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June 19, 2018, 02:12:18 AM

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Author Topic: Snippets of Fantasy and More -- F for M  (Read 347 times)

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Snippets of Fantasy and More -- F for M
« on: January 03, 2016, 09:54:15 PM »

Hey guys! So, here’s the deal. I am craving fantasy (though open to other genres) so broadly that I can barely narrow it down to a plot. Even when I try to narrow things down into a story, there’s so much that can be added or taken away to change it that I can’t come up with anything to put down and tell you, “This is how this story goes.” There is so much that we can mix and match, you know. I say that I’m somewhat craving a mage and student story—but how do I decide, without your input and preferences, whether the student is a common girl or a queen? Who’s to say our characters are human? I need you to help me build a plot by putting together our preferences and seeing what comes to light.

The ideas I’ve listed here are very loose ideas. I can’t even claim to be craving any of them as they are—I need to know what sparks your imagination, so we can create a story that gets both of us excited. So don’t be afraid to bring me your own ideas, either. Just be sure to read my O&Os, linked in my Signature.

Anything Fantasy

Mage & Warrior
Mage & Student

Other Ideas & Interests
adopted or foster siblings
vain queen or princess
time travel

Fandom Inspirations
Doctor Who
The 100

Note: I have a hard time with fandoms. I rarely if ever want to play as or against canon characters, and the efforts of tweaking the story is a treacherous slope. It's better off for me to just say, "Hey, this is really cool and I want to do something like it, but different." This is not always the case. Sometimes, a rip-off is too obviously a rip-off, and I challenge any and all to bring me a Time Lord who is very much like the Doctor except not, with a TARDIS that's not a TARDIS. Tricky? I know. So sometimes I do real fandom stories. It really just depends.

The Exiled [NC to Extreme]

Summary: She has been left behind, excommunicated by her pack/tribe for reasons beyond her control. Now she wanders, hunting alone, trying to make sense of this new life. Who is it that finds her, and what becomes of her once she is found?

The Decoy [Light to Extreme]

Summary: Two warring nations are both desperate for peace, and unforgivably wary of one another. A proposal of a marriage alliance has been discussed and accepted. However, one nation is unwilling to hand their princess off to the enemy. Anticipating difficulties with the arrangement, they send a decoy in her place.

In Good Hands [NC to Extreme]

Summary: With the kingdom coming to shambles, the king makes his last effort to protect his beloved daughter, entrusting her safety to his last remaining ally. But this ally does not have pure intentions, and now that the princess is finally in his possession, with no one else to defend her honor, he is determined to take what he wants.

King & Lionheart [Bondage to Extreme]

Summary: Two clashing cultures have finally come to an alliance, and as a show of faith, a youthful but skilled warrior is gifted to the King's service. He becomes enamored with her, wanting much more than her protection... but he may just have to break her, first. (May be a Prince, instead).

The Hybrid [NC to Extreme]
More Information

Summary: A temperamental, immortal hybrid and a young werewolf come head to head. He wants more than anything to own her, and despite her stubbornness, she can't help but be drawn to him.

He is the only one of his kind. Many lifetimes have passed since this curse was bestowed upon him. All he’d ever dared to love has crumbled beneath the weight of time, but not before he came to know the darkness of his hunger, relentless, merciless. He has gathered many names in many languages, each failing to describe the horror he brings; wherever his hunger is sown, surely death will take root. But not his — never his.

Shall we tell ourselves that monsters cannot love? Ah, that would make it easier to hate them so. But immortality is lonely, and the hybrid curses his existence with the same breath he takes to prolong it, for the hunger cannot be sated and it cannot be ignored. Perhaps it is possible the beast could be tamed, yet certainly his crimes are too many; his soul lies beyond redemption.

But he need not be alone in his damnation. Such knowledge is dangerous, for the longing for companionship is perhaps more powerful than the hunger, and the hybrid is impatient with the trappings of friendship. When an immortal wishes to gain without sacrifice, it is his victims who must pay the price.