Incest Scenes [UN]

Started by traci80, November 21, 2008, 04:16:14 AM

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A few new ideas I'm eager to try...

  a) Dancing The Night Away [m/m]-An older brother moves to the big city. When the money he had finally runs out he he takes a job as a dancer at a gay strip club. He is straight, but he the money is good and he finds he likes the attention he gets from the older perverts that frequent the bar. He starts out being a teaser, but soon finds himself selling his ass after a few drinks. Another month later he's working the streets on and off. Soon after that he's dealing a little pot. After 6 months the straight boy from the small town hasn't met any girls and is having sex with males on an almost daily basis. Then one day he comes home with a hang over from spending the night drinking and letting two guys who were older than his dad use him as they saw fit to find his younger brother waiting for him in the doorway of his apartment building.
  I can play either role in this scene.

  b) A bored college girl decides to take a year or two off from school and head out to LA to try and become a star. She gets a few minor parts by putting out for a few people that matter. She does some modeling too. Anything it takes to pay the bills. Then she gets an offer to appear in a series of lezzie flicks. While she had had some experience with other girls it wasn't really her thing. But within the year she has 10 lesbian movies to her credit, another that was straight BDSM and another that she hopes no one back home sees that was bestiality. Of course she prostitutes herself on the streets especially when it comes times to scrape together the rent. One day she finds her younger brother waiting for her at 4 in the morning as she returns home from taking care of a john.
  I can play either role in this scene.