The new couple (M looking for F)

Started by Itsallgoodfun, January 06, 2016, 09:51:01 AM

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This is an idea that came to me while chatting with someone recently. The gifs in the spoiler at the bottom were the inspiration behind it and hopefully I can find someone willing and eager to play the story out with me?

The idea:

A young couple are just starting out in a relationship. She is 18/19 years old and still living with her parents who she constantly battles with, over boys and the freedom to do what she wants and start seeing her as an adult. Whereas her new boyfriend; who is 23-25 and living in an apartment with a roommate has all freedom he wants.

Although she is far from being a virgin; it quickly transpires that what she has experienced so far is only the fringes of her sexual awakening. That of course, is something her new boyfriend plans on doing something about. I envisage them exploring all sorts of sexual scenarios and would really enjoy having them “roleplay” with one another within the story. Our young couple will like to express themselves in many different ways… but if there is a slutty outfit to be worn and tempt with, then all the better.

However, as with all new relationships things can be fraught with problems. Her parents do not like him and are very open with their feelings about the subject. Whereas, he and his roommate have an “understanding” if they are both single. Which she currently is. Constantly trying to undermine and cockblock the younger woman, she subtly and sometimes very unsubtly taunts her about her lack of experience. Perhaps even going as far as to offer an example of how to deep throat her roommate to show his girlfriend how it’s done. Although he will stand up for her, there will be times when he doesn’t see it or might not be around to deal with it.

I have plenty of ideas about the way this RP could go, so if you are interested then please drop me a PM and we can put some ideas together.

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