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Author Topic: For the Glory of the Imperium! (40K) (F for all) (Open)  (Read 4426 times)

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For the Glory of the Imperium! (40K) (F for all) (Open)
« on: January 19, 2016, 08:05:58 AM »

An Officer and a Lady. ( F/ F)

Life in the Imperial Navy is difficult, demanding, and lethal. At any moment a rogue missile, asteroid, or anomaly could bring about your death. The oxygen scrubbers could fail, or the demons of the Warp could take over the minds of the weakest on the ship, starting a mutiny. Navy personnel remain on edge at all times, fearing being sucked out into space and dying a cold death, or being trapped in an escape pod forever. They have so much stress in their lives, fighting aliens, demons and living murderous machines, that they rarely ever have the chance for love beyond a one night fling. So whenever the chance for true love does finally appear, it feels all the more precious. And they value it as much as they do their faith in the God Emperor.

There were many among the Emperor’s navy that had made a name for themselves with meritorious service, and Commodore Anashula Nazzal (YC) was one of them. She was a hard but fair woman, known for not tolerating the politics or bureaucracy of other officers , rewarding her crews based on merit rather than the circumstances of birth. She was also renowned for her faith and decisiveness in punishing even the slightest of Heretical speech in her presence with a fury that would match even the infamous Commissars. But these things were fairly common traits amongst the Imperial Navy. Her true source of recognition lay in her ability of carving out victories against Chaos and the Orks in battles that should have ended in her death.

Time and time again in the face of defeat and utter annihilation, she had held the line, killed the enemy and accomplished her operational objectives. Most who knew of her, knew her by the name "Anashula The Animal" for her ferocity in dealing with a heretical uprising as her first mission. In the orbital campaign she waged with the heretics, she accepted no quarter for those who would dare betray Humanity to disgusting aliens. While the events of that day still haunt her in part, it assured her loyalty to the Imperium, and the Emperor, could never be questioned. She would give her life for the Emperor, and the Imperium of Mankind, in a heartbeat.

Her sun kissed skin hinted that her ancestors had at some point come from the harsh desert world of Tallarn, as well as from the world of Kojabi. Which was infamous for its highly venomous snake like beasts, but the people had dealt with them for so many generations that they had actually developed a slight immunity to them. The Kojabi snake was a large as ancient Earth's Boa Constrictors and ruthless as a Falcon, with a single crimson fin that would rise p in the center of the head to frighten off predators. Their poison was among one of the more lethal varieties, but those from Kojabi were better evolved to handle it. Anashula herself had been bitten three times when killing the snakes in order to get the leather for her boots, which she still wore to this day.

With her Ratling assistant (Who despises when people call him a 'Halfling') that she had acquired from a Rogue Trader as a slave, and freed him from his contract. Anashula had a rather famed reputation in the Imrahm system, as an Ork hunter. Even within their lesser evolved brains, those Alien pirates would sometimes reconsider their raids on transport and civilian vessels if they knew Anashula's ship, "The Emperor's Hammer" was in the zone. But to some it served as a challenge, enough so to divert from their main goal and test their metal against The Animal, and Anashula's more recent battle was nearly her last.

Nearly 1/3rd of the ships under her command were destroyed as they tried to buy time for the message to go out, and warn the nearby systems of the impending invasion. In the heavy fighting that ensued, her second in command had been sucked out through a hull breach, and her Ratling had been so injured that he was now being forced to stay in the infirmary to recover from the fighting. The Damnable Orks had boarded the ship and even Anashula herself had been forced to fight them hand to hand. She was just thankful her assistant had the foresight to place a Laser Pistol in her Captain's chair for emergency use in just such a case. 

Her left eye had been lost in the fighting, going up against multiple Ork Choppas that rushed the bridge, and she had suffered several cracked ribs. It was only by the God Emperor's infallible will that she survived. Obviously her duty in this mortal coil had not yet been finished. But despite the pain she suffered, Anashula had been abel to rally what remained of her fleet and continue firing right into the enemie's flank. That one act turned the tide of the battle, with the Ork ships turning around for only a few Human ships, buying enough time for a Quick Reaction Force to join in and begin cutting the orks down piece by piece. And all it cost her was an eye and a good friend. A cheap price for Victory in the name of the Holy God Emperor. Plus it would show many of the newcomers and higher ups who never once fought, that to win, we must sometimes sacrifice even ourselves.

