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June 27, 2022, 06:32:35 am

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Author Topic: The Joker's Wife (NC, EX, amputation/guro) Batgirl x Joker, New 52  (Read 2706 times)

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Offline DoomsdayTopic starter

(Note: This is intended as a short or one-shot but I may be convinced to extend it if I find the right partner.)

Name: The Joker's Wife
Content: M/F, Non-Con, Extreme

Scenario: The events of this one-shot will roughly mirror Batgirl #14-16, by Gail Simone, from 2013. Barbara Gordon's mother, previously estranged but recently come back to Gotham, is being held hostage by the Joker. Barbara attempts to rescue her mother, only to find her rigged to a nailbomb that would kill everyone within 40 meters if her weight was removed from the chair to which she's tied up. But Joker seems willing to negotiate... If Batgirl agrees to marry him, he'll spare Barbara's mother! In typical, gruesome Joker style, he proposes to her with her mother's severed ring finger.

Warning, some images graphic/gory

As they prepare to say their vows (Barbara and a legitimate priest under duress the entire time), the wedding is interrupted as Joker tries to dismember her with a chainsaw (see optional section below!). There's a fight, and long story short, Barbara ends up out cold, and wakes up tied to a chair... (The events conclude with Batman #17, Death of the Family, for anyone who's interested)

We can either pick up at the altar and actually have them 'married', or we can pick up after Barbara comes back to consciousness. I'm looking for something that at first is non-con/rape, slowly transitioning to dubcon and mindbreak. An option to tag on is that I'm in loooove with impregnation/breeding themes, and even if we keep this a relatively short one-shot that never explores that possible future, I'd like to see the Joker motivated to knock her up.

Setting: Gotham, exact location to be determined.

Requirements: A literate person of any gender interested in playing the Joker. Preferably with experience playing the Joker, or an understanding of New 52's Joker. Please note that I'm only willing to play Barbara in this pairing, no negotiation. Sorry, I can't dom :(

Other info: OPTIONAL addendum to the idea above.

Warning, guro/amputation

In this optional section, we can explore what would happen if Joker was successfully able to... Gulp... Remove Batgirl's arms and legs with a chainsaw, and keep her as an amputated slave.
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Offline DoomsdayTopic starter

Giving this one an old age bump. Especially interested in playing Babs for the guro/amputation variant.