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Author Topic: Out of the Shadows(,craving a Dom M with a disturbed and creative mind. )  (Read 976 times)

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Offline SmokeyesTopic starter

Hmm what can I say, I've been aaahing and oohing over this for quiet a while, trying to figure out if I have a particular scenario in mind or if its more general than that. and its  a bit of both.
So here goes; Firstly I play female characters only at the moment because thats obviously where my most believable observations come from. I like feisty characters outside of the bedroom who ultimately submit under sexual duress.
 Secondly I like dark refer to my ons and offs.
. Anything that isn't there feel free to fly it past me I'm open to suggestions, and lets face it I can only say no.
I'll be upfront here,the story is important but as you can tell I'm no grammar nazi and I myself a little out of practice, so whilst the story is important, I'm not expecting publishing quality, spellcheck and continuity are enough to be going on with, and perhaps a couple of paragraphs.

 Smut, yes, 30/70 , 50/50 , 75/25.? just depends on the story
 What I want from a partner , Male ,dominant, dark,darker better,.I am not averse to my characters dying within the context of the story or creating expendable characters  . Talk dirty to me baby and it doesn't just have to be with in the context of the story line. Push the envelope please.

Anthro's, Furries and Monsters welcome by the way.

Incest I always have time for an older brother younger sister, or father daughter thing.

Would love someone with a creative streak to open the below spoiler and run with it.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I am Loving this Image and am desperate to do something with her involving the usual combative hard ass environment that I enjoy so much please if you have any ideas , If you think you have a character who can stand against her BRING IT.

So...Ideas ...
  • So , this first Idea is set in the future, possibly pos Ac, as preferred type of setting, I'm looking at the world as hardened place. Not a place of technology and luxury , unless you are exceptionally privileged . My character isn't , however she's an exceptional bounty hunter. She has a very good reputation, and a long list of contacts.
    This story begins with her about to complete a job, everything goes according to plan when quiet suddenly she is assaulted and a fight ensues.....
      And that is where you come in. Who is the person who has hunted the hunter? Since nearly all her bounties require the execution of the target, she certainly wouldn't be expecting one to come back to find her.
     Disgruntled ex partner (work). Someone covering their tracks.
     A contract,or maybe some super rich play boy who knows he's about to have bounty put out on him and wants to put the best out of business but decides on other things. I want this to begin threatening maybe even brutal, how it progresses depends on how the characters mesh together, do they end up killing each other hating each other, maybe they wind up partnering up. open to ideas  .
  • This second one is more or less the same idea as before only our protagonist is a demon/ werewolf hunter, who has the tables turned on her,this can have a futuristic or fantasy setting, I originally fleshed it out with a drow huntress, but that can be altered. I expect brutality for my character here, I expect some creative uses for her. Maybe this werewolf has a pack that keep slaves and she ends up being taken back,and kept as a pet?  Again Ideas welcome.

 3. * CRAVING* So MC is an accomplished thief in another dystopian/post Apoc type setting, decides that the cities Hospital for the criminaly insane is the best place to get medicines, especially ones that can be used to make street drugs. While in there she meets finds YC , a guy with SERIOUS problems, ( what those are i am willing to discuss) Can he talk her into letting him out and maybe even taking him with her, and then we watch the chaos ensue.

*Or YC has been released into society after either serving his time or convincing the authorities he isn't crazy. When in fact he is still a very broken individual. Its your 2nd week out and your clothes are already stained , and stiff with the blood and all that remains of your first victim, you spot MC and the craving starts all over again, and so does the hunt.
I really do want this to go to terrifying places, if you have that kind of mind please PM me .
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I love this character, I hope she suites. 

4. Ideas to entertain you, these aren't stories just things i'll be happy to play around with.
    * Girl caught and sold into sexual slavery, human/or other. ( maybe your guy wants a toy for his new hunting hounds, who knows?)
    *Post Apocalyptic survival, ,you save her life and you want her to keep you happy for doing so. ( this has potential to go from NC to C)
    *How not to summon a demon- when your magic goes wrong- so a shaman summons a demon to do her bidding but makes a minor mistake and it goes horribly wrong.
  Please Check The Post Below If The Bounty Hunter Caught Your Eye.
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Offline SmokeyesTopic starter

Re: Out of the Shadows
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2016, 10:05:02 AM »
It appears I have lost my bounty Hunters abusive partner, which is a shame because this has been one of my most detailed and favourite stories. Anyway here is her intro, if you think you have the stomach to take her on, PM me, thanks.

Somewhere on the edge of the Mojave
Drawing deeply on her cigarette Valentine stared down the highway disappearing beyond the horizon.
She had pulled over to take a break and stretch her legs, driving for five hours straight was taking its toll on her body as well as her sanity.
Another long draw. Holding it deep in her lungs until when she did breathe out there was very little smoke to actually made it into the evening air.
Checking her guns for the umpteenth time. Reaching for the .44 she kept on her thigh, she now decided was to heavy and risky on this job, to much recoil and the target was too flighty. Wandering round to the trunk she popped it open, to the casual observer it looked empty except for a jack and a tyre iron.
Flipping a switch under the latch, the floor of the trunk slid back and a back board rose up sliding into a vertical position, revealing another bed of weapons beneath it. Unloading the revolver she put it to bed putting the ammo into storage. Running her fingers over her semi's , then her energy pistols, finally settling with an ELO 550 ,ideal against quick unarmored targets and vermin. Sliding the weapon into her thigh holster Valentine flicked the switch again and the backboard disappeared out of sight.
Closing the trunk, a chill ran up Valentines spine , all the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end, turning to look behind her she saw...well, nothing , to start with. Squinting into the low light , she finally saw it, dust rising in the distance. Taking a final draw she threw the cigarette butt to the side and walked briskly to the drivers side.
Under no circumstances did she want to get caught out here alone and from the look of the dust there must be at least three vehicles, slavers most likely doing a 'round up'.  had no intention of becoming their next meal ticket , if she was lucky she could out run them , if not.....

