I Can't Believe It's Not Fifty Shades of Grey! (It's really not) (Taken)

Started by imjessme, January 21, 2016, 02:15:07 PM

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Hey all, thanks for looking.  I'd like to say up front that this request is going to be for females playing females.  Normally I don't care, but I'm looking for something kind of specific this time.

So as the title suggests, the story I have in mind has quite a few similarities to that story (the movie anyway, I haven't read the book), but will hopefully have enough differences to make it interesting. 

MC will be a young, wealthy, attractive corporate CEO/owner.  However, it's there that the similarities to Christian Grey pretty much end (other than his sexual appetites I suppose).  Instead of the somewhat reclusive, mysterious and aloof Grey, MC (let's call him Jason for now) is actually more or less an open book to the world.  His life is no great mystery.  His family is still around and actually very much a part of his life.  He came from wealth, the younger of two brothers, and was placed in his position at the head of the company, rather than having really earned it.  Because of this, and because he hasn't really had to work for what he has for the majority of his life, Jason is quite self-conscious and insecure, especially at work.  He believes, and with some accuracy, that his staff and the company itself question his placement at the head, and his ability to not run it straight into the ground. 

But Jason is not an idiot either.  He knows full-well that he's not really qualified for the position he's in, and so surrounds himself with many experienced advisers.  The family, though, is concerned with this, fearing that at least some of them may really only be in it for their own personal gain, and might take advantage of Jason's naivete.  Still, they can't just remove him; it would be a PR nightmare, not to mention cause ripples in the family itself.  So Jason's brother hatches a plan.

One day, out of nowhere, it would seem, YC shows up, either at the office or at Jason's home.  She works for a very unique, very exclusive escort service, one that generally caters only to the ultra-wealthy.  Since more traditional methods to work on Jason's confidence and assertiveness have failed, YC was hired to turn him into a Dom.  She is to teach him how to dominate, how to control, but in a way that makes a person want to be controlled.  She will be his constant companion, at least for as long as is needed to teach him.  She even goes to work with him, under the guise of a new personal assistant.  She is an office manager, secretary, sounding board.  At home, however, her role changes drastically.

Once they are through the door at home, she is immediately his, to the point of even kneeling subserviently right as they walk in.  She is not a maid, not a cook; there are people for that.  She serves in a much more personal and intimate way, including in the bedroom.  She is classy, and always well-dressed and put-together, but has essentially no limits in the bedroom.  She insists that he decide her wardrobe every day, even selecting underwear (if he even wants her to wear any). 

Jason is reluctant at first, then hesitant but willing to try, then eventually really embraces his role as her Dom.  The confidence he gains eventually spills over into his work life as well.

So, that's kind of the framework on which I'd like to hang our actual storytelling.  Some of the aspects can be fudged somewhat, if you'd like, but I'm pretty sure I want to mostly keep it as it is.  There are a few optional things that I'd like to throw in as well.  One would be that, after a while and after they become very familiar with each other, Jason has her... entertain... guests.  It would only be occasionally, maybe even only once.  Another option would be that, every once in a while, Jason might want to switch roles and have her dominate him for a night.  Specifics of that can be discussed if you're interested in it.

If you've made it this far, I must have grabbed your attention.  In that case, PM me and we'll discuss this.