The end result though was worse than she had expected. The Orks continued to push into the system, and most of her fleet was being chopped up and spread about o other commands to be able to provide a better defense. The mere mention of Orks sent people into a panic, and rather than have one larger fleet meet the bastards head on, the Planetary Governors and Sector Command would rather have multiple smaller fleets protecting each planet. Fools, they didn't know the Orks like she did. They needed to hit them hard and fast before they had a chance to dig in. But instead her fleet was being cut down to only about 4 ships. At the very least her own battlecruiser was to be fully repaired and another ship was assigned to join her group, with a green as grass officer running it.

'The Emperor Works in mysterious ways.' She told herself over and over again, as she sat on her ass at port, waiting with depleted patience for the new ship to arrive. When it did, it brought with it the new Officer.

This new Naval officer was Caroline Dahler (MC), the daughter of a noble family of some distant world that had probably earned their weralth off the backs of the working man while they never went hungry once in a thousand years. Caroline's family was the type to wave some money in the direction of the military as a way to pay off tithes or avoid Drafts while happily allowing many others to fight and die for them. But not Caroline, she defied the traditions of her family, and when she was old enough she snuck out and signed her life away into the Imperial Navy. To say her family was upset was an understatement. They were livid to the point their shouts could be heard all the way in the next skyscraper.

But now that she was in the system, she was with the Navy now, their influence was nothing compared to those of the Emperor's sword and shield. Caroline was unlike most nobles, she wanted to work for the benefit of Humanity, fighting the aliens over there before being forced to fight them when they invade. She felt helpless hearing the news constantly of planets falling to the enemies or ships being raided and destroyed. So she planned over time to enlist, and pushed herself past everything to eventually have her own ship. It may be a small destroyer that she commands, but she will still do her part to work and fight for the Imperium. To prove to herself she is worthy of living in the Imperium, of defending her people's way of life.

Anashula made sure to meet the newest member of her small fleet. To appraise this noble born silver spoon, and to tell Caroline that she doesn't need more aristocrats, she needed soldiers. And that she would find no favors here, among her fleet all were rewarded by their duty and effort, not the circumstances of their birth. To which Caroline broke the stereotype by saluting and giving a crisp. 'Yes Ma'am' . Any other noble would have whined and complained about their lineage, but not her. Fascinating.

Within a week of their unification new orders arrived. Not only were the Orks on the move, but a new force had come into the system. The Tau were a new race in the galaxy. They had only been a space faring civilization for two centuries, and yet had already caused the Imperium much trouble. They were now on the offensive, taking advantage of the Ork invasion to push into Imperial space and conquer Human worlds, and indoctrinate its peoples.

Anashula knew the reputation of the Tau, filthy xenos that falsely promised a better life to all those who would join them and worship their 'Greater Good.'  that is until you lost your useful ness to them, or began to notice they treated you like a second class citizen. Or when their promise of religious freedom meant until they no longer enjoyed you having your Human religion in their territory. Then they would either forcefully sterilize and permanently neuter you (so as not to pass on your 'defective genes') or simply send you to a reeducation camp.

To her they were just as bad as Chaos. Spreading their lies and forcing others to convert to their ways, and forget the Holy Emperor. When the call comes to her, to engage in naval combat against the Tau, she was more than happy. And it would serve ass good training for the new arrival when they engaged the Orks. At this point in the invasion, most of the fighting occurred in the void of space, Just how Ana liked it.

Her Mars class Battlecruiser, and Caroline's smaller Cobra Destroyer would be the main heavy hitters against the enemy. With most of the fleet busy holding off the remnants of the Orks, it was up to Anashula and her small fleet (Caroline included) to remind the Tau that Humanity was not one to be subjugated. 

Defense of Viper Point/Forbidden Pleasures.

The world of Vauden is a relatively small out of the way world. Nothing other than some backrocket world where nothing ever happens. The highlight of the year was seeing the new Imperial Guard recruits either be shipped off or return from their endless deployments. When the time finally comes for a real engagement, at the head of an Ork Waagghhh was a Warboss, being manipulated by forces beyond mortal comprehension.

