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Author Topic: Sayd's Requests [m/m] New ideas!  (Read 1206 times)

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Sayd's Requests [m/m] New ideas!
« on: January 14, 2016, 11:19:15 AM »
Hello! You may call me Sayd, please enjoy your stay. I'm going to try to make this simply and to the point, and maybe later put some more details in. Send me a message any time to just chat, if you'd like. Sometimes I like to just get to know my partner before jumping into a roleplay.

♞I only roleplay M//

♞ I only roleplay in threads. I use PMs for planning and ooc only. I also have skype.

♞I don't have too many limits. I'm pretty open minded, and have been opening more to new things.

F-list here
o/o here

♞Length wise, I can do 300 word responses all the way up to 2000 words. I mirror. I'm not picky.

♞I HATE needless filler. I think nothing kills a roleplay faster than this. I don't mean higher post count, I mean realizing when a scene if finished and when it can not possibly go anywhere else, and we need to move on. Please don't have me always being the one to end scenes and moving things along.

♞I want someone who's going to not only respond to what I've posted, but for someone to add their own.

♞Romance to some degree is a must for me, but NOT instant love. I like things to be well worth it, and I like a slow burn. Sorry, platonic things just don't hold much interest for me.

♞I play multiple characters [A lot sometimes]. If I name them, likely I will developed them to some degree. Maybe to set aside for later use, or to play as I go. How else are we to make the role play interesting if its just the two main characters?

♞Communicate! Talk to me! I'm friendly, and like to befriend my roleplay partners. Any ideas, even if you think them silly, TELL ME! Likely your guilty pleasure will be mine as well.

♞DO NOT PLAY PASSIVELY! Meaning, set goals for your characters. Give them drive. Don't have them just standing there going “what next?” Characters that constantly follow bore the hell out of me. This also means help me move the plot along.

♞I hate whiny characters without a backbone. Give me something interesting! Let's let our character s fight for a while. Let us cover the topic of Dominant and Submissive. Tops and bottoms. I don't like characters who are pegged in either role, really. I'd rather not establish who is the top, and who is the bottom. Let's let them figure that out, shall we? And it likely will not be the same for every circumstance. I generally play more Dominant characters, but likely one could get them to submit with the right tact. It's all dependent on circumstances people, but TRUST ME, my characters will never roll over and bare throat for any weak minded characters. A character could be completely submissive, in the bedroom, but entirely dominant outside of it. KEEP IT INTERESTING.

♞If you are thinking, "Well, I ONLY play submissive," then we probably won't get along. I like versatility. This doesn't pertain so much to topping and bottoming in bed.

♞Also, another thing. Character actions. I do not mind if someone controls mine to some degree. I trust my partner enough to do that, so long as it isn't terribly drastic (If it is, simply ask.) I feel like sometimes we tiptoe around our partners, and slow things down by waiting around to see if Character one is going to follow Character two into the next room. We've discussed the roleplay, know the plot, and are getting to know the characters. I'm forgiving if a mistake is made. I WILL role with it. If this is something that irks your terrible, once again, we might not be matched.

♞I won't bug you about responding. Get to it when you get to it. What I'm craving generally takes priority in my response order, and there will be times when I just want to take a break from a roleplay for a little while, or writing all together. I think we alll have those times, and I'm courteous when that happens.

♞Ditching. Just tell me. Seriously, just tell me. There are so many reasons to end a roleplay. I'll list some.

    I don't have time for this right now, as I have some shit going on.
    I've lost my muse, and I don't think it's coming back.
    The characters aren't clicking, and I don't want to force it.
    The plot is just not working out.
    We've run into a dead end.
    I've gotten bored.
    I'm narrowing my roleplays down to just a few that I really love. This didn't make the cut.

Pick one. I don't fucking care. I won't whine and throw a fit. If you at least tell me what's up, and are honest, I will roleplay again with you in the future. We can try to work things out, or we can drop the roleplay completely. If you need a break, but want to leave it open encase your muse comes back, that's fine too, but I understand it's rare that it does happen.

♞I don't care what gender you are.

Next post: Plot ideas!
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Re: Sayd's Requests [m/m]
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2016, 11:19:43 AM »
*Bold are the characters I have the desire to play, but could likely be convinced otherwise.

