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March 20, 2019, 06:13:15 AM

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Author Topic: The Caveman Way (Sex Driven Anarchy, Interest Check, M and F's)  (Read 347 times)

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Offline smexygracieTopic starter

"Hey honey! Woah! What is that?

Oh, it's an amazing dress I got at the thrift store! Do you think I look good in it?

Darling, I think you look great in anything! But that V-cut neck is simply too much!

What do you mean?

Don't you think that other men are going to look at you in that dress... sexually?

Oh no! You're right! How silly of me!

It's ok, honey. Just remember this Contonian motto: 'The caveman way is for cavemen; the Contonian way is for Contonians'. Are you a Caveman, or a Contonian?

Golly gee, I haven't thought of it that way! Of course I'm a Contonian! I do live in Contonia, after all!

Then start thinking like one, and you'll do just fine!

Oh what would I do without you~?

This message brought to you by the Contonian Public Service Agency"

The prerecorded message played through the speakers set up around the city... or at least, the ones still in operation. The voices of the well-to-do man and wife echoed across streets riddled with abandoned cars, broken street lamps, and litter. The moon that hung over Contonia provided one of the only sources of light, an eerie silver shadow that was thrown across the faces of decrepit buildings.

The other light sources came from the fires.

Kept burning for sentimentality's sake, the fires flickering in their barrels, or raging in apartment complexes, cast into sharp relief the people strutting around, seemingly without aim. Their clothes were torn and bloodied, some lucky few had bits of armor or metal plating strapped to them, and more held lead pipes, crowbars, wrenches, even guns in their hands. They were simply self-defense measures: the riots had long passed. The police were long dead, and rotting, filling the air with the horrid stench of decay.

The city had long been theirs.

Overwhelmed with the desire for sex, a desire Contonia had refused them, they were driven into an animalistic frenzy. Not even the state of the art defense systems installed in the very city itself was enough to hold back the crashing waves of screaming bodies. Now no one was left to stop their sexual tirade...

After a while, it became simply normal for women to be fucked over railings, to be surrounded and gangbanged by roving bands of perverts, and it was even expected of them to be as provocative as possible, put on a good show. The city lived and breathed sex. It reeked of sweat and cum. The currency was ass-pinching and face-slapping, the law amounted to little more than "Do not kill" (and even then no one enforced this heavily), and politics had degraded to shouting matches over who's dick was larger, or who's tits were more rockin'.

But girls had a few more options than simply being fuck toys. While they were still expected to be presentable, some would take on more active roles. They ran brothels and stores, lead gangs of thugs, and would even use their looks to better kill a man or woman, if they trained in the art of assassination (a very popular job nowadays).

But in the long run, it was a total anarchy. The streets echoed with the moans and whines of pain and pleasure, the sidewalks were caked with dried sperm, and clothes were rapidly becoming obsolete... The city was as wild as a rabid dog...

It is in this world that you wake up in, ready for a new day...


So yeah! That's my idea. Leave me a reply if any of you are interested, or want to ask questions!