The Planetary Defense Forces were totally unprepared for what was to come, being overwhelmed on nearly every front by the unholy tide of Xenos. In a week's time much of the planet had fallen, with many people faling back to the Hive city that served as the capitol, hoping for some measure of safety, but only serve to feed the endless desire for violence of the Orks. For the longest time it appeared as if nothing was going to stop them. Until a single PDF officer (Either a Lady commissar or an actual IG soldier, its up for debate) managed to round up enough men for a real defense.

One small line of trenches and fortifications in an open field (with clear and overlapping fields of fire) has proven to be the immovable object that put a halt to the Ork wave.Three Basilisk artillery pieces are all that they have to keep the terrible Orc tide at bay, softening them up before they get within range of the PDF soldiers. Their holding action has been buying time for those at the capitol to better dig in and prepare. Every day that they keep the Orks from attacking the city, is another day that the people there have to prepare, another day they can call for help, and hopefully another day where the Space Marines or the Imperial Navy can arrive.

This has been such a thorn in the side of the Orks, (and their Chaos masters) that it has even allowed surviving squads and rogue troopers to find their way to Viper Point, the name given to the position by the woman who came up with the idea. This tiny little spot of trouble has been distracting the single minded Orks and putting a stop to the Chaos forces plans, forcing them to have to take action to ensure its destruction, as well as revealing themselves to other forces.

After a day of hard fighting the soldiers at Viper Point were relieved when no more of the vile xenos tried charging their position, giving everyone a moment to cool off, reload and eat. But that moment was soon snatched away as several ork fliers appeared, soaring right to their position, about to bomb Viper Point to dust.

Only for them to be shotdown in an unexpected turn that stunned even the Chaos observers. A dramatic arrival of two Anti Aircraft vehicles moving towards Viper Point, with guns pointed at the enemy aircraft. The guns roared out loudly as they fired into the air and cut down the Orks. The dramatic entrance lifted morale higher than ever, so much so the men were still fully energized when they saw who had come with the AA vehicles.

The Mysterious Eldar had finally made their presence known on Vauden. Using their methods of subterfuge and stealthy maneuvering in order to slow down the Orcs. Not because they actually care about the humans, but because the greenskins were working with the forces of Chaos. And as loathe as they are to use words from the 'Mon keigh', as they call the Humans,  there is one saying that is appropriate to their situation.

'The enemy of my enemy, is my friend.' Whatever Chaos is up to threatens the Eldar as much as the Humans. It is not unheard of for them to work together, just unorthodox. So thanks to the visions of their Farseer, they were able to rescue some scattered PDF troopers, along with an Anti Aircraft gun, in a move that they knew in advance would win the Human's trust, and prove to them the Eldar were worthy allies.

The Eldar running the operation had seen the way this one Human officer defied the odds, even defying the sights of the Farseer. (Something not alll that uncommon among those impudent humans.)  'But given the options, the PDF woman would rather die later by the inquisition for something heretical, than to die now from the savagery of Orks, or even having her soul devoured for all eternity. So begrudgingly she agrees to work with the Eldar, closely, and will soon find herself drawn into other heresies bit by bit, till the idea of working with the Eldar, especially her counter parts in their organization, absolutely excites her.

(The Eldar Leader may be male or female, either one is fine for me.)

(Specifically craving this idea)
Friendship is Imperially Sanctioned (Cross over with MLP.)
For the Glory of the God Emperor! Father of our immortal Princesses!

(Note: I am perfectly fine with the Ponies being Anthro if it helps :P. I technically wrote the idea with that in mind.)

In the dark future of the 41st Millennium, there is only War. The Glorious Imperium of Man is beset upon all sides by foul Xenos, unrelenting demons of the void, and clawed at from within by heretics that seek only to topple our great empire. The Imperium must be forever vigilant to any advantage that could turn the tide or give the Imperium anything to help in the endless war for its survival in a harsh and uncaring universe which seemed to constantly come up with new threats to wipe out Humanity. This new advantage would come when old documents, written by the God Emperor himself, were discovered. These documents spoke of an experiment he had conducted ages ago. The creation of Life upon a small world, and the shaping of two beings with his mighty power. ‘Alicorns’ he dubbed them, and he would imbue them with the power of mightiest of psykers. Capable of expelling the evils of Chaos and even moving the sun and moon around their homeworld. If even part of the document was true, the Imperium needed to find it. It was just their luck (or the Emperor's will) that written within the ancient documents the location of this world. As if the Emperor intended for it to be found.