Vaulting over the door into the drivers seat, she eyed the fuel gauge,..."Shit!" She hadn't passed anyone in over 100 miles , fuel was scarce out here you either brought it with you or stole it as you went. Tyler did a bit of both but a high speed escape was going to seriously eat into her reserves.
The clutch went down,she knocked it into first ,accelerate,clutch 2nd then 3rd, and after a few hundred yards 4th. Relieved she'd replaced the clutch plate when she'd the chance she felt the old american muscle car haul itself into its comfort zone, hungrily devouring the tarmac as it went.

Valentine's eyes flicked to the rear view, the dust was still kicking up in the distance , they had covered an alarming amount of ground if they were slavers, since they usually travelled in trucks. There was no way she could outrun them , she just didn't have the fuel. She had to get off the road, but where?

After another mile had passed she spotted and old barn set back off the road, checking back again she tried to determine if she had enough time to get over and hide the car,and for the dust to settle. There wasn't really much of a choice , so pulling hard on the steering wheel the old quarter miler heaved itself across the rough terrain protesting loudly at having to anything that wasn't a straight line.
The sooner she could get this job done and get back to the god damn city the better. She waited patiently for the caravan of vehicles to pass her by , it took them longer than expected , but that was good , it meant they hadn't seen her.       

About 100 miles from Vegas.

Valentine squinted against the low winter sun, she leaned harder against the side of the shack trying to stay in the shadow. She had been stood here for over 2hrs and as the sun rapidly began to set she hissed through her teeth.

" Fuck, not again, I am not sleeping in the fucking car again,"

She risk a glance back at her cuda , scowling. No , she needed this done tonight. There was no way she planned to spend another night under the tarp, in the back of her car.
She began charging the ELO , she began to focus again. Finally she heard voices.

" About time."
A man named Wilson exited the building first , he was Marley's informant and a bit of an all-round  weasel but he had never let her down, so she just over looked his repugnant behaviour.
He was followed by the  'mark'  and the man she had been tailing for over two weeks.
Joe McCall, a grade A scum bag, not that it mattered to Marley, he could have been a Saint for all she cared , so long as she got paid.

Blowing on her finger tips, she walked along the shack wall, staying in the shadows.
Once Wilson was well out in the open with Joe close behind she stepped out into the setting sun light.

A shot rang out.  Wilson dropped, dead before he hit the floor.  Joe's head snapped round as he looked for the direction of the shot his eyes wide with a mixture of indignance and fear.
He almost relaxed when he saw Mia sauntering towards him.

Mia dressed in her trade mark Hunters gear, which in her case was  , a black leather and kevlar two piece  with a carbon titanium mix plating armour.
Mia walked straight towards him, hips swaying slightly as she did.
 A Cruel smile curled Joe's lips when he saw her , " aw a little girl coming for me....hahaha" his voice was lecherous and derogatory, he was a well known mysoginist

Marley smiled sweetly, " Valentine , about to serve your bounty, pleased to meet you."

This was the part of the job she hated,be cause they always fucking ran. The rules said you had to get them to state their name for the record and give them the opportunity to say goodbye on record to loved ones , business partners or any significant other Oh and if you could manage a confession would be nice,  she sighed at the ridiculousness of it but hey , she didn' t make up this shit.

Joe's laugh was coarse and cruel. " Hahahaha .... Your Micky Valentine....Hahah...I was.........AAARgH FUCK!"

"Thinking I was gonna be a man ,right?!... Well surprise I'm not, that was my father so sit the fuck down while we get to business."

Mia was already tired so shot him in the left knee just to move things along,  she knew  he would run so she was just saving herself sometime. He tried to pull a his glock, as he fumbled and it got stuck in his waistband she shot him in the elbow.

" Agh fuck , whore!...what the ,....aaaah shit !!!"

Another shot rang out as she took out his other knee. Then putting her foot on his shin , to ensure she had his full attention.

" Look Joe I have had a very long couple of weeks and I am done..., so state your name and we will get this over with."

He was just about to tell her where to shove it when she leant her weight onto his shin twisting his blown knee , god how he screamed and screamed,  but when he was done her gave her his name.

" JOE McCall, Joe McCall ...please  please don......."

The final shot rang out and he slumped to the ground blood pooling into the dirt behind his head. She looked over at the first guy she had shot.

" Wilson' ..... Wilson get up". Mia shouted at the first guy, he lifted his head out of the dirt.

" Here is 5 thousand credits now get the hell out of here, and don't came back to the city for a while." She winked at him as he scrambled to his feet and took off at a run.
Searching Joe's body she found nothing of much interest a couple of fake I.D's a couple of thousand credits on his chip.  Just as she was getting up the hairs on the back of her neck stood up and she had the unmistakable feeling that someone or something was watching her.
Now she wished she'd kept the .44 just in case. Guns drawn she spins around, she looked and looked, someone was here right enough but they were staying out of sight.
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Re: Out of the Shadows~Cyberpunk Edit (look below Marley , abilities to come)
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2016, 10:45:42 AM »
The Cyberpunk Universe and the Post Apoc creation have been moved to worl building if you are interested in seeing where Marley came from, along with a fair portion of my other characters, a fantasy world is next on the agenda with heavy Japanese influences, always open to creative ideas. Just leave a reply or PM me. Smoke
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Re: Out of the Shadows(,craving a creative streak ~seeking Dom M )
« Reply #3 on: February 13, 2016, 11:50:34 AM »