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July 23, 2018, 10:59:21 AM

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Author Topic: Ready to step into the unknown? (M/M and F/M)  (Read 259 times)

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Offline Eternal0snow92Topic starter

Ready to step into the unknown? (M/M and F/M)
« on: January 20, 2016, 04:09:55 AM »
Hi there, Welcome to Snow's crystal cave of ideas.

E-mail and Forum style Only.
Pm me if your interested do not post here thank you

Please do not post here thank you pm in stead!

♜Thing's you need before continuing:♜
(Or have these thought's in mind.)

I like meaty posts, 3 to 8 + paragraphs the more the better.  I don't mind if this mean slower response.

I love angst to puts my characters or yours to there limits and see how they find away out of a problem.

I don't mind which gender I play, I do prefer male x male over  male x female. But I'm pretty negotiable if the right partner comes along.
Understand that perfection is an understatement with grammar. I'm pretty confident in my spelling but I do have a learning disability. This probably will scare most away, but you'd be missing a great opportunity of what I CAN offer you in return for patience and understanding. (I can explain what is actually my disability to you when we get more acquainted)
  Able to develop hard-core realistic/character development.
Able to respond frequently (this again will be negotiated by our connection. If it's my favorite role play I'd allow it to be once a week response but if it's not then I'd just lose interest if it's more then three months. I'd find it hard to get into my character's last current state of mind.
  Manners. If you leave for a length of time please contact me if it's possible or explain why you'd been absent. I am a psychic spiritualist medium not a telepathic.  (You don't even have to tell me the means just the time you'd be gone so I can put it on hold) You'd be amazed what patience I have.

Again, if you lose interest PLEASE FOR-God's sakes tell me. Same with PM if I contact you, if your not interested. That's fine. I'm a big girl. Tell me, don't be an ignorant dickhead thinking I'm not worthy enough to know if I'm eligible to role play with you. It's just common manners. (Rant over)

♫ ~ My Expectations~ ♫

Be willing to deal with unexpected disappearances. I am a medium full time, I travel to all parts of the UK and Wales and hopefully abroad to over countries to demonstrate life after death. I will personally let you know if this will be a problem and future Ghost hunt events with my team.

To tell me if there is something you do not like about the role play and not just 'go quiet'. I'm not stupid and will know if you've been online answering other role plays if your not hidden. I'm not a stalker but it's pretty insulting and tell me it's because you don't know how to respond (It happens) There's away you can do that. By PM me say ('Look I'm fucked I don't know how to respond can we brain storm away round it?) That's what a mature adult would've done.

Give me meaty post's Length is important to me but I do value quality over quantity. I know some scenes will be just talking and will have less to write about. But the more you write I'd have something to go by and I will always mirror length.
Not to control my characters. (My side characters feel free to control. But the main I get tetchy quite fast with regards to that. xD  It's a daft thing it's like their my fur babies.
Having a kink that you like to dominated and Dominate.  I love a seke x seke relationship or even seme x seme.

I'm really not that mean. I'm a big bucket of sunshine and rainbows.
★Current cravings ☆:

Black dagger brotherhood.
Male pregnancy.
Assassins creed.

❣No ❣

One liners,
Female x female (Nothing personal)
Water stuff,
No characters under the age of 21
Genital mutation,
Extreme gore,
Master / Submissive,
Master / Pet,
Breath Control,
Swallowing Blood,
Rape, (the character can have a past of rape) But I will not participate in rape.
Finally Castration.


Male pregnancy, Accidental pregnancy,
[/size] Pre-existing relationships.
☒ [/b]  
Hair Pulling,
Angst (lots of it)
Age gaps,
Seme x seme action,
Modern and Urban fantasy,
Force growth (Feeding making the belly larger)

~*~ Pairings ~*~

♡ Student x Teacher
♡ Student x Student
♡ Scottish x Welsh,
♡ Transfer student x student. 
♡ College student x Teacher.
♡ Author x Fan.
♡ Jock x Nerd.
♡ Agent x Civilian
♡ Brother-In-Laws
♡ Librarian x Student
♡ Mentor x Student
♡ Stepfather x Stepson,
♡ Husband x Soul mate
♡ Boss x Employee
♡ Employee x Employee

♡  Soldier x Soldier
♡ Doctor x Solider
♡ Gangster x Cop
♡ Warden x Prisoner
♡ Witness x Body guard

♡ Vampire x Human
♡ Pure blood prince vampire x new creator (vamp)
♡ shifter x shifter.
♡ Greek god x Greek god.
♡ Immortal x Human
♡ Immortal x reincarnation.
♡ Immortal x Immortal.
♡ Dragon shifter x human
♡ Dragon shifter x Dragon shifter,
♡ Vampire x werewolf 
♡ Vampire x vampire.

♡ Scottish high lander knight x Black's smith.
♡ King x peasant.

♡ King x Assassin.
♡ King x Body guard/Knight.
♡ King x King.
♡ King x Mistaken princess for a prince.


♣ Assassins creed
♣ Black dagger brotherhood.
♣ Dark kings novel,
♣ Dark series,
♣ Lord of the Rings,
♣ Black sails,
♣ Harry potter,
♣ Xmen/ Avengers,
♣ Guardians Dianne Duvall.