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April 23, 2017, 12:55:32 PM

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Author Topic: Kiesha'Ra: Shattering Peace (F seeking M)  (Read 199 times)

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Kiesha'Ra: Shattering Peace (F seeking M)
« on: January 18, 2016, 10:43:44 PM »
The Cobra Princessí body swayed to the seductive music playing in the synkal. Dancing sensuously on the dais in skirts of black and silver silks, meloses with chiming silver and gold bells that accompanied the music and a purple scarf tied around to cover her breasts. Bangled adorned her ankles and wrists. Their silver making it look like her moon pale skin was glittering. Her midnight black hair shone in the lights falling in gentle waves to her hips, and her bright red eyes were half lidded and sultry.

Her slender form danced as gracefully as the snake that was housed itself in her soul. Just as dangerous, her full lips were always pouty and curled up as if she knew something you didnít. At the young age of nineteen this was her first true performance for both the Royal Serpentine and Avian Courts. It was a small audience, nothing like there was during a festival, but both the stuffy Avian Queen and her only son were in attendance. Only two years older than herself he had lost any childlike wonder, but she couldnít help but how his cheeks flushed and her golden eyes heated up when she winked at him.

The usually cold Avian men shifted in their seats in reaction to Princess Belyndaís blatant sexuality. The oldest of her siblings and heir to the Serpentine Throne she was well loved by her people and even most Avianís liked her as well. She was personable and light hearted. Not afraid to show what she was feeling. Unlike the stuck up birds who hid behind their ďAvian ReserveĒ like a shield to their once upon a time enemies.

She had only closed her eyes for just a moment when it all happened.

ďArcher!Ē Some cried and women screamed as Belynda heard a light body fall to the ground. Opening her garnet eyes horror crossed her features as she saw Tuuli Thea Nocturaís body on the floor before the dias, a Serpentine arrow through her throat. The wide tip and long shaft painted back was a dead give away.

Wasnít that how someone had tried to murder Tuuli Thea Danica over one hundred years ago?

The fair haired white viper Aubrey took it upon himself as Belyndaís personal guard to tackle her to the ground, covering her small slender frame with his heavier well muscled form in protection. The wind knocked out of her, it was then that Belynda knew there would be another war if nothing was done to prevent it. But, what she didnít know that her own father had been shot as well. The smaller Avian arrow with itís tan paint and small tip was usually covered in poison.

Diente Ivan was dead before his body even hit the floor...

A hundred years after Danica Shardae and Zane Cobriana ended the war between the Serpentine and the Avians through marriage and their daughter Oliza gave succession of the Avian Throne to her younger aunt Sive and the Serpentine Throne to her cousin Salem, someone new is threatening to start the war anew.

Now, the two descendants of Sive and Salem are forced to take the Thrones of their peoples themselves must now team up to prevent an all new war. The Avians are reeling at the murder of their Tuuli Thea and the Serpentineís Diente whoíd both been shot by arrows during a dance performance.

With their parents gone, the two new rulers have little guidance aside from their councils. Both whom itch for war. Armies at the ready. Talons and fangs sharp for the kill. The hatred and mistrust had never truly gone away. War stories told in childhood prove sticky in the mind. Fueling the fire threatening to shatter the peace thatíd been sustained for so long.

Now, Naga to the Serpentine Belynda Cobriana must be the voice of reason to the Avians new King while they uncover clues, balance their councils, extreme sexual tension, cultural differences and a budding but, silent romance.


This play is based on the KieshaíRa book series. Set after the events of Wolfcry as I havenít read Wyvernhail yet. So, Iím just going to act like that fifth book doesnít exist. I know that the plot isnít exactly thought out yet, but I like to do that so my partner can help shape it into a story we both want to play.

Anything is flexible and Iím always game for plot twists.

I like realism in my plays, so that means my partner has full range over his/her character from how they look and act to how they react to certain situations. You can pick what your friends look like or how they act or react and I like that in my plays. It leads to more complex characters in the process that you can love or hate as the story progresses.

So, if youíre interested or have questions PM or post here.