockery, so now we're just reluctant is all.

In short, we're basically memory recallers, perfect-recall biological hypnosis. People come to use to remember a time with their deceased grandparent or parent, or their most egotistical moment of a game winning score or their first time/last time with an ex and so on. Any sort of memory that you want to relive, we're able to bring you to it and you can relive it yourself or stand back and watch it unfold before your eyes just as it all happened. It is just an idea to mix a little fantasy with a mostly realism based world. Our services are legal, so we're not prostitutes, even though that is what some ignorant people refer to us as. Long or short term.

Star Trek: The Nude Bio-Droid
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This is loosely inspired by the Seven of Nine character, her race simply known as Bio-Droid, sometimes just called a Droid or Humbot. Data was an Andriod from head to toe, but Bio-Driods human body with the human brain replaced with a CPU. They come about because the previously living body was terminal with something, or killed due to an accident, or died for any reason while within their prime ages, so this Bio-Droid setting is able to save their bodies and replace their brains with a Droid CPU, which is able to jump start the rest of the human body. 

The only main notable thing about them is their optical sensor above their eye, much like Seven of Nine, but also that they cannot be outfitted in any clothing or fabrics, since they discovered that it interferes with many of the various sensors and calibrations. A simple outfit can throw the balance off since the head is CPU operated, but the body is biological. Shoes and socks restrict the toes from offering balance, and outfits cause for the nervous system/sensor collaboration system to respond as if the body were being pushed in every direction or simply squeezed.  So a Bio-Droid assigned to Starfleet would look like (NSFW - Nude) THIS. The year being centuries past our RL current day, nudity isn't quite as alarming/shocking/prude enabling as it is today. Of course, she is still nude, but we're also professionals, yes? There was recently a humanoid alien race that has since been discovered and brought into the United Federation of Planets that are nude and don't understand the need for clothing, as it is not part of their culture. This has sort of balanced out the fact that nudity can be normal. Due to this recent implimentation of this particular bare race into the Federation, the Bio-Droid creators said "Hm, well why don't we just... go with the Bio-Droids being bare, that solves the balance and calibration issues with there. So, nudity is still perhaps awkward, but it is accepted when it is culture based.

The comm badge is worn on my arm via a band, and I'm able to wear a phaser or tricorder by way of strong magnets that were surgically imbedded into my pelvis (hip bones), so they'd just rest free style upon my hips when being carried. Being a Bio-Droid, I take orders more literal due to programming and I don't understand certain nuances and innuendo, and nothing offends me, as I don't have that sort of capacity. I understand what is meant to be offensive, but it doesn't actually offend. I'd say that it is something slightly more advanced than Data & Seven of None. Aside from my brain, my body is entirely human, as my Droid CPU tells my organs to all function properly. I still have to eat and all due to being mostly biological, just sleep isn't required. I can go a full week without a recharge, which only takes about an hour.

I'm looking for something more along the lines of day to day 'slice-of-life' on the starship or space staton, than all out complicated missions, but we can have basic missions to enage in as well. Thoughts?

Ghetto bitch / Thug @ a private nude pool party
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What do I mean by a ghetto bitch? Curvy, and with the hood lingo/mannerisms. For this idea, I can be A THICK BLACK GIRL or a THICK WHITE GIRL at a thuggy black athlete's private pool party. It isn't an all out sex party, but you'll notice a dick being sucked over on the far end of the pool, and a girl riding a dick over on one of the loungers. It has about 20 or so people, so 4 people going at it makes it just background ambiance. Everyone there is black (except for your character and or my character based on your preference, as you can play black or white, and you can pick which I play). I am willing to be pregnant for this role as well. 

If you're coming to the party as a white guy, this is your first time being at an all black pool party, so you might feel a little bit out of your element seeing that everyone is naked, running around, swimming, chatting, twerking, dancing, and so on. If you're black, you've seen this kind of thing before. Either way, you're a bit thuggy.

When you arrive, you see me getting spit roasted (sucking on one guy's dick, and getting fucked in the ass by another guy while I'm on all fours on a towel over in the grass by the pool). Just as you settle in and make a few greetings, you see me getting up and sauntering on over by myself to the water hose up against the house to wash off the nut from my face and ass, and this is sort of near the food and drink table where you could be grabbing a beer or some liquor. As I said, I'll be your preference of black or white, and you can be your own preference of black or white. You're a rookie on the (whichever) sports team (like the Atlanta Falcons, Hawks, or Braves as an example).

