The return of the Cat

Started by RedEve, December 29, 2015, 07:26:53 AM

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Four years ago, a particularly nasty scrap with the Gotham PD and the Penguin left Catwoman badly injured
The police found blood on the scene of the crime to confirm this. Selina was not captured, but in the aftermath, all Catwoman's criminal activities stopped nearly overnight.
The police officer in charge of the investigation had two theories:
Either Catwoman had died in the aftermath of her stand-off with the Penguin, or her injuries had forced her to retire.
Whichever of the two options was the truth, the masked criminal and occasional vigilante was now a thing of the past in Gotham.

One day, a graduate student at the University of Gotham by the name of Denise Redham rented a storage unit nearby her apartment building.
To her surprise, there was a locked chest in said unit, which - after the owner of the storage facility had confirmed that her unit was supposed to be empty - she took home with her one night.
Using her engineering skills in bypassing the lock, the contents of the chest surprised and intrigued her: inside were two of Selina Kyle's former Catwoman outfits.
Having always had a near fangirlish obsession with the feline-themed criminal since her teens, Denise saw this as a sign. It would be her destiny to assume the mantle of Catwoman.

Once Denise's crimes become high profile enough for there to be talk of the return of the Catwoman, the original lead detective will resume his investigation into the masked thief. Only he will not be convinced that this new Catwoman is the same one as before.
Her M.O. will be slightly sloppier and he will still be convinced that the real Catwoman is either no longer alive or very much retired.

Looking for someone to play the detective opposite my new Catwoman.
The idea is for the novice Denise to make some mistakes, at least in the beginning.
Her background does afford her some skills. She is an electrical engineering graduate who is trying to earn her doctorate.
She also has a dozen years of training in Krav Maga, so she will be able to stand her own in any scrap or brawl.

Please send any expressions of interest to my PM inbox! Thanks.
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Initial interest in the game seems to have vanished, so I am once again looking for a suitable player.
"I don't have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination."
My ons and offs- My F-list