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May 11, 2021, 06:40:23 pm

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Author Topic: MxF Requests Looking for Females Who Can Play Rough!  (Read 603 times)

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Offline AlphaWolfQuinTopic starter

MxF Requests Looking for Females Who Can Play Rough!
« on: December 29, 2015, 05:19:14 pm »
After months of hiatus I am back and ready for something fresh, shiny, and new! My name's Zach but I go by Alpha or Quin usually and I don't have a preference. I'm currently craving some MxF pairings and I have a few plots which I will list below. I've been roleplaying for quite some time now and have played out various scenarios as well as some very interesting characters. My posts range from 2 paragraphs to 10+ I do not do one liners at all and I ask that anyone interested in any of my pairings or plots please be able to give me a solid paragraph or more per post. I will give you what you give me and I will give anyone a chance and if we don't match up it's okay and I will let you know if I'm not feeling the story or if I feel the characters don't click and I'm willing to work things out before dropping the RP completely. Dropping out is usually last resort in most cases but if you're snotty or rude to me I'll just stop talking to you all together. Okay now that I've listed my rules, onto the good stuff eh?

Realistic Pairings
-Rival Gang Leaders(Preferably Bikers)
-Lower Class Man/High Class Woman
-Student/Teacher(College Only)
-Bad Boy/Good Girl

Fantasy Pairings
-Fallen Angel/Hellhound
-Fallen Angel/Human
(The pairing possibilities in this category are endless, I'm open for pretty much anything fantasy so feel free to throw out ideas to me )

Once Upon a Time
-OC/Regina Mills
-Robin Hood/Regina

Escape From NY/LA

-Snake Plissken/OC
-Snake Plissken/Utopia

Celebrities I'm Craving Right NOW
-Lana Parrilla
-Emma Watson
-Jennifer Lawrence
-Meghan Ory
-Michelle Rodriguez
-Mila Jovovich
(Really Craving Lana and Mila right now)


Hollywood Goes to Hell-Celebrity RP- She's a well known celebrity, he's a Hellhound/Werewolf hybrid looking for a lifetime mate. He sees her, follows her, wants to claim her as his own. Only problem is she's not as easy of a catch as other women because she hides a very deep dark secret. She's also a supernatural creature(Type is up to you) and she refuses to be taken easily. Open for more ideas, this is just a small start to get the juices flowing.

He Was Always There, She Just Forgot Him-OUAT-Regina's lost it all again and she's ready to give up hope on her happy ending. Little does she know, her happy ending has always been right by her side. She created him within her mind as a child, he came to her, brought her happiness even in the darkest of times. She grew up and grew out of having imaginary friends. Little does she know, he isn't just someone from her imagination anymore, he's real and he's been watching over her since she first thought him up. He's a fallen angel/Hellhound hybrid and he's perfect for her. The only problem is they clash as adults. She's strong minded and a leader, he's arrogant, hot headed, and has a problem with authority. (This is a HUGE craving and I'm definitely open for any ideas you have to add to this)

This is all I got for now but I will add more plots as they come to me. I know it's not much but please don't let the lack of fanciness in my request thread turn you away. I am experienced with roleplaying, I'm just really bad at making request threads haha.
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