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November 28, 2020, 11:00:10 AM

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Author Topic: RedMoon Requires Ruins! [Various fantasy apocalypse scenarios] (M for F)  (Read 1090 times)

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Offline RedMoonTopic starter

Stay a While, and Listen

STATUS: Not currently looking

Hello again, people of this fine site. Here I am once more, advertising for some RP ideas that have been tickling at me. The call of adventure… Calls! Swords and sorcery await! Far too much time playing Diablo, The Witcher, and my seething, bitter disappointment/rage with the TV adaptation of Chronicles of Shannara have brought me here to see a gold old fashion gritty fantasy setting done right! This will be no mystical high fantasy adventure full of whimsy and… Prancing, or whatever nonsense people normally get up to. No, we shall follow the modern trend, and give the whole thing a gritty reboot. Swords will be swordier. Rogues will be more roguish. Magic will be an unstable abomination responsible for the downfall of humanity and the corruption of all of our souls. Good times will be had by all! (In the worst/grittiest way possible)

A little about myself, perhaps, for those who have not stumbled across my main RP thread?

I am a literate male internet person with a job and real life obligations that will occasionally disrupt my posting rate. I like long, detailed posts with plenty of description and imagination, and will provide the best I can for my partner! Barring work interruptions, I’m usually capable of 2-3 posts a week. I’ll always do my best to keep you appraised when life suddenly throws in a difficulty spike, and I’m forced to spend more time doing things like not posting. You should also know that I typically prefer to play dominant male characters, though I’m content to fill in a variety of “NPC” roles as the story requires.

From a partner, I don't have too many requirements. IRL gender means nothing to me, though I do strongly prefer to play opposite female characters. Literacy and detail are pretty much required, as I'm not going to get any enjoyment from the RP without them. I don't like to be a jerk about it, but if you don't have a visible history of posts on here that I can reference, sending me a writing sample isn't a bad idea. Other than that, however, I think I'm pretty relaxed and flexible on most issues! One or two posts a week from you would be lovely, but I understand when life gets in the way of such things, as it happens to me more than often enough. Just keep me in the loop if you're going to be a while!

Red Moon's Likes and Dislikes

You can find a lot of these linked in my signature, but, I'll reiterate here for simplicity.

I like:

Women - Obviously.
Harems - Many women! Or at least more than one. I always enjoy a harem spin on any idea. A partner willing to play multiple characters will have my undying affection!
Exotic Women - Exotic races in sci-fi or fantasy scenarios are great. Otherwise, just women from far off lands or cultures are always interesting.
Sexy Outfits - I always love a lady who knows how to dress to impress (or seduce).
Dominance - As stated, my characters are generally dominant. This does not mean you have to be submissive, but it probably does mean you're going to wind up submitting.
Rough Play - Rough sex, hair pulling, biting, scratching, etc. Grr.
Non-Con/Reluctance - Or whatever you want to call it. They'll come around to eventually!
Age difference - I enjoy playing an older male opposite a younger, potentially inexperienced female.
Story - Smut is fine, but, if we're doing sex scene all the time, I'm going to get bored. The story is what keeps me coming back for more.
Creativity - Surprise me! Throw in some of your own ideas. You don't even need to tell me!

I dislike:

General bathroom stuff
General ickiness
Boring RPs

And that's about it! Ask for clarification on any subject. On to the ideas!

The Ideas

The Day The Moon Fell

It all started when a new star appeared in the sky, brighter and more prominent than the rest. Some interpreted it as a good omen, others as one of ill portent, but life went on regardless. Over the coming months, the star grew larger, and things on the world below started to go awry. Incidents of magical accidents became more frequent, it was more difficult to communicate with deities, the dead became restless, and dark powers grew more active. The energies that flowed through the world and allowed for magic of all kinds was becoming unstable and erratic. The symptoms only grew worse as the star grew large, approaching rapidly from the depths of space, until it was close enough to observe. It appeared to be a small moon, sinister in appearance, pitted and scarred, full of deep black crevices and glowing craters. As it drew nearer, panic began to spread. Would it come crashing down upon the world, obliterating all life? Efforts were made to stop it using magic, but such efforts proved useless, and the great rituals themselves unreliable. The gods, wherever they were, seemed unresponsive, allowing increasingly rare contact with the faithful to fuel their divine magic.