An Expedition was mounted and contact made with all due haste. To the shock of the expedition crew, the two beings that The God Emperor had created still remained after all these long ages and the world they lived upon was a veritable garden. It was of little wonder since they were crafted by the God Emperor's own divine hands. Seven years would pass after contact was established, and with much negotiation and deliberation, a new world had joined the Imperium. This boon of their God could not simple be thrown away, and so (even if some did so begrudgingly) the people of Equus Prime were welcomes with open arms. With this world came along a new race eager to serve in the name of the God Emperor, and their Princesses. Thus they were sanctioned and placed under the protection of the Imperium for their connection with the Holy Emperor himself. They were uplifted and brought into the fold, eager to take part in the universe around them and travel the stars.

For the first time in living memory, a species of Xeno had been sanctioned, and brought into the Imperium. Not even the famed Farseers of the Eldar could have predicted this, that a Xenos species would stand shoulder to shoulder with Man as he spreads his divine will through out the Universe. And as soon as they had colonized and settled the other worlds within their system, they were allowed to join and fight alongside their more Human compatriots. Declared as Abhumans throughout the rest of the Imperium, they soon began to do their part to ensure the survival of mankind into the future. Some were alright with this, deeming it to be the will of the God Emperor, who works in mysterious ways. Others were not so enlightened. Both angered and disgusted as what they saw as sacrilege, even among the Imperial Guard Command and up to the Inquisition. Those the most loyal to the God-Emperor. This led to a difficulty in finding those willing to fill important positions for the Equus legions. For despite being sanctioned, they could not be allowed to run around completely without any Human officers to lead them. They were still so very new to War and new to the universe, without a veteran they would surely die. So the request was put out for the void to be filled for they were needed, with the countless threats the Imperium faced on a daily basis, no unit could sit idle.

The Equus legion has only recently finished their training, and been inducted to serve in the glorious Imperial Guard, they have never seen combat and are eager (yet afraid) to serve and do their part for their Imperium and their Emperor. They need only a leader to guide them. And luckily they will get one who is learned in the ways of war.

Commissar Natalia, having just finished a mission of hunting down Orks, has volunteered to lead the 1st Equus unit, on the catch that she bring several Cadian squads with her since they were already combat hardened and could impart valuable knowledge to these fresh recruits.  As well as to ensure she has some competent men under her command. She knows little to nothing of these little ‘ponies’ but does not care so long as they can fight, the fact they are of questionably heritage matters not to her, only that they be willing to fight and die for their Imperium.

Their adorableness will not affect her mission. She will whip these living children's toys into shape and turn them into an effective and disciplined fighting force. They will deploy to wherever Imperial Command orders and they shall bring honor and glory to the first Equus Legion, or die trying for the Emperor. The next mission will either prove the ponies a valuable asset, or add fuel to the fire that they are products of heresy and chaos. Either way the Commissar will do her best to ensure Imperial victory.

Now if only they would cease giving her notes of thanks and "pick me Ups". Or their incessant babble of "Friendship"

Ponies do not seem to fear Commissars

(NOTE: I am willing to alter the story to follow different characters and situations. Instead of a Commissar I am perfectly fine playing a different IG girl or a Pony girl and changing up what the mission is. Feel free to talk it over with me.)

Imperial soldiers fighting alongside and leading Xenos. Truly these are strange times to live in.

The first battle may be going to aid another Guardsman unit under fire by a band of orkz after a warboss managed to have his men dig a tunnel under their fortifications and attack from within their defenses, if they don't get aid soon they will be overwhelmed and the planet will belong to the Orkz. Or we may choose to act in support of another I.G. group that is preparing to do battle with a recently awoken Necron horde, building fortifications for what will be a hard fight. Or perhaps showing a united front against the Tau as they attempt to sway another world to their side, shaking their heretical belief in their so called 'Greater Good' when they see Humans and a new xeno race side by side doing the Holy Emperor's will.

We can also have tyranids if you want but those tend to just break down into Starship Troopers worthy hold outs against the swarm.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

No this is not meant to be played as seriously as WH40K is known for. It will be played for combat fun, word building, and sex. Also sexy Female Commissars...because silence! :P

Commissar Natalia Krukov

If its not clear I am looking to play the Commissar (though just a regular officer could be good too)  as well as some of the guards and even our enemies.. this will be abit of a more involved RP but im very willing to talk it out and see how best to make this idea work and be fun for the mind and the body. I'm thinking of something around 60% action and story to 40% smut. There will be sex no doubt but after we conquer and crush the heretics and xeno filth together.

