D&D game. (4e, or if you feel like something CRAZY, the Immortals Handbook.)

Started by Ajoxer, November 20, 2008, 07:39:04 AM

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I'd like to do a 4e game, or possibly something using the Immortals Handbook. Shoot me an IM over AIM if you want some more information about Ascension- Warning, I take it's balance entirely on faith, as it's designed to make it more fun to play beings of divine power, which ranges from hero-deities to the personifications of entire universes. It is, clearly, quite over the top, but I think it'd make for a fun style of game if I can find some people interested in it.
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So, hey. Back now, and ready to write. Woo!


Always seeking 5E games.


I like fantasy games generally.  4E hasn't proven to be quite what I wanted, but I think that with generous application of the skill challenge mechanic it could be pretty interesting.

Older versions of D&D are something I've always been fond of.
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It's still really sketchy, though.
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Sounds like a winner. I don't have the Immortal Handbook though so if someone could direct me to where I could get it I'd be happy.


Same here. I might be interested, especially if I can get a hold of the Immortals Handbook myself.


i'm in for it, you've got a fighter/rouge on your hands though i haven't read the 'immortals' book yet. D:


If goalt doesnt get her game up and running, I have a character I would like to play, d&d IV ed.

-waves at goalt-