1. Straight military man x Trap/crossdresser [Playing two hard tops for this]
Also with the element of Trap/Abusive boyfriend.
Details -
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
(Kink warnings- non-con, dub con, humiliation, degradation, and overall breaking someone down psychologically)

It would involve some sort of trap/cross dressing character and their [however they wish to identify. I don't really care as long as we're not talking any sex changes. Penis pullease. It's all I ask. Point though, he can fill the role of an attractive and convincing woman].. and their abusive boyfriend. Which I would play, and this would likely be the sort who would invite his friends over to fuck and humiliate his boyfriend. We could throw in a number of kinks we wanted to play out. There are certainly a few things I've not tried. There's going to be a lot of mental abuse and control involved for sure, on top of the sexual things. Of course.. This isn't the main reason I do these sorts of plots. I like to really break a character down like this for development.

I also wish to play another character. My main character, although the abusive boyfriend is going to play a solid role. He's going to be a military man who's left the army because of ptsd, but he's a gentleman at heart. He's going to court your character. He's persistent. He's always been a ladies man. So we throw in an element of affair at some point. Your character gets to play a pretty lady to a man who seems mostly normal, while going back to the abuse at home, and hiding things all around. My character is not going to be some perfect knight and shining armor. Especially once he finds out your character has a dick. We will throw in confusion, and emotional turmoil, to see if eventually they can figure some shit out.

2. Self destructive prostitute x ?? [Would be playing a bottom role for this, but not a submissive character, especially outside of the bedroom]

Who to pair him with... Anyone really, give me your ideas. His shitty boyfriend can also be played as a secondary character, either by me, or by you.

Likely, what I was thinking is he helped some dangerous stranger out and pays for it. Someone comes to his apartment, looking for this dangerous character, and when my character refuses to offer any information, they rape/humiliate him. He still won't talk, more hardened to this sort of treatment than most, able to take it. He'd call your character afterwords to try and figure out if there was a likelihood that they were coming back for him.

More Details -
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Character snippets and profile:
Age: 23
Occupation: Prostitute

Notes: Self destructive, but not a cutter or anything like that. He doesn't harm himself physically at all, but he's addicted to sex. And he'll put himself into bad situations if he's not thinking clearly. He will let someone he thinks he loves literally do anything to him. And it's not like he goes out to find guys who have their shit together. When he's not getting sex, or in some sort of relationship, he turns to drugs. He won't take his prescribed medication most of the time, but during the times when he can't cope with things, he'll put anything into his body. He'd not addicted to any drugs in particular. When he gets to that point, he's not picky. Then on top of that he uses prostitution as a means to pay for his bills, because sex isn't something he minds. He tries to see the good in everyone, and is pretty blinded to all the bad. Super easy to be taken advantage of.

So, he's overall pretty fucked up, but not the self pitying type. Just never had a good example of mutual respect between two adults. There's long standing abuse in his past that he absolutely won't talk about, or face, but that's why he took to the streets at sixteen, and he's felt more at home there than anywhere. He doesn't really want to change, but he wants someone to love, and someone to love him. He's not really picky about how they show it.

Likes: Sex. Coffee. Relationships. Animals.
Dislikes: Being alone.

3. Prince x Slave [Would be playing a hard top]
A royal family has a certain tradition. When the males turn of age, they take a male slave, to dress as woman. His sole job is to keep them entertained until they are ready to marry. It is a daunting task to fill, with many discomforts to undertake. Especially since this last one was purchased from a foreign land with limited time to train him properly. Yet, no one must know of the families secrets, and he must present as female or his life could be on the line. This would require a cunning slave. He can have a decorated background and faced many hardships, but I don't want him entirely broken. See spoiler for Kinks and an intro.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
[Warnings- Forced cross dressing, dub-con, humiliation.]

The Heilasinth blood were smart and calculating, and that was what saw their success all the way to the throne. Generations back, they hadn't started off so high ranking, but they worked their way into it over time. They always married above their station, and only always when the time was right. It was the same when they had children. There was standing joke now that one could lure a priest to you bed before you could lure a Heilasinth royal, thought that only made some try harder.