I'm a bit ghetto, the core of the people here are hood, and it is up to you how thug or not you are. It doesn't have to be a rush to sex scenario either, but a slice of life nude pool party. My character empowers the thuggy sexist behavior from the guys, so I could be seen as a breath of fresh air that you don't have to watch what you say around or something. You do not have to play like you're some uneducated dumb thug criminal. When I say thuggy, I mean attitude more than anything.

A Transgender / Shemale Story
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I was asked to take on a shemale/transexual role awhile back once a writer found out that I'd play a male, and from then on I've sort of enjoyed the trans roleplay. I find it a great way to empower male over female sexism within the story while being a man who became a woman, so she puts her money where her mouth is (pun slightly intended?). If you're looking forward to a shemale story, then let me know and we'll toss around some ideas on how to pair up. I'm even open to YC being the tranny and my being a woman. I can consider taking on a male role as well should you be the one desiring being a tranny.

* My first idea would be a Biker Gang or Mafioso Don's brother turned sister or someone who works at their legitimate front business (be it a bar or other business where I work). If playing as a gang/mafia memeber's brother turned sister, I reside at the HQ estate (the Don's second house) and the floorplan is split, where I live in the residence part, and the common area is the kitchen, dining, family room, and garage. The common area is where the crew meet up to handle business, so plenty of ways for us to cross paths. If playing as someone who works at the gang / mafia's legit business front, I can live in an apartment above the business or bar.

The gang / mafio activity would mostly be NPC side story stuff that the mafia/crew do and our interactions would be the main story. I could breathe life into the NPC's for depth, if you wish. I imagine you'd be the new golden boy, recently brought into the family  after having proven yourself via good deeds for the family, so this would explain why we are just now crossing paths. I see this being less 'sneaking around the Don' and more about 'my tending to the needs of the family', though YC can initially be iffy about the fact that I'm related to the leader if you prefer.

Being that you're in the gang / mafia business, you're a bit hardened of a guy to begin with. Perhaps you rough people up to collect dues, or perhaps you're starting to prove yourself as a fixer (Think Ray Donovan the early years), or perhaps you're just another thug who has finally made it as one of the lieutenants for the boss (Perhaps you're the boss yourself?). Since I'm in the mix, be it the Boss' brother turned sister, or a worker at the legit front, I'm obviously someone that knows what is going on and permits it.

The OOC of it all: She enables sexism, as she sort of has to being that they're in a male dominated environment. The men call the shots as women aren't allowed in the ranks, and these hardened men are out for their respect and street cred, an element that granted to the women. It's a cross between The God Father and Sons of Anarchy, where the most a woman will ever be is a biker's / thug's old lady, or just one of his side bitches. It is passive misogyny, as it isn't something that you have to instill, it is just the way of that particular lifestyle. Perhaps you're a bit nicer than the average bear, but that doesn't stop the women from treating you the same way that they treat the rest of the crew. Lastly, while I much prefer to go the Trans x M route, I'll consider F x M for this as well.

* Another idea that comes to mind is a pool party, be it at a private estate or at a fancy hotel, and things become obvious and it develops from there, but there are many different avenues to take the story, such as being a bar tender or a socialite sort, or even the brother turned sister to a friend or boss (or gang boss?) of yours. We can toss around some ideas and go from there.

* Another spin could be that Bruce Jenner's coming out took place around 2000 instead of this past year, so 'famous trannys' are now a common thing. I'm a reality star tranny who had her own show, with the show being about her life as a famous runway fashion model that rivaled Gisele Bundchen (so filthy rich). You've been hired on as my protection detail (so bodyguard/driver) and I'm known for being a bit snooty. It'd be up to you if you're a closet sub, or if you're a dom who doesn't tolerate weak dommes. We'd need to hash out this angle a bit so that we both know what we're getting into.

The Hot Old School Aunt
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This has elements of old school traditional gender roles sexism, favoring the men.

I was thinking something along the lines of your mother is a bad wife to her husband and an absent mom toward you. She isn't strict and is hardly ever around since she is always doing her own thing with her wine drinking friends. It is pretty obvious that she treats your father poorly and you don't like how the relationship works between your parents.