Finally, the moon came to a stop, directly in orbit above the world. Meteors and debris rained down, wreaking untold destruction, crippling major cities and trade routes, wiping some centers of civilization off of the map entirely. Creatures unheard of crawled from the craters to haunt the lands, the skies grew permanently darker, nature and magic twisting with some strange corruption. Even the evil gods vanished then, leaving only a strange new magic, chaotic and corrupting, and plenty of unpleasant horrors stalking the nights. The civilized races were crippled, but not destroyed. Small towns and cities, limited in communication, are still scattered across the land. People go about their lives, albeit in a much more perilous fashion now. Society has adapted, growing as dark and twisted as the world around them in some cases. The cathedrals and churches of old are now infested by strange cults who worship these unknowable forces from beyond the stars, some even surrendering to or welcoming their corrupting, chaotic influence. These churches are often dens of depravity, filled with cannibalism, ritual sacrifice, and twisted orgies. The gods of old, if they were still alive, would surely be horrified. Despite this, such organizations seem to be spared the wrath of these otherworldly invaders, and even small villages regularly sacrifice their own to monstrous creatures or dark powers in their regions to stay alive.

It's a grim, hopeless world, where every day is a struggle against corruption, and the corrupted. Depravity and despair are abound, and only the brave venture forth between the ruins of the old world... Or those who have already fallen to corruption.

  • A more traditional fantasy world gone wrong, your typical sword and sorcery setting after something awful happens, and the world is all but ruined.
  • Corruption is a strong element, as magic is now very dangerous. Mutations occur easily, leading to all sorts of strange physical traits.
  • Depravity is common as people turn to the powers of chaos, some needing protection and lacking alternatives, some just giving up.
  • The Gods are missing or dead, so divine powers are gone. Arcane power, driving the forces of magic, is severely corrupted, and dangerous to use.

  • My character here will likely be a fallen Paladin, led to bitterness and anger after his gods abandoned him, leaving him powerless. Now little more than a mercenary swordsman, he has to rely on his martial skills alone to survive.
  • Your character could be any kind of survivor, adventurer or something more mundane. Someone who has already been influenced by the forces of chaos, or someone who has managed to evade their corrupting touch?

Inspirational Images (Some NSFW)


More ruins!

Cults and demons!

The powers of chaos are tempting...

Church service tends to be more lively now.

Though strange cults are now the norm.

Many have turned to the new powers to survive.

... Though some still stand against them.

Dark Sun

The world of Athas is a blasted wasteland, ruined by power-mad mages determined to reach the status of gods. Desert sands and jagged mountains are all that remain of the once vibrant world, scorched every day by the blazing crimson sun. Vicious beasts and giant insects prowl the wastes, along with bands of marauders, savages and cannibals, creeping around the outskirts of the civilized world… If it can be called that. Tyrannical sorcerer-kings, descendants of those who broke the world, rule over the cities with an iron fist. Slavery is commonplace, and all are subject to the whims of these mad despots and their unstoppable arcane powers. Corruption runs rampant among those in any position of power, greed and desperation motivating anyone with the will to survive. Life is brutal for those without wealth, but what choice does one have when the desert itself is as lethal as anything in it?

The ancient stone cities rising from the cracked and blasted ground are the only known sanctuaries left, and travel between them is perilous. Merchant caravans can make a fortune, if they are brave enough to journey between them, but such expeditions are lost to the wasteland as often as they are to it’s denizens. Water is more precious than gold, and metal even more so. Stone, obsidian and bone form most weapons, leather and chitin most armor, and most construction overall. Large beasts are hunted for their bones and pelts, with no wood to speak of available. Countless slaves work endlessly in mines and quarries, extracting stone and obsidian, desperately searching for valuable metals for their masters. These poor souls are worked to death under the blazing sun, and are easily replaced. Those who do not comply are dealt with swiftly and brutally, and those few who escape are claimed by the deserts…

Magic is a strange, reviled and dangerous power wielded only by a few, but psionics are more common, abilities like telepathy and telekinesis taking their place. Individuals with such gifts are highly regarded, while those who display hints of magical ability are either hunted and killed, or enslaved and made thralls of the sorcerer kings.

This is a world where only the strong survive, a brutal and cruel wasteland with little hope for anyone save the wealthy and powerful.

