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Author Topic: Usa's Lesbian life! (All my FxF plots!)  (Read 508 times)

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Offline UsaniTopic starter

Usa's Lesbian life! (All my FxF plots!)
« on: January 12, 2016, 12:28:51 am »
So, these are all the FxF ideas of mine.  I will be adding more over time I'm sure.  There will be a few of MxF versions over at the Hetero request thread as well! the next post below are all the requests.  This is just a post to learn what kind of writer I am before messaging me. :)

Rules: 1.) PLEASE, PLEASE if at all possible PLEASE no one line replies if it can be helped.  There are times where it's acceptable but not every, single post!

2.) When messaging me for a rp please put the name of the plot in the title and if there's a section with more then one idea it'll say 1.), b.), etc. also put in the subject line which plot from that section by letter if its there.  ALSO please read my kink page and if theres ones youre not sure of and dont see just ask!

3.) I will NOT take people who tell me they want to write with me then never reply again after one message back or a reply once! So, if you are for POSITIVE you want to write with me please PM me.  Otherwise pass on, I'm here to find committed writers, not people who think its funny to get peoples hopes up!

4.) I prefer to write with someone who posts numerous times a day and OR possibly at night.  I'm at home all the time and I'm sure I'm not the only one and so I tend to get bored easily and love to write with people when the writing bug bites...which is often! :P

5.) If you wanna drop a story PLEASE tell me!  I promise I don't bite, I understand real life comes first.  I can't tell yall how many times people have agreed to a story then dropped me after a few posts then never message me about it and just flat out ignore me.  It's worse when I give that someone more then one chance and they do it AGAIN and AGAIN!  I won't do that to you so please give me the same courtesy!

6.) In real life I AM a lesbian but am comfortable with writing M/F stories as well as F/F.  But, please note I ONLY write as sub females.  I've tried playing males and dominant characters but it just felt weird to me.  I am willing to play vanilla if someone requests it, otherwise I want a female or male who plays dominant.

7.) I only rp in forums.  MAYBE PMs, depends on the story.  But otherwise I do not rp over email or messenger.

8.) I love to use play by photos for characters.  I usually have photos I wanna use for the character that my partner is playing even if it's not in the request thread.  So, please if there is a photo you wanna use for MY character feel free to choose!  It's only fair after all! :D

UPDATE: Okay just to clarify so I dont cause confusion because its already happened!  The reason why I prefer photos to be shown for characters is because to me personally it brings more to the imagination and I can put myself into the story and my character more.  ALSO, I would prefer to choose the look for my partners character since my character would be sleeping with them and I wanna find them attractive so I stayed interested.  Which is also why I want my writing partner to choose what MY character will look like, what they think is attractive so it draws them into the story more.  I hope that makes sense.

9.) Have fun!  These may be my ideas BUT it doesn't mean  they have to be followed to an exact detail.  I want you to enjoy yourselves as well.  So, if there's something you wanna add or change just ask!  I love talking to people outside of rp's so don't be afraid to speak up! <3 :)

Offline UsaniTopic starter

Re: Usa's Lesbian life! (All my FxF plots!)
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2016, 12:35:15 am »
1.)[/b][/color] She Likes Girls: (Plot inspired by this song):   Hopefully the song and video help it explain my idea!  But, I need someone to play a male who will end up turning into my character's best friend.  He's had a crush on my character Brittany since their Sophomore year when they were 16.  Now, they're Seniors and he decides to ask her out and well...she says yes.  But, what she keeps buried deep down is she's actually in love with her female best friend Carmen.  And so the guy starts seeing signs he never really picked up on until now.  He sees how she reacts when Carmen is around her and notices how Brittany looks at her.  Eventually he decides to sit her down and talk to her about it and he is nothing but supportive.  He just wants her to be herself and wants her to know he will be there for her whenever she needs it but he wants her to go after who she really wants too!  (MAJOR CRAVING FOR THIS STORY!!  Also, if possibly I would like this to turn into a kinky relationship between the 2 women!  Also, open to male's playing Carmen if they're okay with playing the guy too.)

2.) She Finally Came Home (F for F): I wanna do a story two women (Tiffany and YC) that grew up together all the way til they were graduating high school.  They have been best friends since they were kids and when they started high school they both realized they had feelings for one another and in general the same sex.  When they started dating they eventually came out to their friends and family together, which surprisingly they were all very supportive.

Well, after they graduated high school YC goes off to boot camp after she was recruited during her last year.  Tiffany wasn't too upset at first although she was worried.  Well, after 2 years YC had to head off to Iraq and Tiffany broke down and was terrified but she knew YC didn't have a choice.  For months Tiff barely slept and was always watching the news.  At some point her older sister came to stay with her to keep her company,  Tiff still got emails and phone calls here and there but the times she loved most were their every 2 months skype calls.  She had been away in Iraq for 3 years and they had one last skype call one night and that was the last she heard from her for 6 whole months and she instantly she thought the worst.  What happens when she gets a knock at the door one night?

3.) Be Dominated By My Best Friend (F for F): The best friend:

My character who is best friends with the woman in the above photo has had feelings for her for quite some time.  They actually want to high school together and now they are College roommates on campus.  Tiffany (my character) is majoring in video production and in her spare time she writes a blog on Tumblr just about her life and her videos she's been working on.  But, she has an alias and she so shoes goes by Rainbowgirl.  She talks about College, her family and friends.  But she also talks about her bestie quite a bit but never reveals her friends name or what she looks like but there are clues.  Well, one night she posts a blog about her feelings for her as well as dreams she's had including one's where her best friend dominates her in bed.

Another thing...her best friend is one of her followers but they don't know because they both have different names.  So, what happens when her best friend eventually reads the blog and she goes back to read old ones and thats when it all comes together and she realizes who it is behind Rainbowgirl...what happens next??

4.) My Professor Is A Demon:


Chelsea Brightly is majoring in English and her dream is to become an author.  She knows that doesn't come easy but she plans to work her butt off to get to that dream. 
Her Professor has definitely been a huge help and motivator for her.  She had told her professor about how she has always love writing since she was little and wrote til her hearts content.  And now the young 18 year old, in her first year of College wants to make her stories known!  She writes everything from fiction mixed with non fiction and fantasy! 
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