I'm your dad's sister, never married, so same last name as your father and proud of it. I'm very traditional with the old school outlook that the men lead the household and that the women are there to support and obey the men. You'd have seen this trait in various degrees with your grandparents on the father's side and such as it was a family thing.

You know me as the true to her word 'cool' Aunt and maybe you've heard that I've dated around a lot, you've seen my Facebook page showing off my bikini body with all of the pool or beach parties that I host or go to. The kind of Aunt that wears micro-kinis & sling bikinis, clearly visible tramp stamp (or not if you dislike tattoos) and perhaps obvious grooming habits (with or without pubic hair) due to the types of bikinis I wear. She is known for being a bit ditzy and oblivious, but rather nuturing toward family and those within the pretty people (but assholes) clique. After I explain to you why I dislike your mom, and how the women are to treat the men in the family, you decide to test the bounderies, only to find out that there aren't any bounderies, that the family is pretty naive. This is meant to be more of a 'taking care of family' and less of a romance tale.

I live a few blocks away in a fairly nice neighborhood, which is close enough that you can walk or ride your bike over. The story would pretty much start where you have to get out of the house because your mom is yelling at daddy again, so you decide to come over, then vent to your aunt about it, who clearly doesn't like your mom, then we write and build on that.

Please note: that this is more about subtle degrading dialog than smut itself. It likely leads up to smut, but this is talking about the dislike for the mother, the women's place in the family under traditional gender roles, and the backhanded compliments because the Aunt is too ditsy to know that she's being degraded instead of complimented. 

Nephew example: "What's with bitches in one pieces and the prudish granny panty bathing suits? Isn't the point to wear the least amount as possible to maximize your tan?" 

Candi example: "Oh, I know, right? I think this body shaming or whatever has gotten outta hand. Besides, guys don't wanna see cheap one pieces from like... Walmart or wherever, ya know? Go to PacSun, or Vicky's or wherever, spend the money, get a nice lil sling or micro two-piece and be proud of what you have to offer. Then guys know you're true to yourself and not some stuck up snob."

ASOIAF / GoT Universe
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To be honest, there are just way too many avenues to explore in ASOIAF / GoT that I'm just going to mention some basics, and you can message me with the particular house/family you wish to write around.

There is such great potential for so many dynamics to fit into a believable tale. Age play, incest, promiscuity, sexism, hedonism, zealotry, arrogance, servitude... it is just endless! None of these are required, but they're all available.

If you want to write a slice-of-life type of story focused on YC daily interactions, then we can take a step back from the power grabs that often occur in the GoT universe and focus on a banner house or a lesser influential great house. It can be argued that each great house has major influence, especially if you look at different eras in the timeline, but one can also argue that House Baratheon and Lannister have more power than House Arryn or Tully. Where does House Martell fall in line? We can also write around any of these houses in an earlier or later timeline when there is widespread peace, so the writing doesn't have to be overshadowed by war and power grabs while still writing as a predominant house.

Lords & ladies, knights & handmaidens, commoners & whores... can mix & match the pairings all day long and write around any theme that inspires you the most.

I typically enjoy writing as a lady opposite a lord, but one of us can or both of us can be a commoner as well, as I've written as and enjoyed both. Do you want to write as a Tywin styled character engaging a young lady or whore for some age play? Do you want to write as a renown knight inspired by Sandor Clegane and do a Beauty and the Beast style story? Do you want some incest that the Targaryens enjoyed because they were simply entitled to do so? Do you want to live the life of a Dornish prince who views hedonism & promiscuity as a birthright belonging to everyone (or just him)? I also prefer to write a more slice of life story and less about trying to seize power or constantly being in war. If you're a GM styled writer and want to write around a war, I'm perfectly fine with that, but would still prefer to focus the story on our two characters day to day during it all.

You likely clicked on this because you enjoy the HBO show 'Game of Thrones' or the books that it is based off of 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. Having said that, you likely have a particular house or region that you like to write around, and if so, I believe that what I've written ↑above↑ should indicate that I'm up for writing in just about any region & setting that you can think of. The pairings are where it gets tricky, but we can work that out. Anywhere in Westeros (except for perhaps the Iron Islands cuz pfft), Free Cities, Essos... you name it, and we can write it.

