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Author Topic: Supergirl LF GM (World) Action/Adv? Romance (fxf)? Misadventure (NC)? Other?  (Read 824 times)

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Offline Snow NymphTopic starter

!!! Definitely still looking !!!
!!! May or may not be looking for more interest with this idea at this point, ask me first !!!

Overall Concept

Basically what I'm looking for is to play Supergirl, or Kara Danvers, in a GM controlled world.  I am very open at the moment as to what kind of stories I would be interested in, but for now am thinking about main three categories.  Action/Adventure, where the bulk of the story contains combat or a major plot.  Romance, where the story is more or less focused on a FxF romance, but with some plot alongside it.  Or Misadventure, where she fights crime, but a lot or some of the time, crime gets the upper hand and abuses her for it...  But I would love to hear any other ideas should you have any!

PICTURES will be hugely preferred - at least, for the major character in the GM posts.  So if she is fighting a villain, I would love a pic for that villain embedded.  Please, please, please!

All About Supergirl

Character Image
This is the lovely girl I will be playing, but the actual images I use might depend on what fits best into the particular story.

Character Personality
It is inspired by the recent television show, so in this request I am likely to make Kara sort of new to the superhero business, bubbly, charming, innocent, and headstrong.  She smiles a lot, is eager to prove herself, doesn't give up, and doesn't want help on the streets.  That will be more or less my personality profile, but am willing to consider other thoughts if it fits into a certain plot or idea a bit better.

Character Abilities
If we stick to her being new, there will be some abilities she hasn't quite mastered, if not all of them.  So she will be much more limited than you might be used to in say, any Superman movie.  We may want her to not have grasped a power yet, like laser vision, or super breath, but I will probably have her very inexperienced with super speed.  Overall I just think super speed is excessively overpowered, so I'll be limiting it most of all.
Otherwise, if you aren't too familiar, here is a list of her abilities...
Super Strength     Super Durability      "X-ray" Vision       Heat Vision
Super Hearing       Super Breath            Super Speed      Flight               Solar Powered

Weakness: Kryptonite
Probably the easiest plot device to make any battle a little more interesting, assuming the enemy isn't equally if not more powerful.

Potential Other Details?
Lives in National City (can be changed)
Doesn't want Superman to help her (again, can be changed)

Possible Plots

Action/Adventure or Other Plot
The purpose of this RP is to focus on the story.  Fight some bad guys, develop some characters, maybe build up to an ultimate rival or dilemma.  Lot of variety here depending on the plot, and plenty of room to include some romance of Misadventure here or there.  I don't have any real specific ideas... but mixing in something like a post-apocalyptic setting or science fiction time traveling or something of that nature could be fun.

Romance (FxF or FxFuta only)
The focus of this RP is romance, between Supergirl and some other female or futa individual.  I'm not into smut focus however, so please mix in some other details on plot, or maybe other fights or misadventures here and there.  Some random examples might be the sister from the television show (some incest there), Power Girl, an original character, or some other superheroine like Wonder Woman or hell, Tomb Raider or Samus for all I care.  Or maybe we have a villain romance, and have her both fight and romance a female enemy.  Someone like her aunt would be both rival romance and incest, just saying.

Misadventure (NC)
Where fighting, and sometimes losing and being tortured or abused is the focus.  I still want a plot, and I would love some varied NC content.  I quickly lose interest if it is always just sex everytime.  Enemies will have to either simply overpower her, make use of kryptonite, or perhaps blackmail her to force her to surrender.  I also highly appreciate some clothing damage here and there, or avoiding total nakedness, or stimulation over the clothes (either partially or on occasion, to a complete climax).  Remote orgasms, like something like an implant or physic power that excites her by the push of a button or thought is also a lot of fun for a plot device, though I probably won't want to use it in multiple RPs.  It all depends I guess on what else that RP has going on, or how often it is to be used.

Any other ideas?  Please do tell!

Potential Cast

These are characters in the show or in her lore we can use, but certainly don't have to or we can alter them to fit our idea.  Personally I think using them all will be very confusing or overly complicated, but a few might be a appropriate depending.  Might have to google or wiki some of the other badguys if you want to know more because I'm not going to get too deep into them.

James Olsen: Co-worker who knows her secret and tries to help her
Alex Danvers: Adopted Sister, knows her secret and tries to help her, works for secret organization trying to stop foreign threats
Astra In-Ze: Aunt who plans to rule Earth, and will oppose Supergirl if she doesn't join them
Maxwell Lord: The 'lex luther' of Supergirl, rich, evil, investigates and studies Supergirl

Power Girl: Alternate version of Supergirl, and much bustier.... from another reality
Bizarro Supergirl: Evil, dangerous, emotionally unstable version
Darkseid: Once kidnapped and hoped to corrupt her
Doomsday: Immortal Evil Monster

And naturally, feel free to use anyone else or create original characters.


What kind of RP are you interested in?  Action/Romance/Misadventure/Other idea?
What kind of kink did you want to include?
What would your ideal plot/smut ratio be? (dislike most >40% smut RPs)
What are your ideas on the plot?

I can help brainstorm plots, but please give me something to work with first!  What kind of things might you want to see?

It is of course okay to ask me if I'm still looking first, but I don't anticipate it will be much a problem until this request gets bumped to page 2.  Or maybe even 3.
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