The King, Valran Aiya Hailasinth had married into the throne. The King before him had no sons, only daughters, and he was quick to steal the heart of the woman of quickest wit. The one Valran knew would be a natural queen. Her name was Neela, and she was the oldest daughter, and she took the name of her husband, having faith in the bloodline, and that this man would give her sons where her father had fallen short. She was not disappointed. She had her first son only a year into her marriage. Edenmir Lana Hailasinth, and then her second nearly ten years later, when she had truly been satisfied with only the one. Jausemir Vriden Hailasinth had been a blessing. Both of her children had been, having the same strength of their father, and the same wit as their mother. They were good boys, and she raised them well. They did not need to have the eight children her sister had. She needed to focus her attention on the path of her two boys, because one of them would be crowned one day as the next King of Dusan.

It was coming up on Prince Jausemir's eighteenth birth year, and that was cause for a lavish celebration. The King and Queen couldn't be more proud, and as such, an extravagant event would be hosted, as well as an extravagant gift secured. The older Prince, Edenmir set out personally to secure such a gift. He knew of his brothers taste, and knew he wouldn't go wrong. A foreign slave was picked, as was the tradition. They would only take a Dusanian when they were good and ready to marry. Edenmir had traveled across seas to pick out such a gift, one he was sure would not disappoint. The young man's features were striking, with the darkest hair he'd ever seen, yet still fair of skin. Whatever his background, they could paint him into whatever he needed to be. His searching had taken longer than anticipated for, and as such, he had very little time to actually prepare the young man for his role.

Hardly more than a week, but it would have to be enough time. He'd been snuck into the castle and hidden away. Edenmir had brought his personal slave, the one who had been gifted to him on his eighteenth birthday to teach the man his lessons. The slave was older, just a few years older than Edenmir who had just seen his twenty seventh year. He introduced himself as Calia, not his given name, but that had been long forgotten. He was poised and regal, dressed finely, appearing to be entirely female. He had blond hair, but skin that was a darker shade than most would consider proper. It had earned him a fair amount of grief when he first arrived, but he'd earned his position over the years. He had sat with the new young man, trying to explain what he would become. What he'd have to become in order to be successful. He explained that he had nearly a year to learn everything he needed to know, and that it would be hard on this young man, but he would prove strong, and he would succeed. The first lessons were of course the ways to act like a proper women, and luckily this one was more naturally feminine than he was in appearance. Calia was also put in charge of his dress, which he experimented with colors and styles that looked best on him. The next lessons were some that the young man was going to have to figure out on his own. Calia had given the young man an instrument made of smooth glass, worked into the shape of a phallus, along with a vial of oil. He explained the purpose of it, and how it would need to be used, to prepare the young man.

“It will be on you to ready yourself for him when the time comes that he takes you. You must be wet like a woman, so you had best excuse yourself to see it done. Anytime after that as well, you must be ready for him. This is your purpose. If you do a poor job then your prince will seek the bed of another, and you will be in jeopardy.” Calia knew it was a lot to spring on the man, but it was better that he heard it and prepared, rather than it be sprung on him.

“Don't remove your clothing before you two couple, and don't allow him to see your genitalia at all. Absolutely do not get hard during the intercourse. It hurts if you're tucked, and if it becomes a problem, a device will be used so that it shant be,” Calia spoke, warning him now. He was speaking from firsthand experience on this matter. “A lot of the clothing is made so you might only need to hike up your dress, and the feminine illusion will remain. If you can convince the man that is fucking you you're a woman, you can convince the entirety of Dusan.”

Calia was weaving extensions into his hair.

“Once he marries, you will still remain. They don't get rid of us. It's not like we can be resold. Typically after they are married, they will only use you for the perversions that their wives won't do. It's not such a bad existence really. You will be allowed to pursue some of the skills you are good at, so you can serve the Prince is ways outside of the bedroom when he had less need of that.” Calia considered this all a good thing. Where he was from, he probably would have never lived to his age. Here, he had position, and he'd gotten used to dressing and acting as a woman. It took training, but this one would get it in due time. Calia reminded him of all this the night he was to be presented. Prince Edenmir had come to check on them, his eyes scrutinizing the young man.

