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January 15, 2021, 12:40:50 PM

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Author Topic: Looking for female or male partner(s)  (Read 642 times)

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Offline Eternal0snow92Topic starter

Looking for female or male partner(s)
« on: January 01, 2016, 06:57:40 AM »
~*~ Please do not post here, thank you. Personal me instead~*~
Welcome one and all to my humble of abode of a search thread. Where the magic happens.~*~ 

My Rules, My wants and My Desires

The first thing to know about me is, that I am a passionate dedicated writer. If your familiar with Christine feehan, Donna grant, J.R.Ward then you know the type of stories I'd be interested in participated in with the understanding of the world of fantasy is concerned.

To understand I am a registered deaf/hard of hearing and wear hearing aids. You'd be surprised how much this effects my writing. And also I am Dyspraxic. This annoys me tremendously because this is the biggest hurdle I'm over coming. I need someone that will tolerate a few odd spellings here and there, I do generally proof read before I post but my understanding is different to someone my spelling age group which is early twenties.

If you can tolerate that I'd love you forever and you'd get so many pluses from me as a partner. And as a result I'd be patient enough if English isn't your first language as this is an international site.

- I am looking for someone that can play either male or female.
- I am looking for someone that can play different positions, tops/seke/bottoms.
- I am looking for someone that can be patient and tolerate a few odd spelling mistakes.
- I am looking for someone that will post more then 5 + paragraphs. Or mirror post.
- Someone that will fight for dominance, give me a bit of a challenge.
- Looking for either fantasy or Modern.
- Plot over smut please.
- Please add to the plotting and throughout the role play it's self. I get bored with just me being in control of what goes on.
- Give me realistic characters, whether it is fantasy related.
- Someone that can reply daily. I can make a few exceptions regarding to the length of post.
- Someone that can do M x M and F x m,
- With that being said I am looking for either accidental pregnancy (f x M) Or male pregnancy.

Offline Eternal0snow92Topic starter

Re: Looking for female or male partner(s)
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2016, 07:01:26 AM »
~*~About me~*~

A warm welcome to you.  My name is Dark demon, but you can all me Eternal or Snow.  Or even my real name which is Faye. (Which ironically means fairy). I'm in my early twenties and as you can pretty much tell I'm an open book.  People would describe me as a funny, easy to get along with, dependable and loyal  and trust worthy. I can get pretty protective when I want to be and when people push the right buttons I can get nasty too.

Although I don't get wound up by my own sake more for those around me. I was born with a genetic disorder, which effects the gene of '22'. Which has a bit missing which is an umbrella of conditions clumped together. It gave me Clef palate I had the surgery to repair my lip and fortunately it's not noticeable. It gave me fear and anxiety, depression (which doesn't effect me as much now.)  Dyspraxia (now that does effect my writing.) And finally Under-active thyroid.

But I like to consider all of my conditions as challenges to conquer then play the woe'is me card. It's made me pretty strong and independent. And I'm also hard of hearing and wear hearing aids.

I'm considered as a book worm, I read far, far too much. On J.R Ward, Christine Feehan, Dianne Duvall. I love fantasy and vampire novels. That show them for who they really are. Not pretty dam sparkly handsome males.

In my spare time I am a medium, I can communicate with spirits I've been able to receive messages when I was 4 years old not really knowing who I was 'connecting' to. I personally believe that everyone can communicate with them but they need to learn how to 'surrender to the higher realms'. You won't believe how much this will effect your life in a positive way.

I'm currently working with R.D.A which is a riding for disabled association which I go to every Wednesday to help groom and tack up the horses and generally helping those with various different disabilities. I help them on to the horses and building up the leg muscle and actually getting back into the saddle again which is scary stuff.
- But thrilling at the same time.

In my own spare time I'm currently restoring a Morris minor 1961. Found her in a  ship container who's been there for four years now. But slowly getting her on the road again.

Offline Eternal0snow92Topic starter

Re: Looking for female or male partner(s)
« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2016, 07:02:36 AM »
☘ What I can offer you:☘

❥ Lot's of interesting plots and twists.
❥ Long detailed vivid replies.
❥ Seme, Seke & Uke.
❥ Able to respond daily.
❥ Able to make an entire world with you.
❥ Side characters.
❥ I don't mind male pregnancy.
❥ Fantasy, modern and history.

What I need from you:

 ❥ The longer the replies the better. At least 3-6 paragraph average per reply. No one liners ever.
❥ I want a team effort so both of us will come up with ideas for the RP.
❥ Communication, if something you do not wish to happen in a RP please tell me I'm psychic not Telepathic. 
❥ I prefer to RP with people who can play all 3 roles (Seme, Seke, Uke.)
❥ I understand if you cannot respond daily.  We all have commitments but please do not let it be longer then three weeks. I will lose interest.

✰  Definitions ✰


- My semes aggressive and possessive kind. They find it hard to show their true intentions through means of actions instead of words. They are sarcastic and blunt. They like to be in control. THEY will get what they want. Whether it's through humiliation or through Toys they like to experiment with. They like to challenge their dominance.
❣ Seke❣

❥  My darling sekes are my preferred role. Being a new in to the world of dominance I love experiment with them. They can be referred to as the 'shy' semes. They love the challenge that sparks their in inquisitive nature. They love to challenge the banter side of things. They will take the reins back if you relax in your dominant self.

❣ Uke ❣

❥  My ukes are a tough bunch. Through my personality they are sarcastic and witty. They will play hard to get.  They will do anything to tease you. Test your patience, they aren't the woo is me type and will do anything to get what they want on the borderlines of Dominance.


Seke x Seke

I love: Seme x seme, seke x seke.
My favourite pairing! I love a pair that power struggles!
Plus I like the fact that they can switch off dom & sub. I actually fully support this and would suggest this as the best option.

Seme x Seke
I love this pairing because the Seke is an ''Alpha'' and is not used to being completely overpowered by a Seme. Of course that wouldn't stop a Seke from trying to fight back ;)

Offline Eternal0snow92Topic starter

Re: Looking for female or male partner(s)
« Reply #3 on: January 01, 2016, 07:03:24 AM »
~*~ Pairings ~*~

♡ Student x Teacher
♡ Student x Student
♡ Scottish x Welsh,
♡ Transfer student x student. 
♡ College student x Teacher.
♡ Author x Fan.
♡ Jock x Nerd.
♡ Agent x Civilian
♡ Brother-In-Laws
♡ Librarian x Student
♡ Mentor x Student
♡ Stepfather x Stepson,
♡ Husband x Soul mate
♡ Boss x Employee
♡ Employee x Employee

♡  Soldier x Soldier
♡ Doctor x Solider
♡ Gangster x Cop
♡ Warden x Prisoner
♡ Witness x Body guard

♡ Vampire x Human
♡ Pure blood prince vampire x new creator (vamp)
♡ shifter x shifter.
♡ Greek god x Greek god.
♡ Immortal x Human
♡ Immortal x reincarnation.
♡ Immortal x Immortal.
♡ Dragon shifter x human
♡ Dragon shifter x Dragon shifter,
♡ Vampire x werewolf 
♡ Vampire x vampire.

♡ Scottish high lander knight x Black's smith.
♡ King x peasant.

♡ King x Assassin.
♡ King x Body guard/Knight.
♡ King x King.
♡ King x Mistaken princess for a prince.


♣ Assassins creed
♣ Black dagger brotherhood.
♣ Dark kings novel,
♣ Dark series,
♣ Lord of the Rings,
♣ Black sails,
♣ Harry potter,
♣ Xmen/ Avengers,
♣ Guardians Dianne Duvall.