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Author Topic: What torments me (looking for M or F writers)  (Read 417 times)

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What torments me (looking for M or F writers)
« on: January 11, 2016, 05:31:41 AM »
So, a few story ideas which I thought I'd post and see if anyone was interested.

A bit about me.

My typical posting rate would be once every two / three days, and ideal post length is around the 500 / 600 word mark and would be looking for something similar from my writing partner. I'm not a grammar Nazi by any means although a quick run through spellcheker never hurts! In general I'm a pretty laid back and drama free type of guy and am happy to bounce ideas back and forth via pm any time although I'd be looking to post the story in the appropriate forum. If you check my ons and offs you'll see that I'm reasonably open to most things. I also don't mind if you're writing as a different gender

If you are interested in any of these stories please PM me rather than replying in the thread.

Thanks for reading

tormented male

The Pit (Extreme Non Con, Rape, Torture, BDSM, Possible character death)

A tale of a time long, long ago, a tale of your character and mine

The Royal Palace stands on the Black Rock, towering high above the City of Sandor, so that all of those who dwell in the City can gaze up in awe and wonder on the place where the Witch King and his bride dwell.

That place that is called the Pit is deep down in the bowels of the Palace, hewn from the very rock itself. There is no daylight in the Pit, no warmth, no hope, there is only darkness, misery, despair.  Everyone in the Kingdom knows of the Pit. Everyone in the Kingdom fears the Pit, for to be cast into its depths is to be condemned to a death that is neither swift nor painless.

For the Pit is where those found guilty of the most foul and heinous crimes are brought to suffer before they die. A foul, fetid place, where the condemned are held until the Witch King grows bored tormenting them and orders them put to death, a dark hole where those held within are subject to the whims of Guards who are hand picked by the Witch King himself for their cruelty.

No one has ever escaped from the Pit. The only release is death.

Looking for someone interested in joining me in the Pit. The setting is a low fantasy world, and am happy to play any of the following combos

Male (my character) / Female (your character)
Female (my character) / Male (your character
Female / Female

The story would begin with the characters being held in the bowels of the Pit, naked and chained. Prisoners in the Pit are available for the sexual use of the guards and are also subject to being taken away at any time to be tortured, so looking for someone who can play NPC guards / torturers and would be comfortable with rape / extreme levels of suffering.

Story can go a couple of different ways, and needn't be utterly bleak - an escape may be possible (or alternatively characters may end up tortured to death and replaced with another character!).

The Hunt (Con / Dub Con / Non Con options, possible Rape, Torture, BDSM, character death)

The first hunter felt the rain begin to fall on his face, the dark clouds overhead finally releasing the shower that had been threatening for much of the morning. The two captives could feel it too, though unlike the hunter they had no protection from it, for both of them were naked and on their knees on the forest floor, barefoot, their hands bound behind their back and black cloth hoods covering their bowed heads.

He glanced at his watch then looked at the other hunter. Both of them wore an assortment of camouflage clothing, mottled greens and browns and blacks designed to let them blend into their environment, their faces streaked with camo cream, high powered rifles slung over their backs, each with a telescopic sight. "It's time."

The second hunter replied with a mute nod, grasped each captive in turn, his hand gripping their upper arms as he pulled them to their feet, used a long bladed knife to slice through the ropes that bound their hands behind their backs. The hoods were next, pulled off, both the man and the woman blinking as they were suddenly released from the darkness that they had spent much of the last few days in.

The hunt was about to begin.

Looking for someone who would like to be hunted with me in a contemporary setting. This one could be consensual (our characters have agreed to be hunted, possibly for payment and the hunters have nothing more lethal than a paintgun or it could be totally non con and our characters are being hunted to the death - or capture, at which point they would be at the mercy of their extremely sadistic captors) 

Also possible to be dubious con, e.g. they have agreed to be prey in a non lethal hunt but did not agree to the after hunt torture.

Random dice rolling would be involved to provide an element of chance.

Am happy to play any of the following combos with hunters being NPC'd

Male (my character) / Female (your character)
Male / Male
Female / Female

Variations on the theme
Would also be interested in making it 1 x Hunter and  1 x Captive if anyone (Male or Female) wants to play the Hunter rather than another captive.
Would also be potentially interested in converting this to either a stone age or post apoc scenario where the captives have been taken prisoner by a rival tribe (my preferred post apoc is where the world has been blasted back to a pseudo stone age)

Male / Male Non con / extreme BDSM

No particular plot in mind for this one but I am craving some extreme male / male bdsm where your character is Master and my character is slave. Could be a one shot where MC has an itch that he just wants to scratch and goes to a BDSM club or gets snatched off the street and gets sold at an underground auction, could be something more involved.

The Society (Extreme Non Con, Rape, Torture, BDSM, Possible character death)

The Society draws its membership from the rich and the powerful, men and women, celebrities, leading figures in business and the arts. Several times a year they would arrange a small gathering, held at a secluded location, a remote ski lodge, a luxury mansion, a super yacht, always away from prying eyes, where those invited - usually, though not exclusively couples, of all different sexual persuasions - could meet in privacy.

On the first night they would come together over drinks, the men in black tie, the ladies in fine gowns. They would sip their champagnes and whiskeys, network, make polite small talk, each casting the occasional surreptitious glance at their watch until it was time.

Time to find out who which of them would be providing the weekend's entertainment.

The rules are simple. Balls would be placed in two black velvet bags, one bag for the men, one for the women. There would be a ball to represent each person there, most of them black, but each bag would contain one white ball. The bags would then be passed around, each person drawing forth a ball.

And whoever of them drew out the white balls would be the entertainment.

Looking for someone who would like to draw a white ball and find themselves at the mercy of the rest of the guests. Themes would include extreme non consent, bdsm, and rape. Either both of us can play the two victims and NPC the rest of the guests or I can play the guests if another writer wishes to be the "main" victim (with the second victim being NPC'd).

Whilst the text above refers to men and women, nothing is set in stone so this can easily be adapted to either male / male or female / female as well.

For an added twist the stakes can be raised to include permanent injury / death (this could be accidental if one of the guests gets too carried away).

Setting can also be adapted to fit either contemporary or future.

Never Trust A Slaver (Non Con, Master / Slave, Rape, Violence)

Set on a low fantasy World, loosely based on a Gor RP I took part in a while ago, with a dash of Spartacus

MC is a Slaver

YC is the younger (18+) daughter of a wealthy merchant.

YC arranges a meeting with MC. Your plan is straightforward. You want your elder sister enslaved and taken out of the City to be sold, thus making you sole heir to your father's fortunes. MC agrees to the deal and subsequently contacts you to advise that it has been done.

YC decides that she wants to see her sister before she is taken out of the City so that she can gloat at her.  MC agrees and tells you to come to his place of business late one night. Due to the nature of their dealings YC can only bring one trusted guard, however MC has bribed your guard and when YC arrives at his place of business she promptly finds herself enslaved as well.

Story would then explore the evolving relationship between YC and MC - does she come to love him, does she hate him, does he keep her, does he sell her, etc, etc.

Looking for someone to play the younger sister. If you wanted to play the older sister as well that could be done but is not essential - she can either be sold on in short order or she can have been in on the double cross and simply offered MC more coin to take her sister instead.

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Re: What torments me (looking for M or F writers)
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2016, 02:53:57 PM »
Added two new ideas - The Society and Never Trust A Slaver.