I enjoy writing as an enabler. What I mean by that is that my character (MC) is more of a supporting role to the protagonist, and believes that your character (YC) is entitled to their wants and needs. Everyone has their place and yours is at the top. I enjoy fueling the fire, respecting that you as my king/lord/prince/father/brother/uncle/son/knight are entitled to just about anything. It is meant to be less the mindless drone who says, "Yes, my master.",  and more about the zealot who lives to give you what you want.

You can be an overall good natured character or an arrogant character, and either way I try to center you and try to make you proud of who you are, to make you focus on yourself and on your entitlements and all else falls in line behind you. An arrogant character would feed off of it, and a good character might feel conflicted, but finds it hard to argue with it too. Who knows? It is your character to flesh out! You can also hit me up with an idea that came out of nowhere as well, as ideas are good! :)

Star Wars Sith apprentice / Sith Master
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This story takes place in a gal... okay okay. Figured it'd be a time when the Sith were not in bloom, so much so that you've gone into a near hibernation to keep quiet because perhaps the Jedi are in a Sith capturing mode. By hibernation, I mean that you've gone to a remote outer rim planet of Gorsh or Gulma, it's inhabitants are called Gorshi(es) or Gulmani(es). Gorsh and Gulma are one of the most isolated and furthest planets in the Outer Realm. I figured they'd be Mos Eisley or Tattooine'esque, desert landscapes but with a decent amount of lakes and sporadic woodlands. Due to their distance outward and isolation from other planets, they're not even considered to be way-point planets, so there is almost no visitor traffic.

You've become more of a Don/Mafia boss in terms of collecting tariffs from the Cantinas/pubs and other scavenger shops and even have begun to collecting from small crews/gangs to give you a cut of their extortion/whoring profits. You have to do it by force, though usually once you drop 4-5 of their men singlehandedly, they pay up. You've started to take over so much of the region that collecting your druggats (credits/money) has become a burden.

You're still a 'secret Sith' because you're trying to lay low, and you only barely tap into your Sith powers to get an edge in taking down a crew (You're an extremely powerful Sith, similar to Emporer/Vader,  but without the desires to rule the galaxy, just your home planet) so you've decided to consider looking for an apprentice. You find me gambling outside of a Cantina or something back alley, and notice that I'm using the Force to roll a dice over from the called number (the scenario would come out in RP) and you realize that you just found a Force sensitive person on your planet. I don't really know or understand how it works, just noticed that I could get a dice to roll over if it was already in motion, so I'm unaware that I'm Force sensitive.

In turn, you recruit me, but with the stipulation "I will train you to be a Sith, but you will give all of yourself to me." In short, you begin to use me for your satisfaction, degrade me to establish dominance (like forcing me to wear SITH ONE or SITH TWO and so on. I've got a couple of ideas on how to add erotica to the actual plot. Additionally, this is meant to be a small time powergrab by your character. You're not trying to take over the galaxy, but simply rule your tucked out of the way lone planet.

Please take into consideration that due to the Star Wars frenzy, that I'm getting hit up for this plot fairly frequently and am in the middle of RPing this out with someone at the moment. So if you contact me for this, please have a very clear idea of what you want for this, otherwise I'll likely just say that I don't have the room for it currently, as I generally don't do two similar stories at once, and try to limit the number of active roleplays I have going on anyway.

The Badge: A Law Enforcement Story
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I have no specifics here since this can go many different ways. I enjoy uniformed police and plain clothed detective pairings both. It can be a zone partner story, a rookie and supervisor story, detective partners, detective and lieutenant, or even Command Staff pairings. I do have ideas for each of these, but leaving this generic for the time being.

Short Term Plots -not currently looking-
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Platinum Sky Airlines
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This probably comes off a bit comic styled, but I would want to try to write it as a real life thing, and not something silly.

In order to fly PSA, you must first be a member. There is an annual membership fee. Each flight costs a large sum for use of the plane & crew, and fuel is an additional charge by mileage. Needless to say, only the wealthiest are members of this elite airline. In addition to the required membership and and pricey airfare, there is also a mandatory non-disclosure agreement that is signed by all crew and passengers.

