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Author Topic: Lingo's Pairings and Ideas (Seeking any for plot-driven stories) (Horror)  (Read 5767 times)

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Lingo's Pairings and Ideas

If any of the stories below interest you, or you'd like to seek me out for an idea, please don't reply here and instead send a pm! Please note, I will not be inclined to consider someone who does not provide any sort of detail of what they want or their take on the plot idea. I am really looking for someone who is interested in crafting a story with interesting characters!

Hello there, and thank you for looking at my search thread! I have a few vague ideas for stories that I was hoping would inspire a fellow writer to brainstorm. As the title suggests, I am looking for stories that are heavily plot-driven, not focused primarily on smut. Of course, these stories have opportunity for such situations to occur, but I ask that they are put into the story in a way that makes sense to the plot and characters' desire and motives. Essentially, I prefer a balance of 70% plot and 30% smut. If you reach out to me regarding a story, please note I want to discuss detail and plot over sex. I typically do not gravitate towards ideas that are based in smut. While the descriptions you see here are vague, I will gladly further explain any ideas I have for the plot, and greatly welcome your own twists on these stories, or even a reversal of roles. Of course, feel free to check my On's and Off's for a better understanding of what I enjoy in a story. Before I list my ideas, I'd note a few important points,

1. Your RL gender is irrelevant here; I welcome all writers!  ;D
2. I prefer descriptive writing and character exploration. By all means, make YC as rich as you'd like. Pictures are preferable, but not mandatory; I can do either real images or drawings/anime, though I tend to prefer realistic images. 
3. I have updated the title for more fluidity regarding sexuality and gender. However, I will forewarn you that generally I prefer playing females, thus all story ideas will have my character listed as such. I have written FxF, and I am open to this as well and enjoy it.
4. Continuing above, I myself enjoy writing descriptively and multiple paragraphs. Naturally, I sit around 400 words minimum and can write up to 3-4k. However, I do not like imposing word limits on myself or my partners- some scenes (introductions, etc) inspire me to write pages, others (like exchanging dialogue) only require a few paragraphs. All I ask is that you give depth to your posts, and I will try my best to give you something equally engaging.
5. In regards to fandoms: I have a few fandoms that I would love to explore, be it with original characters or in a AU. However, one thing that will certainly turn me off will be adhering too closely to the original plot and essentially mimicking a story that has been already done. Again, I am all for exploring fandom universes, but let's add our own twist to things, okay?
6. One last strong no in regards to plotting/brainstorming; please do not 'give' me a face claim or insist I play a certain body type/appearance, unless of course it is fandom and previously established. I certainly don't mind partners giving their interest in physical traits, but I am very picky about my characters' appearances and will ultimately create them how I want to. On the flip side, I want to give my partners equal freedom to describe and portray their characters how they see fit!   

Now, onto zee plots, yes? 


The Good Doctor’s Aid. REALLY CRAVING
Modern setting. Yandere inspired. Dealing with several flashbacks and multiples NPCs. MC is a young, decidedly average college student returning home from school one day when she is attacked by an unknown assailant. Critically wounded, she is unfortunately unable to find any help and passes out from her injuries. YC, most likely a well-known surgeon or other respected figure, finds her and heals her wounds at their own private home. They were, after all, the one who inflicted MC's wounds in the first place. A game of cat and mouse, YC is psychotic, unstable, but nevertheless obsessed with MC. After healing her, they intend to keep her prisoner to fulfill his fantasies and romance, while eradicating the others in her life. Ultimately, MC may escape, die trying, or be broken and accept her new role in life.

Another alternate version of this story maybe an obsessive relationship between college classmates. I'd like this scenario to deal with multiples secondary characters, pretty standard of the yandere trope, but always fun to play out!

Inspiration/Face-claim: Zombie Boy, Rick Genest
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Modern setting- although a place with vast segregation of the haves and have nots and conservative values, similar to a current victorian era? MC is a conservative, sheltered girl who has recently moved out from under her wealthy parents’ scrutiny. YC (Zombie Boy) is from the other sideof town with an appearance that would make her parents faint. Occasionally, he covers these tattoos to better blend in with society, for whatever reason. On one of these occasions, the two meet, and a mutual attraction develops. For the first time, YC is ashamed of his ink and worried of what MC would think, or if a relationship with her would be possible. His fear of showing his uncovered skin to her, the blossoming (or floundering) of their relationship, are all aspects I’d like to explore.