“Synch his waste tighter, Calia! He needs to have the curves of a woman, not the body of a skinny tree,” Edenmir scolded, wanting everything to be perfect. Calia nodded, but was careful. This young man hadn't the time to adjust to all of this. He knew the pain of broken ribs as a result, but this one still needed to look the part.

"You will adjust,” he spoke as he tightened the laces another inch. “Edenmir is strict, but he'd not unkind. Prince Jausemir is a good young man as well. I don't have my doubts that he will be decent to you,” Calia spoke, trying to soothe.


The food was something that kept piling in to the expansive dining hall of the Dusanian castle, and the wine flowed even more freely. Prince Jausemir had danced with nearly everyone he'd come in contact with, but never more than once. He was wearing a silk shirt that billowed except where it was tapered to his waist and a fine pair of trousers. He had broad shoulders and his form was lightly muscled from training with a bow, and on horseback. He was tall as well, but not nearly as bulky as his more thickly corded brother. Still masculine of body, his face was a mix of things. He had sharp almond shaped eyes of amber and long lashes, but a strong jawline. His lips were full, his cheekbones high and regal. He wore his platinum blond hair to his shoulder blades, but it didn't give the affect of making him look too feminine. He was just the right mix that had many women on his tail, trying to secure him as their own, something he knew he was not ready for. He'd entertain them for a dance before moving on politely. He would still likely fill out more with age, as most Heilasinth seemed to do.

No gifts had been awarded to him this night, and he knew he would only receive one. It would be an insult to present a living being alongside idle treasures. He was anxious to see the person he would share a great deal of time with. The person who would remain in his life for the rest of it, even if only later as an adviser. He'd been made known what their relationship would be like from the beginning. It made him a bit nervous to allow a stranger so close right off the bat, but he was told that the person would be trained for it. Their main purpose was to serve him in the pleasures of the flesh, and if they failed that, then another would be sought to replace him. It had not happened in many generations, but everyone was always on edge those first few weeks.

Jausemir had manage to pull himself away from mingling with the crowd to come sit down beside his father while he sat on the throne. Jausemir had a cup of wine in hand, and his clothing was sticking to him with sweat. King Valran was pleased to see his son enjoying the night as he was.

“Edenmir, I think we've had him wait quite long enough,” the King spoke, and Edenmir made motion for the musicians to stop playing. People scurried to their respectful places where the carpet leading through the entire room all the way up to the thrones was laid out. Calia knew this was his cue to lead him through and all the way to his new prince. Calia remembered it to be a long and daunting path, made so that all eyes would be on him as he was walked forward.

4. Prince x Bodyguard [Would be playing mostly a non-submissive bottom with a chance for the occasional switch]

/ NEW IDEA - I'd like to also try a theme involving a prince who suffers abuse (both mentally, and sexually) from his father. This would require a proud character who would not show any of this outwardly. He might be difficult to deal with, not liking touch or social things, and rather independent. I'd like the other main character to be a bodyguard. This one might take on a more romantic tone, with the bodyguard character probably having some morals of his own. Something where the two of them would be made to suffer together, and act carefully in order to get themselves out of the situation. The Prince may rather be in denial of it, to allow it to go on rather than risk his people finding out about the vile things that had been done to him. This would not be a theme where I'm expecting a knight in shining armor. My character is going to have to work to navigate his problems. Might include blackmailing the bodyguard into sexual things with the prince in the future. Would be willing to play the father in this.

5. Wolf breeding facility - [Playing an aggressive top]
It's going to be a world where humans thought it would be great fun to breed their own werewolves and start pitting them against one another in fights. It's like the new football of sports. Okay, so I said breeding right? That means studs too, which is what I intend for my character to be.

What they will do with boys not cut out for the fighting world is use them to help train the studs to breed. New studs, unruly studs, or in my case, a stud who refuses females. So it'd be a bit dark, as they wouldn't keep too many of these sorts around, so your guy is never going to know what he's to encounter. I was thinking that have sort of contraptions to hold him in place if he wouldn't be still. They'd be rather animalistic, some more than others from lack of education, but we could branch off from there. Have them escape and learn of the world, and real packs, two rather dysfunctional werewolves. One who's bred for aggression, and the other who's used to every male wolf he's met trying to top him.

