Quill's current available cravings (F for Dominant male character)

Started by LamentingQuill, December 29, 2015, 11:28:44 PM

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Forever Mine {could use a better title} (Supernatural genre)
Eliana Blake was absolutely thrilled and honored that her sister asked her to be her maid of honor in her wedding, even more so to see her sister see so deeply in love and adored by her handsome new husband.
She doesn't know too much about the groom, aside from the fact that he and his family come from somewhere in Europe, his name is Lucas Vonnaise and he is a highly successful architect whose designs are highly sought after and pain top dollar for. That's what her sister told her and the family anyway... she seemed hesitant to say much else...

The wedding is everything you'd expect when the groom has more money than he knows what to do with and the food, omg the food, Eliana had never been so tempted to go back for seconds in her life as she was now.
The only part about this wedding that she wasn't too sure how to feel about? The groom's younger brother, her exact age and as frightfully handsome as his older brother... he was the best man and Eliana's escort for the evening, the later part born from his insistence and refusal to allow Eliana to protest at all.

Why would she protest you might wonder? There is an eerie gleam in the handsome young man's eyes, sensual and predatory... she isn't sure if she should be turned on by it... or be incredibly terrified...

(Looking for a supernatural romance with a very dominant sociopathic male lead, partner's choice what supernatural race the male lead will be)

Lord of the Rings: Child of the Moon
Long after the events of the defeat of Sauron, in a time of golden peace for Middle Earth, something amazing is about to happen.
An ancient race forgotten by Middle Earth has chosen this time of peace to return to Middle Earth after their many, many centuries of absence. Where were they all this time? The answer is among the clouds...

Legends speak of a race baring wings of shimmering pale gossamer, hair of snow white with a silvery shine to the strands... and the most breathtaking description of all is the rumor of their bodies baring a soft silvery light blue glow like the moon and stars.

Fairest of all fair creatures, these ethereal beings said to have descended from the silver beams of the moon, are known as Moon Fairies or Children of the Moon.

As it happens,  these ethereal creatures immediately adapt to languages as soon as they hear them.
The king of the Moon Fairies, Ithilrin, has sent his royal children with gifts down to Middle Earth to visit each existing kingdom to spread the word of their coming and extend to each race their good will and friendship.

Princess Celebrinel has just arrived in ?? (depends on the male character chosen by my partner)

There are a few options here: We can go with Legolas and ignore the fact that he and Gimli went off the homeland of the elves OR we can say that Haldir never died and Celebrinel instead arrives in Lorien. With the freedom afforded by roleplay and imagination, anything can happen.

Another option: I might be persuaded to try having Celebrinel choose Rivendell instead and we can pair her with one of Elrond's two sons, Elladan or Elrohir.

Chosen by the wolf prince
Human Eliana has known nothing else but the werewolf culture ever since she was rescued from a burning cabin as a baby by a childless werewolf couple and adopted.
Now eighteen years old, Eliana's life has been rich with the love of her adoptive parents and she is being courted by a sweet werewolf her age whom serves in the current Alpha's army.

However, Eliana is not prepared for her life being turned upside down when the Alpha's eldest son decides he is ready to take a mate... and he fancies Eliana...

A spurned vampire is an angry vampire
Almost two years ago, good witch Rosalyn's coven had been discovered by a powerful clan of vampire's seeking to drain them all dry and absorb the magic in their blood.
Many of the witches were drained and killed, but an opportunity arose for escape when the clan leader took a romantic interest in Rosalyn and attempted to seduce her into becoming his vampire bride.

He wined and dined Rosalyn as she sat with her ankles shackled to her chair, one could say his greatest mistake was allowing Rosalyn to regain her strength, because after eating and recovering much of her energy, she took her chance at vengeance and cursed the vampire clan leader. What was this curse? She made it so he would not be able to feed from any human being so long as the curse remained in place.
From there, Rosalyn rounded up the remaining witches left alive and escape the vampire fortress, all of them then going into hiding, blending into society as normal supposedly powerless human mortals.

Now, Rosalyn has been living a peaceful and normal life as a kindergarten teacher, completely forgetting about the very angry and spurned vampire she cursed two years ago.

Unfortunately for Rosalyn, her serene new life is about to be disrupted as the vampire clan leader's arcane researchers have found a way to lift his curse and his now tracking down the witch that denied him her love... And this time... he won't be taking no for an answer...