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Started by Song, January 09, 2016, 10:57:58 AM

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So I'm creating a world building thread, and I'm putting in some shortcut links to posts in the same thread. It would make more sense if I could make these links open in the same tab, rather than a new one.

It's not the end of the world kind of stuff, but just wondering if there's a way around this sort of a thing?
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The Link/Anchor tag should do what you want.

[link=ABC]The text you want people to click to go to another section[/link]

Followed by

[anch=ABC]The section you want to link to[/anch]

You change the "ABC" tag to whatever you want; the effect will be that when someone clicks on the section you "link" they will move (without opening a new window) to the section you "anchor" with the same tag.

The only real issue is that it doesn't go across pages in a thread so if in your world building thread you have two pages or more of posts and the viewer isn't using "view all" then the code won't work.

For an example of how these work in action (and possibly some code you may want to look at to see how it works in practive.) the brilliant Bloodied Porcelain use the link/anchor method extensively in her Darkest Nights world building thread.


For a moment forgot I had posted this! Ha... Anyway, thanks, I'm sure I can manage something like a second table of contents if my world ever goes beyond 25 posts.
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