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Author Topic: Skyre's solos selection. Sci fi to fantasy and everything in between  (Read 1026 times)

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Offline HazySkyTopic starter

Hey there,

Thank you for taking the time to have a look in at my thread. I have put together a few ideas that I hope will interest you. I am also open to new ideas, so feel free to make suggestions.
Please IM me if you're interested or curious about any of them. I hope to hear from you soon.


Without any further ado here are my ideas for you consideration.

Castaway. Available.
The sun beats down from a clear blue sky. The remains of your boat can be seen perched on the reef surrounding the island as you wake up at the high water mark. As you look up at the jungle or forest that grows right down to the beach you realise that someone is sitting in the shade and watching you. Where are you? Who is he? Why is he here? There's only one way to find out...

Privateers Cove. Taken.
Tis fearful bad luck to have a woman aboard ship. Especially when the ship is captured by privateers. Wealthy passenger or humble servant somehow you capture the eye of the privateer captain. Is he a rogue or a gentleman or perhaps both? Will he share his treasure with you or make you his treasured possession?

Stolen Away. Available.
It should have been a simple job for such an experienced thief. Steal the princess' jewels from the palace and get out before the guards caught up with him. Only the princess woke up and he's in her power now. Does she want to use him as her own spy and thief? Perhaps she just wants to escape from the palace and run away. Perhaps he's the first person to treat her like a normal human being and she just asks for his friendship?
I'm thinking Thousand and One Nights as a theme for this one.

Angels with dirty faces. - Taken
This one is a themed around American gangsters. My character will be either a policeman or more likely a private detective. He is known for its his dislike of the mob & for his unshakable dedication to truth & the law. He is one of the few honest men in a world full of darkness, lies & murder.
Your character will be from this world. Perhaps you're a showgirl who sees something she shouldn't or maybe a gangster moll, who fears for her life after her man is killed or becomes suspicious of her. You walk into my office seeking my help. Will I help you or send you on your way? What trouble will we run into in such a dark & corrupt city? How will our relationship grow & change? How will we change?

Gladiator. Taken, but open to variations.
You are my patron, a wealthy Roman matron married to a senator. You are at the height of your power, influence & beauty. I am your slave, your bodyguard & for your own amusement you send me to fight in the circus arenas. I have no choice but to obey you. Perhaps over time I begin to win your respect. Perhaps I'm the only person who treats you as a human being rather than unapproachable wife of a powerful man. My life, my honour is in your hands, treat them with care.

Bitter Alliance. Available
Ancient rivals of different race or nationality are forced through circumstances to rely upon each other to survive in the face of an even greater threat.
For this one I'm really interested in a contrast of races and backgrounds. Both characters have always believed in the prejudices of their  respective race or society. Now they need to put their differences aside, learn to understand each other & work together if they're to survive at all. This was originally a fantasy idea, but it would work brilliantly as a historical story, or science fiction too.

Bitter Emnity.
This is a twist on my bitter alliance and gladiator ideas. Your character is strong and powerful women at the very peak of her beauty, wealth and social influence. Into her possession comes a most intriguing slave as fearless as and unarmed by her as he is handsome. It will be a battle of will between them to establish who is truly in command and whether or not they can resist the attraction between them. Just to add to the contrasts it would be fun to make your character an Elf or other non human race and possibly a magic user to my warrior.

I have a serious craving for this idea. I do hope someone will take me up on it.
The Guardian. Available
He is old, very, very old & there is almost nothing that it is not in his power to do. He could tear the sun from the sky, boil the seas dry, crack the very earth apart. His power, his being is bound to an amulet. Whomever wears the amulet is his mistress & he will do whatever he is bidden. For although his power is infinite, he possesses no cannot act without a command to do so. You find his amulet. What your background is & who you are is open for debate. What is certain is that every time the amulet is found there is a crisis & there are always those with envious greedy eyes who will do anything to get their hands on the amulet & the power of the being bound to it.

Old World Blues, New World Dreams. Under discussion.
It's been a long time since the bombs fell & civilisation fell with them. Wars had already torn the world apart, society was crumbling already, starved of fuel & food, riddled with disease. The bombs burned the cities, the radiation & viruses scorched the survivors. Some people were lucky, they were away from the cities, other were protected in Civil Defence, Government & Military bunkers & vaults. Some had been prepared, built, genetically & cybernetics enhanced to survive the end of the world. Trouble is the scientists, generals & engineers didn't get everything quite right.
Now years later the survivors from the bunkers & vaults are starting to crawl out into the ash, ruins & chaos.  A survivor comes across a man who has clearly been amidst the ruins for many years. Is he just lucky or is one of the pre war technical walking wonders? What dangers does this new savage world hold?

The Hunter becomes the Hunted. Available.
Immortality has its price, walking the night and stealing life is from the veins of others, but it has its rewards, everlasting beauty a hypnotic smile and sensuous body. You're a vampire and a powerful one at that and you are fully aware of it. The biggest fish in your own personal pond. The trouble is a shark has just slipped in. A vampire hunter unlike any other. Not just a weak mortal with a gun. They say he's been touched by the power of the archangel Michael himself and he carries the angel's sword as proof. If half the stories about this guy are true you are in trouble. How will you stop him? What will you do to survive if you fall into his power?

The Summoning.
It was all just a game wasn't it? Just a bit of fun late one night. You weren't actually expecting to summon and bind a demon to your service. Especially not such a handsome and charming one. What on earth will you do with him? Will you exploit him or will he exploit you? Step out of the pentagram and see.

Duty or Desire.
You are the sworn enemy of my lord and master and at last you have fallen into his hands. My duty as his faithful servant is to take you to him directly. The journey will take several days and nights to complete. Will I find you to be the master manipulator and harpy that I have heard so many stories of? Will you try to change my mind, convince me that I am on the wrong side and to join your struggle. Perhaps even romance will blossom amidst the dying embers of this war.

A fish out of water
Kelpie Island is a dark, rocky speck in the middle of an even darker ocean. A clump of volcano rock erupting from the sea. It's pastures are few, little more than clearings amidst the dark twisted trees that cling to the thin, poor soil. The moors are bleak and open with treacherous bogs that swallow man and beast alike without mercy. Yet from the seas around this place come some of the most varied and fantastic fish that have ever been landed by man. A lone scientist takes a remote house on the island to study seaside and the strange weeds and kelps that support it. Being a man of science he does not listen to the locals talk of monsters and beasties. There are no Kelpies or Banshee in the woods and there are certainly no merfolk in the seas. Little does he know what he will find when he takes a walk down to the water's edge after a particularly rough storm though.
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Offline HazySkyTopic starter

Re: Skyre's solos selection. Sci fi to fantasy and everything in between
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2016, 06:51:59 am »
I think this deserves a bump as I'm looking for new writing partners.

I will update with a some new ideas as well.