I'm thinking as far as their forms, they'll be pretty standard human looking, and then as basic but larger wolves. Simple. With obviously no naughty naughty in their wolf forms. If we add any for the sake of humiliation, I'd prefer it was glossed over. Beastiality is not my thing.

6. Roman x Gladiator roleplay. [Playing a dominant bottom.]
The character I've been wanting to play is perhaps the son of some well off family. His father would likely be some high ranking military officer, so although he might be spoiled and entitled, and wouldn't be a weenie either. Rather clever and cunning, just used to getting what he wanted. He'd take interest in a specific gladiator. Their family wouldn't own gladiators, so he would belong to someone else, which could add an element of tension. I kind of like things that put physically strong characters in positions that lack power. I want to clarify too that I'm all about EVENTUAL mutual respect, regardless of roles.

7. Another man's slave x foreign embassador [Playing a gentlemanly top with the chance to switch.] Very picky
A plot involving a character who has gotten involved with a powerful man's slave. I would like to play the involved man. I have a few ideas for this running through my head, but I do not want to play with a completely submissive slave character. I'd actually prefer him to be a switch. I will be extremely picky with this plot, and it has to have a new spin on the old master x slave plots. I'm thinking the slave character is more cunning and spiteful than self pitying. Do not apply with anything too submissive here.

8A. Prison roleplay [Playing a dominant top.] -- Heavy non-con, gangbang.
I'd like to do a prison type of roleplay. The first rendition of this plot would be involved around an already established romance between a psychotic crime lord or assassin, and another young man. Something goes down. Things get messy. The young man ends of taking the rap for a murder he didn't commit. He ends up in prison, with more than one inmate seeking a private moment with him. He's not cut out for prison life. Most keep their distance, because he's well protected, but a certain betrayal leads to a violent rape meant as a message to his lover. Once the crime lord receives word of this, he'd going to do something to get him thrown in jail as well, intent on revenge. His layers are going to have a hard time with this one. I'd prefer to play the crime lord.

8B. Prison roleplay [Playing a naive bottom.] -- Non-con elements, dub con.
Another prison sort of roleplay, only with a character thrown in without protection. He's going to have to figure his way out of this one. Maybe there are allies to be had? Just what is it going to cost him? I prefer this role for this one, and would like the other person to play one main, and other possible side characters. It's going to be a focus on the lesser of evils. You don't have to bring a necessarily good man to the table for this one.

That's alll for now. I'll put more up at another time, but feel free to send me plots if you think I might be interested. Worst I can do is say no. I will tell you I'm more tempted to darkplots.

9. Alpha/Omega -- forced mpreg
I want to do some sort of omegaverse story. I'd like it to be something around a breeding facility, perhaps? Or an omega in hiding. I don't really have anything solid, and I have no preference in what I'd play. Come to me and help me build up this plot.

10. Centaur/Commander[Playing a switchy character.] -- Warnings up to us.
In this plot, soldiers ride centaurs into battle. They work as one, and win wars together. Humans challenged every creature they couldn't control. Centaurs are treated little more than beasts of burden, thrown away when they serve out their usefulness. They are loyal by nature, but every creature has it's limits. One commander had a powerful beast. A beast that would have done everything to serve. He was injured. It was mild. He would have recovered, but the commander chose to sell him instead. He bought a better bred mount, and many years passed. The centaur never fully got over the way he was treated, and eventually things changed. The creatures began working together to make a stand against the humans. Loyalties shifted. They'd met their limit. The centaur who'd been betrayed by his rider rose to lead an army against them. They brought them to their knees. They knew their tactics. What will happen when this risen commander sees his previous rider many years later?

Added plots:
Plot 11

Warnings: Violence, war torn region

Setting: Fantasy; worldbuilding options

Role preference: The fleeing commander.

