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August 11, 2022, 09:03:57 am

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Author Topic: MagicalPen seeks new partners (M looking for F)  (Read 875 times)

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MagicalPen seeks new partners (M looking for F)
« on: January 13, 2016, 07:26:58 pm »
A few ideas! Don't be afraid to PM me if you're interested no matter how long you've been on E! I don't bite....unless you want me to!

Be sure to check out my On/Offs. In general I am open to post pairings and situations. For ease of use, I am putting all ideas in their own tags.

These ideas are in no order and are quite varied. Don't like the first one? Go on to the next! All ideas can be tweaked, mixed and matched as well. In some cases, I will post a few alternate pairings!

Some ideas may have multiple roles. If you really like the idea, but only want to play one of the characters, let me know and we can find someone to play the other role! Or, if you're feeling brave, you can play both! Other ideas will have ME as playing multiple roles!

Sharing is Caring
BASIC PLOT 1: A kinky threesome forms between a Brother, Sister, and Girlfriend - Incest, M/F/F

DETAILS: A few ways this can go. In most cases, the Brother will be shy but well hung. Alternatively he can be rather dominant - especially once things start happening:
-A Brother has a crush on both his sister and HER girlfriend. The girlfriend, bisexual, picks up on this and accidentally sees the brother jacking off. She easily seduces him and encourages him to share his feelings with her about his sister. His sister, a lesbian, has never been with or seen a cock and is still a virgin. The girlfriend facilitates things, introducing the sister to her first cock - her brothers - who then also takes her virginity. The sister discovers she really is bi too and a kinky threesome forms.

-A brother is dating a hot girl. His geeky sister is quite hot too, though she hides it with her clothes. The girlfriend gets the sister to start loosening up. Perhaps the three are drinking one night where dares start to get out of hand, or the girlfriend thinks incest is hot and encourages her boyfriend, the brother, to do things with his sister while she watches...and joins in too.

-A sister often sleeps walk, finding herself in her brothers bed in various states of undress. He has recently started taking to touching her and having fun with her. She has been awake a few times, wanting him to fuck her but not brave enough to tell him so. When he starts dating a girl, she thinks its the end of things. The brother and sister live together - the brother to look after his sleep walking sister. One morning, the brother and girlfriend wake up to the sister sleeping naked on the couch. The girlfriend is turned on and touches her and asks if he has ever touched her too. He admits it and they both start touching her. That night, the sister sleep-walks in on them having sex and wakes up as they start to play with her, giving them permission to continue.

BASIC PLOT 2: The same as above, but M/F/M

-A girl is encouraged to commit incest by her boyfriend when her younger brother walks in on them, leading to her first threesome experience.

-A girl is spending the summer with her cousins and discovers that one of her male cousins is an amateur pornstar. She can't believe it - or the size of him - and asks him if its true.

BASIC PLOT: A Married Woman finds true love with a BBC
-A Married women needs to let her hair down. Things have become stressful at home, her husband working long hours and being too tired to see to her needs when he gets home. So she goes out for a night of fun with her girlfriends. First, they go to a stripclub, something she has never done before, where the male dancers use a towel to 'hide' what the women in a club do to them - namely suck their cocks for a few moments before the stripper moves on. She is shocked when a black stripper comes her way - she has never seen a 12 inch cock before. Urged on by the shouting crowds and a few drinks, she grabs hold and has her turn - flustered and flushed afterwards.

Before long, the girls head back out to a nightclub to go dancing. At the club, a man comes up behind her and starts dancing with her. She turns around and is shocked to see its the male stripper from earlier but can't get the image of his big cock out of her head. Especially now that she is grinding up against it. Hot and aroused, she lets his hands explore her body on the dance floor. When he suggests they get out of there, she agrees knowing that she shouldn't - she is married afterall - but she is too horny now and knows her husband won't satisfy her.

Hours later, she returns home, tired and exhausted but happy. It was admittedly the best sex of her life and she was already thinking about next time. The stripper gave her his number. Would she call him once her husband was gone for the day?

The Suicide Girl
Sarah was a strong, confidant women. She was not an easy pushover. That was what Richard had liked about her during their interview. And she was pretty, very pretty. Yes, he was a married man, but why couldn't he have a pretty secretary working for him? She was very disarming - beauties and brains rarely mixed these days. She had quickly settled into her job working for him and there was a slight build up of sexual tension as one could expect.

Richards home life was not perfect, of course. It made him prefer to work the longer hours then go home to his wife. Especially if Sarah was around. The halloween party rolled around for the company and, of course, his wife was 'too sickly' to join them. So he went alone. At first, he did not recognize Sarah, her body covered in Ink. He quickly came to realize that it was here and despite her clothing at work, he had never noticed her tattoos before.

He had always been intrigued by them so went over to talk to her about them. A few drinks later they were dancing together, his hands touching her tattoos to see how they felt. She had more, she told him, in places better not shown in public... 
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Re: MagicalPen seeks new partners (M looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2016, 06:54:45 pm »
Updated with a few new ideas.