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Author Topic: Circle of Shadows: Sandbox&Action, Dark Fantasy (HLGBT, NEED MORE AGENTS!)  (Read 9589 times)

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Offline MisoThe Mouse

I think we've got an awesome cook :) Can see what we've got in our approved sheets thread here:

Thanks  ;D. I was lurking over there but I geuss I didn't see the cook character

Offline Twisted iN Tux

*gasps* How could you miss him? He's utterly fabulous! Just saying. *sulks away*

Offline MisoThe Mouse

I must have been blinded by the light then lol. He must be too fabulous for my mortal eyes

Offline MisoThe Mouse

Does the App go in this thread?

Online RoenTopic starter

Does the App go in this thread?
Hi, Miso, yes, the applications go in this thread.

You should keep in mind that the game itself has already started, but we might have a spot or two to incorporate in, if you have the patience for some catching up and waiting for the right moment.

Offline MisoThe Mouse

Hi, Miso, yes, the applications go in this thread.

You should keep in mind that the game itself has already started, but we might have a spot or two to incorporate in, if you have the patience for some catching up and waiting for the right moment.

Ok kewl. Im all for being patient, I seen something about not quite being recruited if you come in a little late? Works well with the character I'm running with. Lone wolf with mommy issues  :-)

Offline MisoThe Mouse

Name: Morgan Lodi

Age: Older that your entire bloodline cur...

Sex: Male, in the physical sense only.

Race: Demi-Entity

Type: Incubus. Entity of War and Lust.

Origin: Celtic and Nordic mythology. The Morrigan and Medb.

Notable Abilities/Skills:
  • Nigh Immortality: Morgan, like his first mother, feeds off the anguish and fear of the battle field. This ability allowed him to stretch his life far beyond the point where most entities die without tributes and praise. There is always a battle to eat. His second mother fed off of lust, merry making, and the spirit of festival but his ability it stunted in this area. Almost as a cruel reminder to his duality, fate has only allowed him to feed from lustful sex, and not from true love making.
  • The Suggestion: Where there is no peace, will it. When there is no war, make one. This more of a gift from his second mother, Medb. The Suggestion was intended to provoke parties and lust in humans and monsters alike. Morgan uses this power however he pleases. And when he is not starting a blood feud, it is usually used to provoke adultery.
  • Murder on The Wind: Morgan Lodi can be seen as a murder of crows, whirling in and out of existence. It is a sort of teleportaion that he uses during combat, when he doesn't want to walk, or just simply to unnerve someone. The crows can carry messages in addition to his lazy ass. These same crows can carry him to the spirit world after an extensive session of meditation. Or he can just conjure one up, usually to talk to.
  • Claws and fangs: His true form is equipped with curved, talon like claws and toes. They are his preferred weapons when he tired of simply watching the blood shed.
Notable Equipment:
  • Enchanted Jewelry: An Oceanwave pinky ring and a silver ring on his right middle finger shaped like a skull wearing a Native American Cheifs headdress. Also, two silver hoops in his left ear. They seem to glow a pale green when he is collecting the souls of the battle field. Or life energy from a lover. They do not come off without his speaking of the same of God in the language of the Pawne Indians. One must destroy these rings to destroy him.
  • Antler Dagger: A dagger given to him by one of his mothers. It has seen many battle fields, and is charged with centuries of wartime energy. Even drawing it causes anger, fear, or confusion to spread.
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Role: Liaison. Lawyer. Public Relations maybe? Anything Ironic in relation to his true nature, he would enjoy that.

Recruitment Status:Yet to be recruited. I haven't the time for your little clan, cur. 

Employment History: Celtic mercenary back when your world was something to admire. Wondering Mayan warrior and Sioux warlord before those nosy fucking Europeans*this is where he would pinch the bridge of his nose in obvious disdain*......I don't even want to talk about it. Lawyer since the 1800's. Helping gang wars, World Wars, Legal Disputes, and Domestic Violence ever since.

Appearance:His eyes are a pale green. He has a tattoo of Darth Vader wearing a Native American headdress on his left forearm.
His True Form:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Sexuality:Women...The are so simple. And complex. And soft. Dom, but he likes to let her pretend she's in charge.

On: Bondage. Biting. A good fight before hand. Also, though he would never admit it, he likes to be treated gently. Cuddling and light touches.

Offs: No toilet stuff. Or animal stuff. Or blood. Bruises and cast around your cute little ankle is OK, but stitch yourself up. Do not bleed on my bed cur.

Personality: Morgan Lodi is a war mongering, sarcastic, sociopath. He cannot help it, it is the nature of his being. He is cold and calculating. You know what he wants, and you know that he will make you do it. And he will make jokes about it the entire way. Such is the gift of his First Mother, The Morrigan. That being said, Bi-polar is an understatement of epic proportions. His Second Mother Medb left him with a happy, emotional, and utterly attracting spirit. He will laugh in the face of impending doom. He will make a joke at a funeral. He will always pour out a bit of his bottle for all those downed in battle. Such is the nature of his being. And he doesn't care to wonder which is the one likes the most.


