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Author Topic: Coldport Island[interest][Femdom\maledom](fantasy/renaissance[NCHuman]  (Read 1081 times)

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Offline JezabelleTopic starter

Basic Pitch
Two player-run lord\ladyships with a neutral merchant city between them jocky for power, engage in drama\scheming, and face mutual threats to the well being of the island they inhabit.  Characters can be anyone from scullion maids to the aforementioned Lords & Ladies, and even the Burgomaster of the city or attending Councilmen representing the various guilds.

Delburg has a strong female presence\power, whereas Volsgrod is more male dominated; this isn't to say powerful individuals of either gender don't exist in the opposite, but they have a harder time getting the respect and power they'd be more easily accorded on the other side of the island.

Every week of real time, the GM will hand out payment for jobs\advance the game forward a set amount of time.
There would probably be 3 threads--one for each of the major locations in the island and their attending extremities--and we'd use a tagging\location system at the top of posts to keep things nice and tidy.

PM me character sheets to apply but feel free to post sheets\concepts here to discuss, gain feedback, and integrate with each other's backstory's if so desired.

Topics to Cover in Every Interest Thread:
List of Short Q&As
1. Section Posted In?: System NC Human
2. Who is RP open to?: Any and all, no gender\sexuality restrictions, crossplay allowed
3. Short Summary of Player Roles and General Story/Plot? Servants, mercenaries, merchants, knights, lords, ladies, mayors, etc; conflict between two lordships and the city stuck between them.
4. Setting? custom setting, an island split between maledomme influenced culture and femdomme influenced culture and a neutral city in between where 'anything goes.'
5. Plot Outline?:  Occasional viking raids, perhaps something dangerous discovered beneath the island, and border events sparking conflict between the two lords\ladies.
6. Character creation info/guidelines if any?  PM me sheets in the style this website generates or similar, important player positions are first-come first-serve.  Only 1 per person at a time, although you may RP your other characters as being absent from the isle if you so desire and introduce a new one without off-ing the other(s).
7. Required Resources?  Let me know if you have any more questions about the system, I won't be asking much here and we'll ignore more complicated elements.
8. Game Pacing?  We'll use a-sync with declared locations in tags
9. How much sexual activity is likely to occur or expected, if any?  Let the GM know if you'd like the risk of sexual encounters of a hostile or intimate variety with NPCs; otherwise, t'is between the players--if it's just two players, the specifics are probably best left to PMs after establishing in-thread you're in a location together.
10.  Tagging? A simple tagging header format will be provided for players.  With only 3 location threads to start with, it'd be asking a lot to make people dig through every post.



We'll be using a simplified version of Warhammer 2nd Edition.  Basically all players need to know is that there's a character generator (you are of course in no way compelled to follow this for fluff\backstory/visual appearance and can gen your character on your own for stats as well if you so choose), and that basically everything is "roll d100 and get at-or-under the named stat, +/- a number based on how hard the thing is to do."

Skills complicate this more in real warhammer by halfing attempts if you lack a skill, but I will make most test characteristic and just give +10/20/30 for having a skill/+10/+20 in it.

Combat will be handled same as in WFRP, but of course if it's PvP it'd need to be consensual and could just be talk'd out and decided upon in PM.  I'll probably crunch several rounds at a time to prevent bogging people down in fights\extrapolate off 2 or 3 rounds how the whole fight goes.

Insanity and the ill effects of magic will be in full play, although magic won't be totally outlawed in Coldport.  All magic users outside the city's jurisdiction must serve the Lady/Lord of the province by law, however.

Money will be handed out every week (inactivity for a 2nd consecutive week will result in not getting yo money).
XP will be handed out every week at a rate of 50 per week so long as you've been active (at least 2 posts) that week.
Encumbrance and travel distances\costs\times can be ignored in favour of simplicity and abstraction.
Shopping is done by having your character some place they can buy something (PM me if wondering, can buy anything in Coldport), and then simply spending the money in a post and declaring the item purchased; if you'd like to get something in secret, PM me about it.


Delburg (female Ladyship)

West Side of the Island
Ancestrally this peerage has gone to the female heir first, and this has had a strong cultural effect on the people in the outlying terrain.  While men inherit in the case of no living female sibling, their rules are generally characterized by strong female Chamberlains who handle the affairs of the largely agricultural Delburgian economy and lifestyle.  Agrarian mindset and lifestyles are idealized to keep people happily producing rather than leaving for the city.

Founded on the ruins of an old Elven outpost, Castle Delburg is an impressively tall structure with many hidden secrets in the catacombs beneath it.  In part because of this Elves are not a totally uncommon sight in Delburg, where they come to trod the lands their ancestors had trodden, or perhaps they did several centuries before.  Their conflict had not been between Lord and Lady but Elf and Dwarf.  Though this conflict is long over, this is the reason both the Elfish outpost where Delburg now is and the Dwarfish mine under Volsgrod are now vacated by their former residents.  The superstitious might even consider this fate, while the more tempered would consider it geo-politics.

Knights in Delburg can be either men or women with ease, and face no major prejudice in this regard.  Their main occupation is slaying the occasional barbarian raiders that attempt to pillage the coastline of wheat during harvest season.  Delburg's winters are relatively mild.

Magic user in Delburg is relatively lax, although you are still required to go to Court and announce yourself to the Lady/lord of Delburg if you enter into her\his lands.

Volsgrod (male Lordship)

East Side of the Island
Culturally more male dominated, Volsgrod is the more frigid of the two lordships and has a harder time in the winters.  They compensate for this economically with mineral wealth and expansive mines originally excavated by Dwarfs.  Dwarves descended from those who dug these mines have made a point of maintaining trade relations with Volsgrod, and the Dwarfish folk are a common sight around Volsgrod.

