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December 09, 2016, 09:01:25 PM

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Author Topic: Mystery, Magic and Midnights  (Read 189 times)

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Mystery, Magic and Midnights
« on: January 04, 2016, 01:15:49 AM »
I'm currently looking for some distractions from the real world after some unexpected disappearances from E. I'm keen to get back writing with the right partners and the right plots. So I'll start with...

Pairings without plots
Some of these are long time favorites, others will be new to me
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy X
Shemale TeacherXMale Student
Shemale TeacherXFemale Student
WerewolfXFemale Human
WerewolfXMale Human
WolfXFemale Human
WolfXMale Human
DogXFemale Human
DogXMale Human

Below are pairings with ideas, these are also open to discussions and changing to better suit each individual Roleplayer.

Gift Ideas
Incest, BrotherxSister, Consensual.
My Character, the older brother, works most days and half of every other night, meaning he doesn't get a lot of time to look after Your Character, his younger sister. Sometimes it feels like he's getting nowhere, with no time off work to socialize or to meet new people. Part of the reason his girlfriend recently left him, thus prompting him to invite his younger sister to live with him so he wasn't alone at home. She begins to feel as though he works for everything she got for nothing, and slowly begins to open to the idea of filling the void his ex had left.

Darkest of days
Non consensual, Solo or Multiple Characters, Werewolf(s)xHuman(s).
Tucked away at the edge of the world, this small cottage seemed like the perfect place to live peacefully. At the mouth of the canyon, surrounded by forest full of life, the place gave off a deceitful image of grace. Almost a full year on the market before it was swept up by its new resident(s), Your Character(s). Though they would soon learn what kind of secrets this place held as the rotation of the Earth placed the cottage beyond the reach of light for 15 days of the year. And in those 15 days, blessed by the moon, the cursed inhabitants of the forest would descend upon the home, and the occupant(s) inside.

Money making opportunity
Beastiality, HumanxDog, Consensual.
Your Character, in need of some form of extra money, and a natural pet enthusiast, decides to advertise pet walking and watching Online/In the newspaper. Her advertisement is answered by the son of a well off family in town that informs her that they require someone to take care of the dog as the parents are away and the son works too much or is possibly at school. With the bills stacking up and the lack of work elsewhere, what will she do when he offers her more money to look after the dog in other ways? Or when he offers her money for his own pleasure?

Bigger Ambitions
Consensual, MalexFemale, Cheating, Romance.

Your Character is a married mother, who found out only too late that the father was a poor choice for a husband. He told her he had taken time off work to be at home with his kid(s), but she eventually found out he had been fired. Years later he was handed a job from his brother that ran a construction company, but he was soon back on the couch making a groove in the furniture. To make things worse, he had moved in to the guest room when she was pregnant because "she took up too much space". They hadn't touched each other in quite some time, even beyond the kisses goodbye or goodnight. Now that daycare was an option, Your Character begins applying at any job that could raise her family from the slump her deadbeat husband had put her in, whilst also affording the care through the day the father wouldn't be capable of while she was at work. Finally she gets an interview as her hopes are all but faded, a job that she wasn't ready or nearly experienced enough for, in some high end business. She hits it off with My Character, the boss, and finds herself chasing more than her original ambitions.

The Teacher's Pet
Dom/Sub, Female OR Male Teacher X Male Student, Negotiable elements
Your Character will be the best/smartest/best behaved student in the class, perhaps the whole school, and while this behavior was better for the future choices he wants to have later in life, it also means that he misses out on a lot of fun while younger. It doesn't bother him so much as he is always rewarded well by his parents for doing well, and is often given opportunities a lot of the other students weren't given. Achieving at such a high level had him sent away to represent the school, given privileges above others and rewarded with certificates and trophies too.

But his favorite teacher has more of a reward in mind for the obedient young man. With a pristine record of behavior, it would be unthinkable that he could be fooling around with the faculty. And that's exactly what the teacher had in mind when he was told to stay behind after class...

Experiments Gone Wrong
Werewolf/Wolf X Human Female, EX, Non-Con, Beastiality
When she was first placed in charge of overseeing the experiments by her father, she felt as though she was being hidden away in a laboratory in the middle of nowhere. She quickly realized why the laboratory was so isolated after learning how groundbreaking the research was... And how frowned upon it would be in the eyes of legalities. After the first half a dozen stages were complete she began to receive visits from sponsors and other members of interest that her father had sent to view the experiments.

All the tests and checks were personally overseen by her, and she was cold hearted to the welfare of the experiments. She had to be. Her entire life was made if she succeeded here. The awards, the interviews, the fame... The money.

Unfortunately all of that is put on hold as the facility experiences a freak storm. The order to evacuate was passed down. The safety lights provided little visibility as the facility released all doors to avoid having anyone trapped inside. But will she make it out, or fall victim to her own experiments?

Vampire Queen of the Lycans
Werewolf X Vampire, Extreme, Adventure
For Eons the Vampires and Werewolves fought for dominion of the night, their battles often spilling across the mortal realm and creating casualties on not just the two opposed sides, but to all creatures on Terra. During the end stages of the Lunar wars, several of the other races rallied together in an attempt to drive both the Vampires and the Werewolves from the face of Terra, which would later become known as the Light Crusades. The alliance fought with fierce success against the dark spawns, pushing them to the edge of the extinction before they were finally met by a place so foul, so dark, that no living thing could grow there. The sun did not grace the darkness of Darkspire mountain, nor did it touch the blackened trees of Blackdawn forest. For these places where home to the creatures of the night.

Darkspire mountain boasted inside it a sprawling city full of darkness and fangs. The birth place of the Vampire. All attempts to breach the mountain were met with staggering losses. Having gathered what forces remained the Vampires held strong in defense of the approaching hordes, refusing to yield to their pitiful crusade.

Much was the same of the armies that entered Blackdawn forest. The few men who escaped described it only as 'A labyrinth of trees and dirt and rock. Where the air itself reeked of madness and hopelessness'. The Home of the Werewolves sprawled for miles beyond eyesight, even from the peak of Darkspire mountain. The trees themselves fought against the purifying and divine forces of good, barely able to be set alight and near impossoble to be cut.

The Forces of good knew there would be no triumph here. That they had driven their enemy this far only to realize there would be no end to the darkness. Agreeing that the only action they could take against the night was a close and cautious watch on the border, the Crusade drew to an end. Watchtowers and walls were placed along the border to the dark plains, now marred by the blood of Humans, Werewolves, Elves, Vampires and Dwarves.

After the crusades the Werewolves and Vampires turned on each other, insisting that the other faction was to blame for the decimation of their people. Decades of war broke out upon them, countless lives and bloodlines ended on a species wide grudge match, only ended when Lord Lucien, King of the Vampires entered Blackdawn forest alone and discussed means of peace with the Werewolf King. This decision did not necessarily please all the houses of either side, and whispers formed plots in heads of those unwilling to accept...

The Character I would like my partner to play would be the Daughter of King Lucien, the plot would start after her brother Lucas kills the King and blames it on her. After an attempt to kill her, she is found by a Werewolf who chooses to save her. After regaining her strength she will convince the Werewolves to follow her to war, promising victory over the Mountain her Kin had ruled through the ages, then once again strike back at the Mortal realm.
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