Though just because we will be treating the Canon more like guidelines instead of actual rules doesn't mean this will be a balls to the wall Benny Hill worthy joke rp. There will Not be pony space marines that honor belongs only to man. What we will have are pony soldiers volunteering/being part of the Guard as part of a tithe for the glory of servitude and fighting in the mud and blood like good Guardsmen. If you are familiar with the canon we may even have other races from the world , perhaps a Griffon airborne support unit for instance. :P

I am thinking of making this a fair bit of Trench Warfare between Imperial Guard and heretical forces and Xenos. I think it might be much easier to write than the modern small and large unit tactics.

Standard trench

Yes this is highly Heretical. *Prepares for the Commissar's shot.* we will play abit fast and loose with the rules. Heretical sex with sanctioned xenos is abound. But we shall slaughter many xenos to make up for it. This will mostly be about fun so come on down.

I am also looking forward to some world building to how this new alliance affects the universe. Does Equine magic feel painful to creatures of the Warp? What kind of world does Equus become? Agricultural? Manufactorum? How do other races react to the news?

If one wants we could find ways to work other canon characters into the mix.

Another dumb MLP crossover :P
The Omnisiah Accepts this 'Friendship"
By the Omnisiah, how did things go so wrong?

It was a General Retreat, something the people aboard the small Cobra class ship were accustomed to. They had been fighting off an Ork Waagh alongside the Imperial navy for the past two weeks, using hit and run to slow down the Ork ships and get them to veer off course. But with the size of the Waagh it was difficult and every Ork ship they managed to destroy barely bothered the rest of the group.

Eventually the small diversionary fleet was forced into a more prolonged battle with the Orks. and found itself forced to retreat or be swallowed up by the Ork Waagh. So they jumped into the Warp as fast as they could. But what one forgets in the heat of combat, is how tricky Warp travel really is. All it takes is the slightest miscalculation, the most minute error,
and one could become lost in the warp.

And that was exactly what happened, the ship veered heavily off course in the warp and ended up going right into the path of a Warp Hurricane. The ship was torn apart bit by bit, until its spine was broken and it managed to get into the eye of the hurricane itself where it found a small measure of safety, drifting towards a small planet and being pulled in. The force of gravity and the impact ripped the ship apart further and forcing it into a crash landing. The few survivors had to drag themselves out of the wreckage, though tensions were already high.

They ended up shouting and screaming at eachother for an hour, arguing about nothing in particular, just letting out all of their pent up frustrations, which is no easy feat to do when one is a member of the Adeptus Mechanicus. It wasn't until they heard the faint clip clop of hooves upon dirt that they stopped their bickering to see several native animals.

Why are these Juvenile Equines staring at them? And is that one wearing what looks like a bow? By the Omnisiah, what sorcery is this?

Im thinking of not making this one serious and following some Adeptus Mechanicus ladies stuck on a world cut off from the rest of the eternal war in the galaxy. Maybe even helping out as a few Orks managed to make it on the ship or start to build up somewhere near Equestria. Maybe spread the word of the Machine God?

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

And maybe a female Psyker.
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Cleaned up the post so it isn't as insanely messy as it was before. Added in a better example of what I mean by the ponies being able to be Anthro if you wish.

Its this image if you missed it.
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Might have an opening but looking for something more 70% Plot with only occasional smut.

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Re: For the Glory of the Imperium! (40K) (F for all) (Open)
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2016, 04:18:53 PM »
I gave this thread abit of an overhall and I messed around and cleaned up the pony idea as well as Adding in two more ideas.

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Re: For the Glory of the Imperium! (40K) (F for all) (Open)
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Craving "Friendship is Imperially Sanctioned"

Im perfectly fine making the ponies anthro and maybe making the rp something more in the vein of Eagle Ordinary

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Re: For the Glory of the Imperium! (40K) (F for all) (Open)
« Reply #4 on: June 27, 2017, 07:13:45 PM »
Did some cleaning up of the ideas.

Still looking to specifically do "Friendship is Imperially Sanctioned"

Hopefully everything is clearer clear as it can be really :/