We'd have a large kingdom, one that wishes to conquer just about everything near it. They have an easy way to control the dragons that doesn't require hand raising them, and really putting in the time. They just feed them a type of drug that makes them easy to control. The downside is it makes the dragons kind of neurotic over time, slowly poisoning them. The king would have sent his commander and his armies to fight yet another battle, and during it, his dragon is severely wounded. The commander is tired as well. He realizes he isn't going to win this one, and even if he did, he'd just be sent on another mission to kill more and clear more land. So, he just takes his dragon and leaves towards the ocean. He has no real idea what's out there, just that there was talk of his king wanting to find out. He'd stumble upon a nation of people so different from his own. What will he find?

Plot 12a werewolf x werewolf

Warnings: Jealously, love triangles, knotting, werewolves, primal instinct.

Setting: Any

Role: Either

Being an alpha should have come naturally to him. He didn't realize that it would actually be work. Instead of working at it, he took the easy way out, and left. He decided it would be better if he was on his own. When he returns some years later, is he even allowed to be angry at the person who stepped at and took his position? Yes, when that person was someone he trusted, and has since stolen his mate, and his life essentially. What was supposed to be his life anyway.

12b werewolf x human

Role : Human

Setting: Modern

Character 1 was always told he would know it when he saw his mate. Unfortunately for him, when he does finally meet him, it's under undesirable circumstances. A rival pack was well known for making play things out of vulnerable humans, and during a skirmish a certain 'toy' is discovered. Character 1 is drawn to him, knows he's supposed to be his mate regardless of the situation. Only now, the human is not only angry, but possesses a harsh resentment towards wolf kind as a whole.

Plot 13

Warnings : Physical and psychological abuse, non con, sexual encounters between more than just the main characters

Setting: Tribal fantasy

Role: Character 1

This will be a roleplay involving around a base sort of tribe. Hunter and gatherers sort of thing. Ch 1 (a young tribesman) would get involved with one of his fellow tribesman, and somewhat of a relationship would build. They'd get caught in the act, and the thing with his tribe is that homosexuality, at least being the receiver, is something to be looked down upon. He'd be seen as weaker, and this would lead way to abuse and taunting by the other tribe members. The initial tribesman would betray him by not offering him sort of support, even after their involvement. I want to play with the psychological aspect of this.

For the second main character, he could be anyone really. I was giving thought to him being someone who wasn't from the tribe, but instead from a different culture and part of the world. Help me hammer this out.

Plot 14

Warnings: up to us, many possibilities but I definitely want some sort of corruption aspect.

Setting: Post apoc, AU most likely.

Post apoc setting where groups of people were 'sectioned' to to an expansive dome bunker. They were set to assess conditions before they would ever open, but most generations wouldn't see the day that they ever did. It's now up to us to explore the possibilities for when there is the option to venture outside, into the damaged world. There are twenty six original bunkers in total, each self sustainable. As a result of the isolation, they groups have grown vastly different culturally. A handful even destroyed themselves. There any many possibilities for this, and I'd like to discuss options with a partner that feels as inspired as I do.
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Re: Sayd's Requests [m/m] 1/16 New Prince x Slave plot added!
« Reply #3 on: January 17, 2016, 03:32:44 PM »
New idea added - Prince x slave plot. See second post.

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Re: Sayd's Requests [m/m] One idea left!
« Reply #4 on: February 08, 2016, 10:55:24 PM »
New plot added : Prince x Bodyguard roleplay.

Also still searching for plot number 2!

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Re: Sayd's Requests [m/m] Two ideas left!
« Reply #5 on: March 02, 2016, 03:07:54 AM »
Added ideas : 5, 6, and 7 with 4 still being open!

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Re: Sayd's Requests [m/m] 4 ideas left!
« Reply #6 on: May 26, 2016, 10:52:57 PM »
Added plot : 8A and plot 8B, and also still seeking plot 4.

Edit, also added 9 and 10.
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Re: Sayd's Requests [m/m] New ideas!
« Reply #7 on: November 03, 2016, 06:02:27 AM »

May be willing to take on 1 or 2 more plots. Interested mostly in the stories I already have listed, but if you have something you think I may like, hit me up.

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Re: Sayd's Requests [m/m] New ideas!
« Reply #8 on: April 06, 2017, 04:35:48 PM »
New plots added. Willing to take one or two more roleplays. Pm me.