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Author Topic: Cazimir's Characters and Ideas! (M/M)  (Read 420 times)

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Cazimir's Characters and Ideas! (M/M)
« on: January 26, 2016, 05:41:05 PM »
Hello there! Welcome to my requests thread!

About me: I’m a roleplayer with about fourteen years of experience. In that time, I’ve developed my skills as a writer in novels, short stories, and consistent RP. I consider my partners to be co-authors in a story we’ve both planned, thought about, and become invested in. Some of the things I value most are: Collaboration, complex characters who are more than a vehicle for sex, well written (paragraph to multi-paragraph) posts, and plots that occur within the modern world. Out of character discussion and directness are also very important to me. Bored with the plot? Something doesn’t make sense to you? Not feeling the characters? Tell me. I can take it and will be honest with you as well. One more additional thing is that I really like my partner’s character having a brief bio and photographic image somewhere.

With all of that said, I’ve noticed a trend in the requests threads I’ve browsed through. Most folks on Elliquiy request pairings of character types. Although I’m sure my preferences will change, I’m not especially enthused about that right now. Instead, I have two established characters I’m searching for RPs with. While the first has been played for years, the latter is a more recent character of mine. For your perusal, I’ll list them here, along with character specific on/offs/RP inclusions and some ideas for who they might be paired with.

Lastly, please take a look through my on/offs thread!

Hadrian Gershon:


Brief Summary:
Hadrian believes himself to be a pawn. As the son of an energy company CEO, he is expected to carry on a legacy after his father dies. This includes taking over that leadership position and—by his own father’s expectations—getting married and fathering children so the company will always be led by a member of the Gershon family. Any resistance to these plans from Hadrian is shot down quickly. As an only child (his mother likely incapable of having any more) Hadrian has never done anything to deny that he is anything other than completely straight. In fact, he and his secretary/best friend Rebecca perpetuate his straight façade by pretending to date—especially at Gershon family functions. All the while, Hadrian continues to sleep with and date other men.

Character Specific Ons/things I like included:

Class Difference: Hadrian would not be super enthused about seeing or sleeping with a guy in his immediate circle of influence or acquaintances. But it should be noted that it has to be realistic that Hadrian could meet the person of lower class. Some rich people have someone do everything for them, but Hadrian’s not that type of person. Still, as a random example, I do not see him ever meeting, say, a drug dealer.

Assumptions: Simple, really. Your character assuming that Hadrian is going to be a smug bastard because of his wealth and station, then finding out otherwise.

Pre-RP Knowledge of the Energy Company: The way I imagine this is that Hadrian’s company (which I usually call Gershon Energy Company, though I kind of hate that name) is not viewed particularly favorably outside of the people who work there. It’s this huge conglomerate that has faced numerous public ethics violations and has probably caused an oil spill or two with only satisfactory cleanup efforts. Your character has likely seen or read news about this. This can really play into their assumptions of Hadrian.

Specific Character Exploration: The fact that GEC isn’t very popular is honestly a recent realization for me. Thus, I’ve never gotten to explore how Hadrian feels about being considered evil by those who don’t know him well. How he feels about the company’s questionable practices is also another way to go with this. A character who further questioned him about this would be well-received.

Conflict: It’s enjoyable when our characters have something dividing them that they have to get over. Could be some of the stuff mentioned above, could be about feeling unequal in the relationship or another issue entirely.


Bodyguards/Secretaries: Both are roles I’ve played with far too often for them to be very compelling anymore. Hadrian has a canonized secretary/assistant now, which solves that issue, but bodyguards are very iffy. They have to be really interesting and there needs to be a good reason for Hadrian to need more personalized protection.


Blackmail/Coercion: Blackmailing or coercing Hadrian into doing whatever or his father will be told of his preferences. No. It’s repulsive for me.

Other character notes:

Rebecca and Hadrian are sort of a package deal. Their friendship is really important to me and it honestly feels weird for me to not include her in an RP in some way. Level of involvement can vary, depending on the RP scenario.

Hadrian is a switch, but errs towards submissive.

Amorphous city settings are preferable. If pressed, I’d say Hadrian lives in Manhattan. But I’ve never been there, so I couldn’t be detailed about the place.


