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May 27, 2018, 03:27:53 AM

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Author Topic: 4 ideas (1 Modern fantasy, 2 High fantasy, & 1 historical), Interest check.  (Read 315 times)

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Offline CynadeaTopic starter

Which one would interest you most?

Applicable to all games:
  • Sandbox, systemless, with the occasional event thrown in for the whole group to interact together.
  • 2 paragraphs minimum (or around 200 words) per IC posts
  • Which board would depend on the content appropriate for the setting
  • Hoping for a moderately fast pace (people posting within a week of each other)

I would GM only one of these games. Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions...

Option #1 ~ Pantheons
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Location: Seattle and suburb area
Setting: The gods of old are immortal and live among us, in secret, their power limited by their mortal form. Basically, the gods are an essence that lives the life of a normal human, but when the human dies, the god finds another vessel and takes it over. The gods have a past together, some are tied by family, others by history good and bad. I think Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Norse Gods would be allowed, but also some of the creatures of the mythology that are not known as gods, such as medusa for example. I might not have rounded up all the religions of old that had more than one god, but it is open for suggestions.

Think Percy Jackson, or the Almighty Johnsons. The gods would have a single power, drawn from what they used to have dominion over. Neptune might be able to manipulate water, or talk to marine animals. Idun, from the Norse mythology, might be able to grow outstanding green apple that are able to prolong the life of the gods, Thor would wield lightning, but he might have to fight Zeus for its control...

Option #2 ~ Elemental Magic
Genre: High Fantasy
Location: Original island, just off the coast of a large Kingdom
Setting: In a world where magic was the content of legends, some people have begun to manifest the ability to manipulate one of seven elements. Giving in to the pressure of his advisors and his people, a King has ordered the segregation of all humans and humanoids who can use magic and has exiled them to an island just off the coast of the Kingdom. They are allowed a complete independence when it comes to ruling themselves, but they must pay taxes to the kingdom that has rejected them. How long before they rebel?

The elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Lightning, Light and Shadow) are more than just an ability to use them. They influence the individual's personality. One of Air would have a personality that has a lot in common with wind, Fire would be passionate, warm, fiery, etc. The goal would be survival on what was once thought to be inhospitable land, and eventually the rebellion against the King that was quick to get rid of them, but yet requires his taxes to be paid. Available races would be humanoid (human, elves, dwarves, etc.) but also allow hybrids such as centaurs.

Option #3 ~ Lord of the Rings (Alternate Universe)
Genre: High Fantasy, based of Tolkien's world
Location: Middle Earth
Setting:This is probably not a game for the hard core Tolkien fans. If you expect the game to follow everything in the books, you will be disappointed. I have to point out here that I have only seen the 2 trilogy movies, I have not read the books as, sadly, Tolkien's storytelling style grates on my nerves. Canons would be allowed, characters that have died would not be dead, and timelines may be blurred.

I am hesitating between a timeline after LotR is finished, where Sauron is gone, vanquished, or simply an alternate timeline where we write how Sauron gets defeated, how the ring manages to make its way to mount doom, and not necessarily carried by Frodo.

Option #4 ~ Children Of The Earth
Genre: Based off the novel from Jean M. Auel
Location: Somewhere in Europe
Setting: This is spring and the Bear camp of the Mamutoi is getting ready to be the host of the summer meeting. There would be seven or eight family units, maybe more of the interest is there. With the summer meeting, characters could be from other camps coming for the usual hunts and comparison of skills, sharing of knowledge, etc.  So the character selection wouldn't be all people who have known each other since birth. There would be plenty of openings for more than one clan chief, one spiritual leader, etc. There would also be the possibility for first rites as well as redfoot (women who volunteer to teach young men and be their first women to share the pleasures). Etc.
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Offline CynadeaTopic starter

I removed the poll because I need more feedback than number of votes... So far, Pantheons appears to be gathering most interest, so I'll look into it.