 Children born of entities that men tend to call Gods usually have a tendency to be heroes. That is because they are usually told that they belong in the world, or that the world belongs to them. Well for Cairo McNellia Morgan Sin Lodi, this was not the case. He was born of two female entities, The Morrigan, goddess of war and battle, and Medb, goddess of festival and lust. The two Goddesses poured their essence into a still born baby girl, the sadness of it's mother interrupting their love making. His true form in fact, looks almost like a beautiful little girl, and he was born with a long mane of grey hair. His births true nature of his birth was hidden to the public with a loveless ceremonial marriage between Medb and some Jarl of the time. Granted, the life of a Nobel child was comparatively better that that of a Vikings son. But you see, Morgan, as he came adopt as a name, could not contain his other worldly nature. He began killing on the fields of battle very soon. Much too soon. He learned that bloodlust was as natural to him as breath. Drinking the blood of his enemies brought a strange happiness to the young Morgan. And as he cried each night for those he slew in the heat of the mornings raid, he soon found that so was compassion. He compensated by attending festivals and celebrations whenever he can. And he began drinking and fornicating. Again much too young. He found he had a skill for persuasion,and that his womanly essence made women all the more comfortable with him. This was perfect, because the draining of the female essence seemed to be a delicacy on his spiritual plate.And so came the love of lust. This too, as natural as the air he drew.

He was schooled by both of his mothers. As he grew older. Instructed in the wars of love and wars of blood and bone. Battle and history. He learned the history of the bloodlines of both his mothers. He learned how this was not the first planet that the went to to survive off fear and happiness. He began to feel a sort of pride in being among the first of his kind to walk with humans. He admired their spirit, but often found they wanted to kill each other over sheep, and women. He found no pleasure in finding a cause to go and die for like his brothers did. Instead he found that the life of a mercenary suited him just fine. And there was plenty of room for a death eater like him during the reformation of Europe. But this land was beginning to bore him. A part of him was beginning to yearn for compassion. He often heard his First Mother talk of how she was considered a mere trickster god in the Americas, and this amused him. So he assumed the form of Murder on the Wind, and flew towards South America.

And for years he lived among the people. And it was pure. There was nature to be enjoyed like he had never experienced it. The wilds of the Americas to him where only rivaled by the forest of the spirit world. The people where so intuited with the spirit of the creator, that even war had a natures eb and flow to it. And there was plenty of that to go around. They dances and sung the praise of the Raven headed warrior. His life was perfect for a time. Then Columbus went and "found" his home......To this day he would probably gut you where you to suggest celebrating Columbus day. He committed atrociousness that had not yet been introduced to the world to those fate be damned European hedonistic mutherfucking..... *sigh*

And then warfare changed. Horses turned into trained. Tomahawks into swords. Swords into guns. Guns into pens. Soon the only war was The War on Drugs, and the War on Terror. Morgan could only feed of gang warfare and the occasional oil grab. His love of the party had earned him enough shady character acquaintances to provide a cover, and a new identity. He's been acting a little too Christian Bale in American Psycho lately. But who's watching? These new world curs are only worried about Kardashians and Instafame.

  • Charismatic: He's charming. It's in his very essence. He could call you a bitch and make it sound like a compliment.
  • Strangely Feminine: He makes men uncomfortable when he makes eye contact and women treat him as if he was a female. And it seems natural. Hell, in his true form he looks like a severely flat chested girl. Just don't mention it, ever.
  • War: He is not necessarily skilled,or schooled in the arts. But instinctively, he knows war. He will beat you. Computer, chess, guns, hand to hand. He will beat you. Most of the time. There was that one time with Running Bear, but he got lucky. At the very least, he will beat you the second time.

Shortcomings: *Your character's weaknesses. You need to have at least 2, and it should match the number of your character's Merits.*
  • Bi Polar: He does not know what he wants to do. Nor how he wants to act. Nor if he cares. He could be anybody at any time. This could be annoying one can imagine.
  • Combative: He always want to to fight. He cannot help it. This makes a truly intimate relationship nigh impossible.
  • Party Hard: Hedonistic. Has been for centuries. If I cant come to work drunk, why come to work?

Hobbies: Painting. Large paintings on walls and roofs. Don't ask what the red is. It's probably blood. See, no need to ask.

Face Claim: Bill Skarsgard

How did YOU Find Us?: Just searching about Elliquiy  ;D
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I'm still interested in this one, but I'm not sure if the character concept that I had for this is any more welcome than it was last time? How updated is the character approved thread?