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Author Topic: Beachlover's Silly Roles :P - M seeking F  (Read 1083 times)

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Beachlover's Silly Roles :P - M seeking F
« on: January 25, 2016, 02:19:39 PM »
Hello! I'm Beachlover, a laid back guy from a sunny shoreline. I'm finding myself with far too much time on my hands again and wanted to spice things up with a few fun and lighthearted RP's focused around nudity, awkward situations, or both. Let's face it, it's fun to be naked! If you're looking for NC, Rape, Violence, D/s, Bondage, Pain, and the rest of those type of things you might as well keep moving on to the next post.

If you would like to start a RP, please send me a Personal Message. My preferred method of play is through PMs.

1. Streaking ;)
It's 3 in the morning and I'm still up studying in the dorm, my roommate fast asleep as I'm trying my hardest not to doodle on my notepad. An e-mail chime goes off and I take a look. It's a group-wide e-mail to everyone in the co-ed dorm. "Streaking through the quad! Get naked and meet in Study Room 3!" is the subject with no body. The hell? I frown, watching it sit in my inbox for a few moments and then disappear, like someone rescinded it. Like the email never existed, removing all evidence. But what if it was real?

Curiosity got the better of Eric as he checked his watch. "Fuck it." he said, tugging off his pajama pants and grabbing his key, heading down the hall to the study room in the middle of the night wondering if he was being pranked or not. "This better not be a trick." he softly growled, quietly tiptoeing down the hall as he thought he heard soft talking coming from the study lounge.

2. You just HAD to be here
The water was like a second home to him. A sun-lover by heart, he excelled in anything aquatic, even going so far as to get certified as a lifeguard. Excelling at school out of state he decided to take a semester off to relax and recharge, a treat for himself. Scanning the want ads for summer lifeguards he found one. Small catch, though: It was at a nudist resort. Eric shrugged, never having being particularly shy, and dialed. Besides, a bunch of hot naked people running around all summer? Paradise.

Two weeks later he was standing next to a pool, wearing only sunglasses and a whistle around his neck, watching over a gaggle of senior citizens doing water aerobics. Ok, not exactly Paradise. Trying hard not to let his attention wander, he noticed a new entrant to the pool area. A woman, early 40's, very attractive and... holy shit. He knew her. What is she doing here?

3. Comic Con
Eric has always been a bit of a geek. Growing up on comic books and cartoons, he unfortunately quashed that part of his life as he joined the football team other athletic pursuits. However, with the recent resurgence of comic book movies he's been happier ever. Moving across the country to California for college, he secretly harbored a hope he'd be able to make it to the SDCC, the largest Comic Con in the country. However, being a poor college freshman he knew his chances were slim to none. Luckily for him, Eric's roommate John presented a perfect opportunity.

John had no interest whatsoever in the geekier side of life, but Eric and John got along famously from Day 1 due to the both of him having been football players in high school. Quickly becoming fast friends over the Fall semester, John got some fantastic news: His girlfriend from high school could visit for the weekend. Only one problem, John had promised to take his younger sister. And by take she meant dress up in costume with her. Playing make-believe superheroes with his brat sister or getting with his girlfriend all weekend? It was a simple decision for John, who offered up his ticket to Eric to take his sister instead. What could go wrong?

4. Hiking Hijinks
Eric loved the outdoors. As a lifeguard and part-time model he spent a large part of his days under the sun and that suited him just fine. With an important photo shoot coming up he embarked on his usual secret training to drop any excess body fat: a week long backpacking hike through a local forest.

It's halfway through his trek and he finally reached his favorite part of the trip: a small secluded lake halfway along the trail, but a bit off the beaten path. Pitching his tent near the edge, Eric quickly stripped off his clothes and swam out over the the still water. It was a soothing balm after the three days of hiking, floating gently under the afternoon sun. He almost fell asleep when get heard something across the placid water of the lake. Was someone else here?

5. Spring Break
I'm Babysitting during Spring Break. I'm fucking Babysitting during Spring Break! He cursed his damn parents for the thousandth time since he heard of their plan to take a 'Second Honeymoon'. He knew instantly he was going to get screwed out of Spring Break as he figured correctly that he'd be saddled with watching over his little step-sister while they were out of the country. He argued that she was old enough to stay by herself, mature in her own right, practically ready for college, responsible!; but all to no avail. They weren't having it.

