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June 20, 2018, 02:31:21 PM

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Author Topic: Red [M lf F, Extreme, Supernatural]  (Read 361 times)

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Red [M lf F, Extreme, Supernatural]
« on: December 31, 2015, 11:59:51 AM »
There's a monster on the loose and nobody knows it. There's a monster on the loose and so far there's been nothing but silence, and that's the way he likes it. He's so weak and needs to rebuild his strength, he's so weak and vulnerable now - but there's time, if he plays his cards right.

Character Name: "Lucas Red"
Age: Physically 20's, Chronologically 300
Race: Incubus
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Personality: Not many other ways to say it then "a sexual predator". Born and raised in the Age of Pirates, he shows a distinct lack of care for the proud traditions and culture of demons. Instead he just wants to drink, cuss, fight, and screw- not necessarily in that order. He's had enough exposure to the modern time that he doesn't always talk like a pirate, but slips when highly emotional. Not the greatest when it comes to technology either, but it looks like fun. Currently he's playing it careful, attempting to get his strength back.

Brief History: Born to a prostitute between the cannons of a pirate ship, Lucas had no idea his father was an Incubus until he had sex for the first time. Apparently part of the curse is that if one of your parent's is in Incubus or a Succubus and if your first time isn't with someone you truely love you become one yourself. Lucas was having a threesome.
Since then Lucas has brought his more pirate style of thinking to what's normally a proud demon race. When he carelessly impregnated a governor's daughter the other sex demons punished him by locking him away in a magic marital aid. Lucas isn't a fool however, and dedicated his energies to keeping himself alive for as long as possible.
A curious museum curator recently used the 300 year old sex toy, releasing "Lucas" from his prison. Having learned a thing or two about staying low, he fed on her and snuck away into the night.
Currently, he trying to get his strength back, bit by bit. His most common method at the moment is to use his Incubus abilities to ambush women by surprise and worry about the consequences later. Frequently this ends with him having to hide a body but not every time. What he plans to do after he gets his full strength back not even he knows.

Description: A strong build that speaks of someone who works out, Lucas is considered quite handsome in a decidedly masculine way. Less a modern pop star, more a 40's movie action star. Red hair and naturally red eyes, he uses magic to make them appear blue. Essentially, mix a young Rock Hudson with all the good qualities of a ginger male and you have Lucas Red.

This is not an accident. As an Incubus his looks are always going to be at least very handsome, and at full strength he'll be considered so handsome it enters the realm of the supernatural. As it stands his Incubus bloodline gives him a few powers- but nothing really worth it in a stand-up fight.

1.) Lucas can force people to feel sexual desire, the closer he is and the better fed he is the stronger the effect. This works better on women then men, and works best on non-supernaturals.
2.) Lucas can force people to feel sexual pleasure if he has established skin-on-skin contact, the more skin the stronger. Again, this works better on women then it does men and it works best on non-supernaturals.
3.) Lucas is immune to all non-supernatural diseases and is quite fertile. As such he considers it a perverse point of pride that he has never used a condom.
4.) Lucas can drain life energy from others, but only during sexual intercourse. This can have effects ranging from the victim is a little more tired and hungry then they would be otherwise to outright killing them by draining them completely. The perverse part is that this actually seems pleasurable to experience, just ending with an orgasm so powerful that it flushes the victim of all their life energy and their heart stops.
5.) Lucas has some level of spell-casting, though it's quite weak. On the fly, nothing more dramatic then changing his eye color. With the time and materials for a full ritual he can make more dramatic effects- but not without spending the precious life energy he's drained from others.
6.) If Lucas is well fed, he can put some of his energy into a partner he is having sex with instead of draining them. This corrupts the partner, enslaving them to his will- all too happy to be Lucas's fuck-toy, slave, and baby factory. Lucas can only do this when he's having an orgasm himself and his cum must be absorbed by the vagina without any sort of physical protection (though it still works if she's using non-physical forms of protection like the birth control pill). When Lucas uses this ability his semen is jet black instead of the normal off-white, and jet black cum doesn't impregnate. If a partner absorbs enough black cum, they begin gaining minor succubus attributes as well.

As I was picturing it, your (main) character would be a victim he's corrupted but allowed to live - for now at least. Maybe she's the original museum curator and it amuses him, maybe she's also rich and has the resources that for now she's more useful to him alive, maybe she's a fellow supernatural creature that just had the bad luck of coming across something stronger then her, or maybe she just got lucky and he was "full" off of killing someone else too recently for him to pull it off.

But either way, you'd be playing the sex slave and rape victim of a being that can literally fuck you to death at any time. And, in a perverse way, you love that.