While females may inherit in the event of no male heir from the immediate family, 2nd brothers and scheming Chamberlains tend to ensure that female reigns are either short or utterly subservient to the machinations of others--although the exceptions like Ilsa, Lady of Ice, are the stuff of stories told to the children of Volsgrod at night to scare them into subservience.  Hell hath no chill like a Volsgrodian woman scorned.

Knights in Volsgrod are overwhelmingly male, although females who truly prove themselves as warriors are accorded knighthood out of respect for the slightly more egalitarian Dwarves whose culture calls for recognizing martial prowess in anyone without discrimination.  In the interest of continued good relations they let some of the more violent camp followers become soldiers, and of those women-at-arms occasional a lord will deign fit to elevate one to knighthood, although it is always accompanied by rumours of sexual favours being exchanged all along the ladder.

Volsgrod's military's main occupation is defending its mines from barbarian raiders and purging kobolds from the lower regions of the mines and abandoned shafts.  Its needs are great, and so it hires many mercs; however, because these threats are seasonal, they're just as likely to offer their own services as mercenaries and return in time to expel raiders and clear out kobolds.

Magic users are looked down upon with suspicion and must serve the Lord or be summarily executed.  Volsgrodians prefer to put their faith in the Gods than magi.

Coldport (the City)

Center of the Island
Main hub of commerce on the island, the outskirts are tilled by diligent Halfling farmers renowned far and wide as wondrous cooks.  They prefer the mercantile and well-fed life the city provides over the more dangerous countryside.

The city is where you can go to find any number of vices, virtues, or useful things.  Drugs, whores, temples, taverns, cart wrights, anything you could imagine is probably somewhere in the dirty streets of Coldport.  Built atop the ruins of a much older city and with catacombs from ancestral times between those ruins and the present day city, its subterranea is poorly mapped and not often explored by those who live to tell the tale--something criminal organizations take great advantage of.  Smuggling in Coldport is a popular, lucrative, and lethal profession.

Most soldiers in Coldport are mercenaries hired to take care of criminals or defend against raiders, who generally prefer the countryside of the two ends of the island.  There is rumour a guild of thieves worships a God of Shadow beneath the city and run most of the crime, but that's surely a myth--a guild of thieves?  Hogwash!

Magic users are given free reign in Coldport, by-and-large, and there are even Guilds of magic users.

Magic & the Gods

There are many schools of Magick and many faiths, but they all draw from the Aether, knowingly or unknowingly, to work their spells.  The difference between a Priest and a Magi is that the former is insulated from the depredations of the Aether and its manipulative spirits by their deity, whereas the Magi wanders into the Aether alone on the strength of their understanding of the Aetheric Winds.

Dwarves & Halflings are resistant to the depredations of the Aether but are also incapable of wielding it as Magi.

Priests and priestesses of all gods receive the respect and difference the common folk in the countryside and city alike--few would dare cross a god's servant for fear of angering a deity.  Magi are however as disrespected as the given individual believes they can get away with without getting burnt to a crisp by Aetheric flames.

(if you would like a custom spell list for your deity I would be happy to provide you with one)

Feltara, Goddess of Frost and Forgiveness
Patron deity of Coldport Island, most people worship Feltara and her spells are of healing and ice.  She is believed to pass over or vindictively select the fields\homes of those who she favours or dislikes during the winter to take the brunt of her wrath--thus she is seen as vindictive and to be feared in Volsgrod and more matronly and friendly in Delburg, with the people of Coldport being of mixed opinion about her.

Her priestesses and priests adorn themselves with blue and white, and wear jewelry shaped like icicles.
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Offline JezabelleTopic starter

Re: Coldport Island [Male/femdomme overtones][WRFP 2e(sys)]<<Interest>>
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List of Important Playable Positions
[characters permitted to take a 2nd career due to position gain all optional skills\talents and characteristic advantages of their first career, as well as the trappings of their 2nd career]

Lady/lord: (allowed to take 2nd career)
Master at Arms: (allowed to take 2 career)
Chamberlain: (allowed to take 2nd career)
Court Magi: (allowed to take 2 career)
Court Priest: (allowed to take 2 career)

Knight(s): (allowed to take 2 career)

Lord\lady: (allowed to take 2nd career)
Master at Arms: (allowed to take 2nd career)
Chamberlain: (allowed to take 2nd career)
Court Magi: (allowed to take 2nd career)
Court Priest: (allowed to take 2nd career)

Knight(s): (allowed to take 2 career)

Burgomaster (mayor): (allowed to take 2nd career)
Councilman: (allowed to take 2nd career)
Guild Master of (Craftsman\Merchants\Bankers\Lawyers): (allowed to take 2nd career)
Magi Guild Master: (allowed to take 3rd career)
High Priest: (allowed to take 3rd career)
Captain of the Guard: (allowed to take 2nd career)
Lieutenants of the Guard: (allowed to take 2nd career)

Offline JezabelleTopic starter

Bumpy/ex-y/will probably ax this if no-one else's p'interested.

Offline JezabelleTopic starter


Offline FurredMonster

Hey Jezabelle. Just wanted to drop by stating my interest... I like this small slice of a world you have written up, and I think a more political/economic game mixed with some fun naughty time is a great idea.

Offline Sirian Eve

Oh yes!

Put me down for a male knight! Already have a picture in mind. More to follow.

Offline Praxis

If this gets some momentum I would be interested in writing a male character.