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August 12, 2022, 03:46:34 am

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Author Topic: A few ideas...(Always looking!)  (Read 667 times)

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A few ideas...(Always looking!)
« on: January 14, 2016, 06:12:46 pm »
Since I tend to get a lot of weird, crazy, mostly silly ideas, might as well just have one thread to post them too!

The Futa World:

Several centuries into Earth's future, with the advent of genetic engineering, more and more people chose to become hermaphrodites or 'futanari'. This ended up being passed on to their children, with non-futanari becoming an increasingly small minority. Eventually, it reached the point where everyone was a futa.

This change brought significant changes-not the least of which was an increase in everyone's libido. With both male and female hormones racing through everyone, older attitudes towards sex were discarded. Soon, it became acceptable to masturbate openly at your desk at work, and before long, laws regarding nudity and sex in public were repealed. Technology quickly developed a way to use all the cum people were producing in other ways, mostly by turning it into other stuff. Additionally, genetic manipulation grew even more, to the point where it wasn't strange to see people walking around with demon horns or elf ears or even as an anthropomorphic creature.

People still date and romance each other, marriages are still held in high honor, but the act of sex is given far less importance-kissing in this world is practically 'hello', and sex is considered as important as a handshake. It's just something to do, and it just happens to be really fun. Incest is not so much frowned upon, but it is regarded as a sign of being a shut-in; after all, wouldn't you be concerned if someone never went out among other people? Not even to go buy a book or something?

This idea is open to everyone!

The BodySnatcher:

Recently I've been craving the idea of playing around with a character who can possess others and use their bodies and minds for some length of time. He/she does it for the thrill, though he/she isn't above using this power to steal someone's skills for their own ends.

The Bodysnatcher's abilities are as follows:

He/she can possess others
The Snatcher uses the possessed body's skills in place of their own. If he/she takes the body of a brainless jock, he/she will BE a brainless jock-strong, but dumb.
The Snatcher gains access to a person's memories, but since most people only remember the important things, that's usually all the Snatcher can see.
The Snatcher can possess a body for at least 4 hours (time is negotiable).
The person possessed by the Snatcher remembers what they did-but rationalizes it as their idea.

I'm looking for GMs for this one, people willing to play the world around the Snatcher-and the people they possess!

Goo Girls!

If you've ever read anything Kami Nitro ever made with the goo character Ami Dixie, you know what this is about. Those who haven't, read this:

Okay, you read the comic, right? That. I wanna play that.

This idea is open to all, come at me with ideas!

Liked any of my ideas? PM me, and tell me what you wanna play!