A Loyal Customer.
Inspired by American Psycho
Modern setting. MC is a college student working at the local café to pay for her education. YC is the charming, attractive individual who often comes in on their lunch break. Attracted by their obvious success and looks, MC develops a small crush on her acquaintance and chats with him whenever ready. But something sinister lies under the perfect façade YC projects. For this story, I’m thinking along the lines of a serial killer, or perhaps her stalker? Strong themes of horror in this story.


An Uncertain Alliance- Please note for this one I am looking for a m/f pairing, but if you like it and want to do otherwise, please pm me!
Medieval, a kingdom under siege by war. MC is an intelligent, capable Princess who is aware of the rising danger surrounding her kingdom, and the declining health of her father. Although she alone is competent enough to rule, many in the kingdom and the old King himself believe she must have a King by her side in order to be a respected ruler. YC is an older (roughly 30s), seasoned General of the land who has argued with MC before for her many attempts to go out into the battlefield and her interference in the business of battle. As the King's time comes to an end, he demands his daughter wed the General, and an incongruous marriage begins. This story would deal with the nature of their relationship, political intrigue and court drama, as well as the action and conflict abroad.

My Dear Old Friend  REALLY CRAVING
Two rival kingdoms at war. MC is the princess of one land, YC the prince of the other. Once peaceful relations between two kingdoms erupts into a bloody, merciless war. The innocent childhood rivalry between MC and YC is now a relationship of resentment and borderline hatred. When YC manages to abduct MC, this animosity takes a dark turn. YC will act as an interrogator and tormentor for MC; more detail of what this will be can be discussed. I'd like to also play out the potential resolution, if a relationship blossoms between the two or after experiencing such captivity and hardship under YC a peace treaty is signed and MC is forced into marriage with YC. 


Dream of Me
Modern story involving vampirism and medical kink/hospital setting. A young actress has just become the toast of society, her image appearing on every tv set and billboard. Just when she is at the prime of her promising career, she picks up a deadly fan; a demonic/vampiric man who works as a doctor/psychotherapist at a mental institution. Determined to bring her to him, he devises a plan to infiltrate her dreams and slowly drive her mad by terrorizing her in her sleep. Finally suffering a mental breakdown, the poor girl is admitted to the institution, where the man acts as her therapist by day and continues to torment her at night. I really want this story to be a game of cat and mouse. Maybe she will begin to catch on, or will only finally piece everything together when the doctor finally wants her to; his purpose can also be up to you (he wants to make her his pet, break her down, etc). We can discuss sexual points as well; maybe mild torture or needle play, mind control, hallucinations, humiliation, rape.

For Blood
Dealing with vampires, and very loosely based off of Buffy. Modern, or potentially futuristic setting, dealing with human familiars and blood match. MC is a young woman who lost her family to a vampire. Recruited by the city's underground guild of Slayers, she trained to become one of the strongest, lethal threats to the undead population in the city. Living on her own, struggling to make it and keep up the facade of a normal life by day, she leads a difficult, duty-bound life, with nightmarish visions of her past fueling her forward. YC is one of the elite vampires, residing abroad, who hears about the human advances on the city, and in particular the threat MC poses to the vampires living there. They are sent to dispose of her. However, when they meet MC, they immediately recognizes the scent of her blood, although they have never truly smelled it before; this is their chosen human familiar. I'd like to play out the many angles this story could take from here.

Teach Me, Possess Me
Involving rivalry between vampires and werewolves, a pupil and mentor relationship. In this society humans and the undead intermingle, but the undead have taken a position of power while the humans may hold positions of power (politics, etc) but are certainly the lower class and must abide by the will of the vampires or werewolves. These two undead races have strained relations and are almost constantly in conflict. MC is the young daughter of a human politician, who steps on the toes of one of these powerful creatures- again, this can be a vampire of werewolf, the opposite of whichever race you would like YC to be. One night, while she is out, her family is slaughtered in her home. Devastated, alone, and seeking vengeance, she finds YC. Hearing of their prowess and ability in combat, she wants them to train her to avenge her family. The terms they agree to, and the nature of their relationship is up for discussion.   