Now I'm stuck back home instead of at the beach with my friends. For a week. 'I'm Babysitting during Spring Break' became the cadence in his head as he worked out in the basement, trying in vain to work out his frustrations that first morning. Climbing the stairs back into the house when finished, grabbing a drink to the sound of giggling coming from the backyard. Taking a long drink of water his eyebrows rose as he peered out the kitchen window to the pool where his step-sister and a couple of her friends were laying out under the morning sun. Hmmm. Maybe it wouldn't be all that bad, he mused.

6. Pants Off Dance Off
Heading back to my frat house after class I check my mailbox at the student center to find a pink envelope adorned with pictures of boxers and panties all over it. That alone has piqued my interest as I wander over to the corner of the mail room to open it in semi-privacy. Who knows what could be inside of this! Cracking the seal he pulls out what looks to be an invitation. "Admit One to the Chi Omega 'Pants Off Dance Off'. 10pm, Saturday. Wear only undies or else! ;)' it reads.

I tuck the invitation back into the envelope and chuckle softly. Well then, I know what I'm doing Saturday night. I just wonder who sent me the invitation.

7. Social Media Craziness
Eric phone chirped. He was just finishing up his off-season morning workout for the swim team when the phone gave off a tone he didn't recognize. This being summer, he wasn't receiving many messages from his classmates or friends, so setting his weights down he took a look. It was an twitter message from one of his favorite local DJs about a summer concert this afternoon only. Interested, he opened the app as he made his way to the bathroom to take a shower. What the fuck? he thought as the message stopped him in his tracks. No way this is real. he assumed as he read.

His town was in the midst of a heat wave, so this DJ decides to have a free concert at the hottest part of the day. At the nude beach. The sun must be baking his brain. Maybe it is real Eric started to think as he read. I mean, the concert's in like 3 hours. No way the authorities could mobilize to stop it. Doubtful they even knew about it. And that beach is out of town limits, no one would stumble on it. Only people in the know like him would be aware. Maybe some girls from his school. THAT got his attention. You know what? Fuck it. he decided. At worst, it was an hour's drive out of town to see if this guy was just bullshitting people. If not....

8. Neighborhood Halloween Party
There's always been a costume party every Halloween in my affluent neighborhood. It has been a strictly adults-only affair, something for the parents to blow off steam after taking their brats around all evening trick-or-treating. The kids growing up all wanted to go, but were strictly forbidden because of alcohol and reasons. However, this year will be different. I'm in college now and it turns out that Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, making for a perfect opportunity to sneak into town and see what all the fuss is about. At worse it'd just be some boring affair with free booze and a few laughs to see his old neighbors drunk.

Eric made sure to pick his costume carefully. He used some of his pirate costume for the fraternity Halloween last year; some old leather costume boots, black and white striped pants he found at a costume shop and a black sash tied around his waist. Eric had been working out with his new frat brothers regularly since pledging, giving him a physique he was finally proud about, so going shirtless was an easy choice. Besides, the last time he was in town he was still the tall nerdy kid, no one should recognize him. To make sure though, he put on the pirate hat that went with his costume and tied a red bandanna around his nose and mouth. Tucking a toy saber into his belt, he was ready. The  party was at the Sanderson's this year, a large house at the end of the block. Walking up the walk he rang the doorbell and before long a tipsy woman in a cat costume opened with a big grin when she saw me at the door, or at least saw a hunky shirtless dude in a pirate costume. "Hey! Come on in!" she giggled and I grinned back at her and walked in, wondering what the night will hold.

(Halloween RPs are fun. You could be one of my old neighbors, maybe another grown up kid curious as well, or maybe even my mother depending on what your kinks are. Obviously we'll stay in costume and all will be revealed afterwards)
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Re: Beachlover's Silly Roles :P - M seeking F
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2016, 10:19:58 AM »
Added Neighborhood Costume party

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Re: Beachlover's Silly Roles :P - M seeking F
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2016, 01:19:52 PM »
I'm interested in the Spring Break stepsister role if you still have that free.