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Author Topic: Lyrial's Happy Place  (Read 681 times)

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Lyrial's Happy Place
« on: January 24, 2016, 12:58:31 AM »
PM me if something jumps out at you. Please don't post here.

     Excuse the mess! I imagine this thread will be a work in progress for quite a while as I find my footing among all you fine writers. Shortly after creating my profile here real life pulled me away so, I'm still essentially brand new to the E world.  Thus far however, I've really enjoyed the people I've met and the things I've read.  That being said, I thought I should at least start my own tiny little request thread.  I don't generally make many requests because I really love stepping in and helping to create others fantasies for them. I know, I'm weird.
     Well, first things first here is my O/O thread, feel free to poke around in there as well. I will say however, that that is also still a work in progress and it's pretty standard. Keep in mind if you are interested in something that isn't listed, ask. If it isn't on my “No-No’s” list then I'm probably all for it.

     I don't discriminate against my writing partners based on race, age, gender, or orientation so anyone is welcome to message.  I will probably list my pairings as  M/F, but any pairing will work for me in any of them.

     For pairings I like all the classics of course, the ones below are simply favorites of mine. Red denotes a current craving. Either character can be male, female, futa, trans, or even monster in most cases, just tell me what you're interested in.

Student/Teacher (or other school employee)
Master / Slave
Bodyguard/ The protected
Parent/Child’s friend or significant other
Incest pairings (siblings are my favorite, but I do play others on occasion.)

These are a few of the basic plot ideas I've been tossing around I will update as my muse continues to flesh them out. I should also add here that due to my current interest in exploring my submissive side I have cast myself in the less dominant roles here, but I am not against changing things up.

       Sibling Rivalry –
Starts off pretty basic with the older brother coming back after a couple years at college to find his baby sister is all grown up. Mom and Dad’s perfect little angel, straight A student, never kissed a boy virgin. I have some ideas we can discuss over PM on a few interplays we might have between them, but I'd rather not put up too many spoilers.  This could go a few ways once He's thoroughly corrupted her.
    1. He could blackmail her into remaining his little play thing.
    2. Maybe he creates a little Nympho and she grows to love the feeling of power that her awakening sexuality brings and begin to flip the table on
         him making him her little play thing through manipulation and possibly blackmail of her own.

There is lots of wiggle room to fit in just about any themes during the scenes here as well. My one real desire is to have a heavy emphasis on teaching in the beginning. Teaching her how to please him properly like only her big brother can.

    Master/Apprentice -
This one is barely more than a plot bunny at this point. I've been toying with the idea of a master of spies type character who takes on an apprentice training them as a courtesan, spy, and possibly assassin. Together they would have the ability to affect change in the world around them, manipulate governments and or royal regimes. The possibilities from here are endless and would fit into any group games or just allow two writers to play a myriad of characters and situations full of action, intrigue, blackmail, and if course lots of sex! The two could have a strictly business type relationship or it could just as easily turn romantic

    Succubus -
 This one is also little more than a rough idea at the moment.  Never the less, here you go! My character cursed to live out eternity as a succubus feeding off the sexual energy of others during orgasm, slowly killing them in the process. The weight of all the deaths she's caused over the centuries has taken it's toll and she has decided to starve herself to death.  You character would find her half dead somewhere and from there we could  do just about anything!

    1. We can go the romance way and you're a good Samaritan who takes her off somewhere to nurse her back to health not knowing what she truly
         is. The might lead to a few accidental feedings and as her feelings grow for you a desperate fear of you finding out what a monster she is or
         accidentally hurting you. She'd try to keep from feeding on your character at any cost, thus making herself weaker.
    2. This could also go the not so romantic route where you drag this hot knocked out chick back to your house and well, get what you deserve when she finally wakes up starving and rightfully so you bastard! *noms* This one would also lend itself well to a one shot story.

That's it for now. Not much I know, but I'm sure it will grow as I spend more time here. Look forward to meeting and writing with some of you!
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Re: Lyrial's Happy Place
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