O'Malley's Pub (MUL)

Started by elenisil, November 20, 2008, 07:41:52 AM

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The neon sign hanging over the door read O’Malley’s.  Down on her luck, Shelby inhaled deeply before opening the door.  Her senses immediately assaulted by the scent of baking bread and ale making her mouth water and stomach growl from hunger.

She did a quick mental survey.  Long gleaming oak bar, currently manned by an overworked bartender.  Two waitresses trying to keep up with the demands of the patrons.  Wood paneled walls, booths and tables.  It was a typical Saturday night, a TV over the bar tuned to the latest soccer match.

Inhaling deeply as she smoothed her tight jeans over her long legs, she took the last seat at the bar and waited.  She swiveled on her stool to smile at a table full of rowdy college boys in a heated argument over the soccer match.

A deep Irish brogue washed over her.  Turning she smiled at the bartender who was wiping the bar In front of her.  “What can I do for ya lass?” he asked returning her smile with a tired one of his own.  “I...I’m looking for work, and judging by the looks of things it looks like you could use me,” she indicated the full tables and bar.  “I can tend bar and build a Guinness with the best of them.”

The bartender studied her appreciatively.  A pretty Irish lass.  Long silky black hair, large grey-blue eyes fringed with long dark lashes.  Fair complexion, winsome smile with dimples in each cheek.  She was clad in tight jeans that hugged her heart shaped ass and a tank top that showed her cleavage.  Smiling he extended his hand.  “Seamus, and if you can tend bar as good as you look you’re hired.”  He tossed her an apron and lifted a section of the bar to allow Shelby behind the bar.

Just a start, can go in any direction you desire or will go with game of your choice, i'm open.  Looking for a dominant male.