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September 19, 2017, 10:30:05 AM
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Author Topic: Harley Quinn's new Crush. (F/F) DC, superhero  (Read 602 times)

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Harley Quinn's new Crush. (F/F) DC, superhero
« on: January 13, 2016, 01:07:40 PM »
Harley Quinn’s New Crush.

The whole city had been all in celebration at the news that the Joker, the mass murdering, psychotic clown prince of crime, was dead. Shot in the back and left to bleed out. Someone had called it in anonymously and when the GCPD arrived, they were amazed to find out it was true. So many people lost the betting pool that night, everyone thought he would kill himself with a bomb. The Joker was dead and one of the worst criminals in history was gone, but his little follower, Harley Quinn, was nowhere to be found. Some said that The Batman finally snapped, or a Goon of his decided to be a hero. Still others believed it might have been Deadshot, the famed assassin, fulfilling a contract from a rival in the seedy underbelly of Gotham. There wer so many people that wanted the Joker out of the picture that it would be a herculean task to find out exactly who did it. Regardless however, the people of Gotham were celebrating like never before, all save for one. His biggest fan...or his former biggest fan in this case.

Harley had done everything Mr. J. asked, EVERYTHING! She had taken any number of beatings (both from him and those annoying do gooders) over the years, but that last time had been particularly bad. It wasn’t her fault that the chemicals went bad before they crossed the border. They were coming all the way from a dealer down in Mexico for crying out loud! It was a miracle they even arrived at all! Its not like she could have Fed-Exed the shit to Gotham! But Mr. J... He didn’t want to listen. No, he just kept insulting her, hitting her, cursing her. The world was a painful blur of emotions, and for a few moments all Harley could see was red. That was...was until she heard the bang. It sounded like the Death knell of the world itself. Deafening, and yet, just as quickly, Still. Its origins being the small snubbed nosed .38 Special revolver she had always kept tucked away for emergencies in her costumes. When she realized what she had done, Harley couldn't believe it. She had shot the Joker, her Puddin' in the back. She killed him! Even as her ears rang from the gunshot, his final words still echoed in her mind. Promising to be permanently etched in her memory.

That…wasn’t funny….

The shock of what she had done drove her to run away and remain out of sight for some time. After everything she had done she had nowhere to go, and no one to turn too. She was as well know as Mista "J" himself. So no one was going to stick their neck out for her, not even her family if she showed up on their doorstep. Particularly if she had another "Episode". For two months, Harley wandered the streets, and back allies of Gotham. The rain and her tears long since washed away her makeup, and leaving her indistinguishable from a mad homeless woman. Time seemed to blur along after that, like she was continuously sleep walking through the days, and nights.

That was until the time some wannabee joker punks tried to jump her. Figuring she would be an easy score, or that she could be some "Fun" for the night.

Harley was too out of it to try and fight. Too tired, hungry, and depressed to even care as they knocked her to the ground. Harley could feel her life, and her desire to live slip away. This had to be poetic, right? She Killed Mista "J", and now she was being beaten, and probably going to get killed by a group of punk Joker posers in rubber clown masks. Fine, so be it.

Yet, it would appear that her life would not be so easily ended. The punks wouldn't have long to enjoy the fruits of their "Conquest" before a booming voice demanded they stop. The last thing Harley would see before slipping into unconsciousness was bright Headlights, flashing Red, and Blue, and a surprisingly feminine form approaching and chasing the punks off. Who knew Angel's had such nice asses?

That was the first time Harley Quinn met Officer Lilith Durant. A young cop patrolling the mean streets of Gotham. Since the death of Joker the GCPD had been trying to fill the powervaccuum left by him with as many uniforms as they could, taking advantage of the breathing room and even rushing new officers through training to get them on the streets.

Over the next Several weeks, Officer Durant, and Harley's paths seemed to continually cross more, and more. Each time with the Officer helping the pitiful homeless woman. Showing her kindness that she has not felt in a long time, giving her change if she passed by or offering to buy the homeless woman a meal. All the while never knowing that she was helping the dangerous, and notorious, "Harley-Quinn". For Harley, the more she met and saw Lilith, the more, and more thoughts started to turn in her unstable mind. Thoughts that continually swirled around the Officer that she was finding more, and more attractive. She might just even bring out, her old costume . Maybe her new crush will appreciate it more than Mista "J" ever did. Her new crush, her new Puddin'.

For Officer Durant, her life changed one particularly bad night when she was cornered by the same gang of "Jokers" that she chased off the night she met Haley. However their numbers had grown significantly, they jumped her quickly pushing her into an alleyway and beating her till she couldn't see straight. They even made sure her radio was smashed so she couldn't call for backup. As the thugs closed in, bragging about what unspeakable horrors they were about to commit to the young officer, a soft giggling echoed off the brick, and mortar walls of the alley. Yet the giggle was one that sent chills up spine as it held a malicious tone.

Turning everyone would see a new, familiar figure at the mouth of the Alley. A bright sadistic smile hung underneath frenzied blue eyes.

'Ey Puddin', miss me?  She asked, wielding a terrifyingly large mallet that was soon to come down on the heads of the men before her.

Who has two thumbs and been playing nothing but Batman Arkham games all week? *points to self*

Im fine with brainstorming and working out various other ideas, like perhaps Harley ending up with Barbara*shrugs* im open to discussions :P

I can see the relationship between Harley and her new sweetie being rather odd, with with officer not fully trusting her, but Harley keeps appearing. Like at her Apartment, while she is on patrol. Bringing her fresh baked goods (Stolen of course), beating up bad people, and leaving them for Her to take in, much like a cat bring a dead mouse to its owner.

Any number of fun Harley antics. I also had in mind a scene of perhaps during an attack by scarecrow Lili is unable to use her autoinjector to keep form hallucinating, but Harley has been exposed to so many drugs and chemicals in her lifetime she has a higher threshold for it, and gives the officer her antitoxin.
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