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Author Topic: Sailing the Ocean Blue  (Read 589 times)

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Offline MistressofPenTopic starter

Sailing the Ocean Blue
« on: January 16, 2016, 12:10:33 AM »

A couple of ideas that have longed to have a life.  I thought to try here and the stories have withered.  However, if someone would like to take one of the story lines, I'm willing to keep trying.

The Auction
The island is Jamaica.  The time is the late 17th century.  Pirates, slavers, those trying to get away from their past all land here at some point.  Land owners grow sugar cane and import slaves to work the fields for them.  Some enterprising sailors are even known to make their living in the slave trade, bringing people from China, Africa, and the occasional foolish English or American to sell for profit in the market place. 

My character would be one of the foolish females from America, running away from her life, only to take passage for Australia with a captain with less than honorable intentions.  After being in the hold of the ship with other females from other nations, my character is brought to Kings Town to be sold, looking less a lady and more a bilge rat.   

This is where you pick how you want to play it.  Your character could be a landowner, an overseer, another traveler just happening onto the auction while on a trip.  Depending upon your character, he could buy her  to use as a slave, or effect a rescue of some sort (buying with good intent, or ?).

I like stories to be sort of formed as you go.  I'm not insistent on any certain plot line, love a good wrench thrown into the mix, a twist in the plot line, so to speak, as long as it isn't such a snarled twist that I get lost...  It isn't clear what type of story this could be...  It's rather open as to what level we take it to until collaboration is begun.  (I see it being anything from vanilla on up.)

Captain Laurel Black of the Marigold

The one thing that can be said of Laurel Black is that she does not do what one expects.  Orphaned at 14, she lived with her grandfather who let her do as she pleased.  He was a wealthy man, so she was called eccentric and still sought after by the males of the town of Charleston primarily for the dowry she would bring, though she wasn't ugly when she took the time to act and dress like the female that she was.  When her grandfather dies, eighteen year old Laurel is besieged by offers.  Even her grandfather's lawyer makes her an offer!  But, after one particularly nasty encounter where her virtue was saved only by her willingness stand up for herself and fight off the attack, Laurel has had enough of the world as she sees it and, learning that her grandfather has a merchant vessel by the name of the Marigold, she takes command and takes to the sea.

Your character and she meet a few years after she's taken command.  Her ship is both laughed about and talked about as she seems to be both the worst sailor (learning to sail as she goes, using hand gestures to get the work done since she doesn't know the jargon, and with men working for her because no one else would take them on), and the luckiest sailor, escaping storms that break other, larger ships, and taking cargo where it is needed thereby making her richer...even if she's a woman. 

Your character can be a sailor, pirate, navy...or a landlubber who runs into Laurel in the market or tavern where she is known to belt out a tune and drink sailors under the table.  I'm thinking their initial meetings will be adversarial, though both might find the other somewhat attractive, their professions or outlooks would be at odds with the other.  They continue to encounter each other and perhaps she saves him from harm/death or vice versa, and they begin to look for each other.  Options are limitless, really.  And, as I've said, I like to collaborate on the plot so we both get what we want out of our writing.

Well, for now, this is all I can think of along the sailor/pirate line.  If you are interested, please let me know and we can see if our ideas suit.

Thanks for your time!
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