Bargained Heart
A medieval roleplay involving vampirism. A mighty king is blessed with the birth of a lovable, beautiful daughter. Unfortunately, she is also extremely delicate and physically frail. The child is diagnosed with a mysterious illness affecting her heart at a young age. Doctors feel helpless and declare she will die. Desperate to keep his daughter alive, the king becomes frantic and strikes a disastrous deal with a powerful vampire King or Queen. Though she is still a child, they find the king's mortal daughter lovely. The vampire will replace the princess's faulty heart for their own, and on her 18th birthday she will be sent off with the vampire to be their bride. Only a few years later, the king dies and her older brother takes the throne. There is no one left to remember their bargain. Life is going perfect for the happy, healthy princess until her 18th birthday, when a dark, evil being approaches her and demands her hand. More of a controlling relationship, possibly non-con or reluctant, could mature into love. Maybe the vampire is completely possessive of his fragile human, and keeps her in a sort of "gilded cage." In hetero pairings, I'd like to explore some elements of pregnancy, with the King seeking a half breed heir.

Refuge with a Demon
Vague idea: MC is a righteous, naive angel descended from the heavens to assist in a war of humans versus the demons on Earth. She is seriously wounded after one fight and staggers into the woods, passing out from her injuries and most likely doomed to die there. YC is one of these demons who lives in the mortal realm and, for whatever reason, chooses to take the angel in and heal her wounds. Again, a very vague idea, and the nature of this relationship can be discussed. Taken!

The Figments of My Imagination.
Modern, isolated setting. Based closely in nature. YC is a esteemed fictional writer, staying at a holiday home or small lodge far away from the city. MC, a woman who is an eerily similar in appearance to the woman they have just killed off in his novels, admits to being lost in the relative wilderness and wishes to stay at their home or in the lodge until she can locate the group she was traveling with. This story will resemble a ghost story and focus on the abstract. Not currently seeking.

Vague Pairings
Note: below pairings will be listed as MC/YC. Also, as this is incredibly bare bones, if you approach me regarding a pairing please give some detail or ideas you want to embellish on here. This is moreso just a feeler for any seeking writers who have an idea and want to throw it out there.

Ward/Guardian (**this would not be an incestuous relationship, biologically speaking)

Rivals forced to cooperate
Childhood friend/Rockstar

Silent Hill
Legend of Zelda
Resident Evil
Dead or Alive
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Final Fantasy (mostly the earlier games)
One Piece
Angels of Death (anime)

Some Totes Rando Cravings!
Every now and again I have a totally wild impulse of a incredibly undeveloped idea I'd love to write about. Please feel free to bring any and all ideas considering these thoughts to me!

Really, really, REALLY CRAVING... No, really.
Silent Hill- I would love to write Silent Hill 4 with Henry/Eileen, in the aftermath of escaping the apartment complex, focusing on the trauma of the event and the comfort/angst of their murky relationship. Anything involving the setting, the characters, you name it. I am really looking to bring the atmosphere of the games and the ambiguous horror into a story. I am particularly fond of the 2nd and 4th games in these franchises, with Homecoming and the 3rd game with Heather close seconds. Let me know!

Tower- anything inspired by this song, Tower by Avatar. Or anything Avatar related. But especially this song. Kay?
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Updated this thread with a lot of different ideas, vague pairings, and preferred fandoms! Currently searching for new stories :)

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Currently looking for new stories! If you have ideas of your own as well and like my writing/are okay with my ons/offs, please feel free to reach out to me!

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Predominantly interested in a horror story, or something with morally ambiguous characters.

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Still selectively seeking! Please take a look at my O/O’s if you’re interested in writing :)

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I have tweaked a few ideas. Current cravings are,

modern horror story with some kitsch elements

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Re: Lingo's Pairings and Ideas (Seeking any for plot-driven stories) (Horror)
« Reply #7 on: February 13, 2021, 08:51:20 pm »
Still very tentatively looking for a writer willing to flesh out a full cast of characters and build an immersive story.

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Re: Lingo's Pairings and Ideas (Seeking any for plot-driven stories) (Horror)
« Reply #8 on: February 23, 2021, 04:23:49 pm »
Cleaned up details and removed a few stories. Really looking for a modern day eerie story, nightmare in suburbia, that kind of thing. Still seeking!