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May 23, 2018, 08:15:15 AM

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Author Topic: Stoke My Fire  (Read 449 times)

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Stoke My Fire
« on: January 08, 2016, 04:52:36 AM »
And let passion burn hot...

Shade and Sweetwater! (Extra brownie points if you know the origin of that phrase.)

Let's call this my request thread version 1.0 as I get my bearings and such on this awesome site. Here are a few things you need to know before we get started:

1. I adore creative partners who will chime in from time to time with their own ideas. No one likes a dead fish in bed and certainly not when figuring out how character A and character B, (or C,D,E...maybe F if it's a Tuesday.) got into bed. Ideas and roleplay drives are fickle and sometimes the muses need a bit of persuading/beating/bribing..whatever. Just don't be afraid to get your licks in every once in awhile.

2. I will never ask something of you that I cannot deliver myself. Meaning, I do not demand perfection. However, I do not have any patience for laziness in partners. When approaching someone for potential roleplay, it is a bit like interviewing for a job; Put your best foot forward, know the difference between 'your' and 'you're', 'their' 'there' 'they're'. That 'would of' is not the same as 'would have'. I am a strong paragraph+ player and would be pleased if you were as well.

3. Real life trumps online life. I will never, ever, EVER expect you chain yourself to the computer waiting for roleplay. We all have lives, families, jobs, etc. that beckon us away from the light of our screen. (At least, I hope we do!) You are not your character and I will not cling to you. I hope you don't do the same with me.

4. Approach with a light heart, strong sense of humor, sharp wit and hunger for fiction.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pictures and requests below~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Request/Plot number One: Vampire Hunter D

I have been yearning to find someone to play D for years, but sadly have yet to find anyone to do so. Below is a sample of the plot I have thus far.

Castle Merkworth...

            Where forests of evergreen and clear waters offer a serene subterfuge to the nightmare that has returned to rule.

Long ago, Castle Merkworth was home to the feared Mediis Tenebris, a fearsome clan of nobles that had unified into one. For a time, they flourished and ruled the villages beneath their keep. And then for reasons unknown, the lights in the dread stone fortress suddenly went out. Centuries passed and the memory of their reign of terror faded until it became merely a tale to write in history books.

The Township of Veritas

Most of the towns and villages that had suffered under the rule of Mediis Tenebris eventually withdrew from the land and settled elsewhere. Those that could not afford to uproot eventually condensed into one township and struggled through the years to survive a land that was once unforgiving and barren.

Drought and famine plagued the Township of Veritas until the arrival of a mysterious woman who sought shelter from the desolate settlement. The people were cautious but granted her a small place and a little food and water. Their kindness did not go unrewarded.

Though she never told them where she'd come from before, the woman used her mysterious powers to heal not only the sick and dying of Veritas but the very land itself. Trees sprouted green leaves, grass began to push up from the cracked earth...and wells once dry were now filled with pure water. With crops now growing in abundance and rivers running full of fish, Veritas was saved from certain extinction. Generations came and went, all tended by the mysterious woman until she was found one spring morning beneath a blooming tree dead. In her arms was a baby who seemed to regard them with an eerie passiveness. The village mourned its healer, but raised her daughter who seemed to have inherited her mother's strange yet wonderful gifts.

As she matured, the Township of Veritas grew evermore dependent upon her...a folly that they would soon pay for when remaining members of Mediis Tenebris returned to the forgotten Castle Merworth. The Nobles were furious that the people had forgotten them and attempted to punish the mortals when their healer spoke out against the Nobility for their cruelty. Amused if not curious, the healer was whisked away for three nights before being returned.

Though not changed, she wasn't quite herself either. Knowing that their survival was hinged upon hers, Veritas sent riders out in search of help. There were rumors of a man skilled in solving problems like theirs. But who knew where such a man might be found. . .or if he would come if they were able to find him.