An Attractive Activist: GEC is directly responsible for an oil spill, which causes an uproar across the world. The company’s headquarters are plagued with protestors. After they’re stationed outside for a week and a half, Hadrian—being the genial guy that he is—tries to go down there and speak with the leader of the protestors. It doesn’t go so well, though Hadrian and the protestor leader continue to have small interactions. Eventually, Hadrian is tasked with being a negotiator and at least getting the protestors to leave. However, it doesn’t go exactly as planned.

Road Trip: Hadrian takes a month off during the summer and decides to drive west to some indeterminate point on the Californian coast. In the vast empty spaces in between, he fills his time with music and contemplation. Sometimes he tries to find a guy to meetup with, but mostly he keeps to himself. At a lonely rest stop, he pauses to find someone broken down, with zero cell phone reception, and no way to get his car to struggle to the next city. After talking a bit, Hadrian offers him a lift. But along the way, the passenger and Hadrian keep delaying their departure from one another.

The rest are much more generalized:

Hadrian/Auto Mechanic: After mostly sitting in an office all day, Hadrian would be impressed with someone who works with their hands like that.

Hadrian Meets Someone on Vacation: Exactly what it says on the tin. Hadrian meets someone on vacation and maybe they start with a fling they both think will be meaningless. But since they’re both there alone, they wind up spending more time together.

Hadrian/Security Guard: Perhaps a bit borderline bodyguard-ish, without the security guard having to be concerned with protecting Hadrian himself. This is the scenario I’m least enthused about, but still willing to consider.

Hadrian/Artist: I like the contrast of their professions.

Evander Bordeaux:


Brief Summary: At the age of five, Evander moved to America from France due to his mother marrying a businessman who already had his own children. The merged families did not get along so well. With pressure from the husband, Evander and his mother Collette stopped speaking French, the former unlearning his accent altogether. Within a year, the husband made it clear that he would never think Evander his family and that he considered both Evander and Collette indebted to him for bringing them to the United States. To escape his step-father, Evan immersed himself in books, where every hardship had meaning purpose. Throughout the next years, Evan continued to seek meaning in literate. It wasn’t until high school that Collette divorced her husband, though she and her son stayed nearby to accommodate Evander’s education. After graduating, Evander went on to achieve his MFA and teach at various levels of academia. He is now an English professor at a community college.


Characters Aged 21+: Evander is a thirty-four-year-old man who considers anyone below twenty-one to be far too young and immature for him.


Inappropriate Relationships with Students: This is honestly an extreme maybe, borderline no. I’m really just looking to play a character who happens to be a professor and I’m not at all too keen about fulfilling professor/student fantasies. You might persuade me if you have an idea for a character who’s an older adult going back to school for whatever reason and has already passed Evander’s class.


Shallow Individuals: Evander is a deeply introspective man. He could not be with someone who he thought didn’t have much going on in their head.

Other character notes:

Evander is a character preoccupied with meaning. He searches for it and everything and stubbornly refuses the idea that some things might mean nothing.

Total switch. Doesn't mind one way or the other.

Ideas: (All of these are very general because Evander is a recent creation.)

Evander/Author: Your character wrote a literary novel of some sort. Evander read and loved it and goes to one of your character’s book signings. After chatting each other up, one of them asks the other if he wants to get a drink.

Evander/Someone from France: Evander idealizes France as the one place he was truly happy. Though he’s gone back to his country of birth, he feels slightly alienated and too American to call himself anything other than that. Meeting someone from France would have him instantly interested in them.

Evander/Hookup: In the short story I wrote for Evander, he satisfied his need for intimacy by having a lot of casual sex through apps. Maybe Evander and a guy decide they want to hookup repeatedly only for their communication and understanding of each other deepen as time goes on?

Final Thoughts:

That is all I have for now. Though I'm not enthused about creating or RPing other characters, I am very much open to discussing ideas if you have one that isn't listed here. This post will be updated if I want to play any of my other characters or have new ideas occur to me. If you're interested, don't hesitate to shoot me a message!

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Re: Cazimir's Characters and Ideas! (M/M)
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2016, 05:55:27 PM »