The PSA group have outfitted 747's for premium and private use. This is the interior HERE

Each member is given a platinum membership card, and it is produced to the Head Stewardess once boarded. While there is only one Stewardess per aircraft, she still heads the crew and passenger during pre-flight and in-flight. Oral concierge is complimentary. Any additional concierge is $1,000 per service addition, and will be billed to your flight account. For your privacy, they will be billed as Concierge Package B, or Concierge Package C, or Concierge package B & C, depending on your selection(s). Remember, Concierge Package A is always complimentary. Concierge is listed below.

On the back of the platinum membership card is your preferences for the flight, and you just check off which suits your needs the best.

1) Environment: The Stewardess can adjust the environment for you.
A) Full cabin lighting B) Running & panel lighting C) No lighting

2) Entertainment: Movie and music are selected via remote to your large screen TV.
 A) Pornographic in-flight movie B) Music C) Lap Dancing

3) Attire: Please select how you wish for your Stewardess to serve you during the flight.
 A) Standard Stewardess attire & Standard attire rear B) Micro-bikini uniform C) Bare & Heels D) Bare & Barefoot

4) Concierge: All concierge services include the services listed prior to your selection.
 A) Oral concierge B) Vaginal concierge C) Anal concierge

5) Meal: All meals come with a bag of chips, drink, and tray of fresh baked cookies
 A) Ham B) Turkey C) Chicken D) Roast Beef

While this seems rather 'silly porno-esque' I'd rather it be written with a serious understone, that this is just how the wealthy elite can travel. Bernie Madoff hosted formal parties that had nude servers & waitresses, so this sort of thing could happen.

Key Stark Nudist Island
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Saw a thread where there was a nudism colony request, and I've thought up of a brief backstory that could work for those interested in this sort of environment. One of the Florida Keys has passed a city/island ordinance that prohibits clothing, so the entire island is a nudist island. Key Stark (as in stark naked) has a motel with a pool, which I'll work at the front desk of, and it has a bar, diner, movie theater, boat rentals, biking trail, beach front, and so on. Once you check in, you'll be restricted to no clothing aside from footwear. This is modern times realism, all common sense laws applies, but it just happens to be a nudist island. Yes, this is meant to be a serious role-play, and not just a "Oh, you're naked, let's fuck!" but there are ways to lean into that direction, and I'll even give ideas if need be.

Bikini Bar beach theme
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Currently looking for a fairly simple idea where YC comes in for a drink where MC tends bar. Figure it'd be late at night or just after opening so too early for a strong showing of customers, so it is slow with only a couple of regulars left and it is a bikini bar right on the beachfront, and it could be the weekend, meaning Saturday and Sunday which means Sling Bikini days. The patrons do not have to come in with beachwear, as they can be fully dressed from work or riding bikes and so on. It can be anywhere you want it to be, San Diego, Hawaii, Miami, The Florida Keys, you name it. I'm open to it being a bar along the nudist beach section, so other than footwear, nothing is worn (and again, patrons can be fully clothed).

I prefer the strong or thick, hairy sort (bearded maybe?) as opposed to the smooth Twilight vampire sort, but if you want to be the smooth California sufer dude, then go for it, I won't object as it was just a preference.

For my character, I'd be the slightly oblivious sort, thinks that you're a bit of a sweety, but really you're just an ass looking for the next notch on his belt?

I am possibly willing to do a transexual RP with this since it has been requested a couple of times for this plot.

*The Tweet*
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Alicia had $100 riding on the Atlanta Falcons game (or any team/sport you prefer) in a very stupid bet. Thing is that the Atlanta Falcons ended up winning due to Lamar Taylor's (YC - fictitious - you can rename) end zone interception late in the 4th quarter.

Alicia just won a hundred bucks on YC's play, so she cheers happily and then takes to Twitter on her smartphone and TWEETS to your Twitter account.

Tweet: Yay! <3 u so much @LamarTaylor21 ur interception won us the game! So happy I culd suk ur dik lol!!! ATL FALCONS R #1!!!

At first, your character just Faves or Retweets a lot of praises that he got, but then he reads the one I sent. As any baller would, they reread the tweet and then out of curiosity they decide to squint and check the avatar photo of the person sending the original tweet. You notice that... wait, is she showing some ass? Is that a tit? You click on the profile to see the LARGER PICTURE with the caption 'Ass n tits out 4 my Falcs!!! Showing ATL some luv!!!'. Well now you've just got to Direct Message / DM me:

@LamarTaylor21: wyd grrl? u
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