  • Based, of course, on the TSR setting Dark Sun. No knowledge of this setting is required.
  • Think Sword and Sorcery meets Mad Max.
  • Corruption, slavery and tyranny are accepted parts of daily life. Even most slaves think little of freedom.
  • There are no gods here. The sorcerer kings are worshipped, often by force, their powerful magics keeping their subjects in check.

  • I have a vague idea for a savage, uncompromising character raised in slavery, often used as a gladiator. A half-giant, he was prized for his physical prowess, enduring brutal conditions and working hard where other slaves failed and died. While he keeps quiet and endures his situation, he will not be content to remain a slave forever…
  • I wouldn’t mind playing opposite a female of some wealth and status. The daughter of my character’s owner? Someone from a wealthy family, a merchant or noble perhaps. She may be taken hostage and kidnapped during my character’s escape.
  • Alternately, your character could be a fellow slave, someone displaying latent magical abilities and needing to flee, a caravan guard, or just about anything!

Inspirational Images (Some NSFW)

A savage world where mercy is rarely found.

A typical settlement.

Does glory await those who venture in to the wastes? Or only death?

Gladiator matches are a common form of entertainment.

Magic is dangerous, forbidden to all but the sorcerer kings.

Winter Has Come

We were warned that the winter would be a long one, that the night would be dark and bring horrors beyond imagining with it. Few were prepared when the long night set in and the cold winds began to blow. Too many had been concerned with petty politics, with wealth and status, with crowns and thrones. Once the snow began to fall, such desires seemed petty… And once the dead began to rise, they became nothing but foolish memories. From far to the north, ancient specters of death marched forth, bringing with them hordes of shambling corpses. Cities vanished overnight, villages turning to ghost towns. People fled to the south, but everyone who had seen the coming horrors knew that there was no escape. The wind seemed to howl without end, driving snow hammering down, burying the land beneath. Even if one were to survive the dead, stores of food were already wearing thin.

Old enemies became desperate allies, armies marched against the encroaching dead, trying to stem the tide. Any delay they may have caused, however, was overwhelmed by the fact that the dead soldiers only added to the enemy numbers. To the south, some still refused to believe what was coming, instead taking advantage of the chaos to secure positions of power, to amass gold or claim land, but it would all be for naught when the icy fingers of the walking dead were scratching at their doors. Society falls to chaos as danger creeps closer, the strong take advantage, taking what they please. Bands of survivors form raiding groups of bandits, and as food supplies begin to fall short, they may grow more dangerous than the encroaching dead.

  • Inspired, obviously, by ASOIAF, but does not have to take place in this world specifically.
  • Snowpiercer, without trains. Just the snow, really. Endless snow, and zombies.
  • Probably more like The Walking Dead, with swords, and a lot of snow.
  • Strong survival horror elements, as well as human politics and corruption in the face of disaster.
  • Magic can be present, but not overpowering.
  • A desperate adventure, to escape the coming horrors, or to stop them?

  • A warrior from the north, veteran of a catastrophic battle against the undead. Knows what is coming, and that there will be no stopping it. A man with questionable morals and the strength to survive, adapting to the new situation. Will not hesitate to take what he pleases.
  • Would adore playing opposite a pretty, perhaps naive or even stuck up female noble who needs to learn a lesson about how harsh the world is about to become.
  • A queen and a princess together might just hit every kink I've ever had. Just sayin'.

Inspirational Images (Some NSFW)

Armies gather in the North… But will it be enough?

The land is cold and dark, bleak and empty.

The endless dead continue their inevitable march.

Even if their walls can keep the dead away, what will they do when the food runs out?

How long before society collapses, and the strong take advantage?


First off, please do not post in this thread, I like to keep it tidy. If you're interested in working out an idea, please shoot me a PM! I'm happy to play over threads or private messages. Additionally, I'm available on most messenger programs to talk ideas and iron out the setup, much faster than trading messages back and forth. If you'd like to do so, just drop me your messenger ID and I'll add you.

Current Cravings

Nothing for now! All full up!

You Made it!

And that's that, I think! I'll continue to update with images, ideas, cravings, etc. Thanks for reading, and look forward to hearing from you!
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Re: RedMoon Requires Ruins! [Various fantasy apocalypse scenarios] (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2016, 03:35:47 PM »
Quick updates! Now that I've got a Dark Sun RP rolling, I'm not looking to pick up anything else in that setting just yet. I am, however, craving something like Winter Has Come! Must be all this awful winter weather that just makes you want to hide from the snow, fight some zombies, and molest a girl in a crown.