Quill's lovely band of heroines for your pleasure (F for Dom M character)

Started by LamentingQuill, December 28, 2015, 07:38:42 PM

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PM me if you'd like to play alongside any of these beautiful ladies

Jade Hirameki the samurai
A beautiful and mysterious female samurai of immense skill, it is often debated whether her deadliness surpasses that of her beauty or perhaps the other way around. No one has been able to truly decide.

Jade is a conflicted young woman, on one hand she is consumed with the thirst to avenge her dear father's murder as the hands of a jealous rival turned criminal deviant, on the other hand her gentle heart is kept thriving by her love for the orphaned students she has taken into her late father's forest hidden dojo.

Jade walks a very fine line between becoming as lethal and cold as the prey she hunts and maintaining the compassionate heart within her.

Name: Jade Hirameki

Age: 25

Hair: Long and raven black, hang down to hips

Eyes: Doe brown

Height: 5 feet and 4 inches

Weight: 120 lbs.

Orientation: Heterosexual

Figure: Athletic and curvy (sensually toned hourglass shape)

Status: Single (Good luck fellas, she's a tough one to crack)

Sexual ons: Mostly vanilla, ask about anything you might be uncertain about.

Sexual offs: See my o/o's for each of my character's offs.

Nothing is sexier to Jade than strong dominant man that isn't afraid to take charge and confidently pursue the object of his affections.

Figure: Delectably curvy in all the right places (Hourglass shape)

Liliana Sinclare the psychic
Liliana is a very beautiful and gentle charming , but sometimes very shy young woman, she has lived a very painful past, but still managed to come out of it with a heart full of sweetness and love. A truly rare and special young lady.

When she was seven years old, her highly religious mother finally realizes her daughter's... talents... the woman is terribly distraught and horrified, deciding then that surely the devil cursed her daughter within the womb and the only way to be free of the evil was to kill her daughter and destroy the evil planted within her.

Her mother almost succeeded suffocating her with a pillow when the father arrived home and stopped her, deciding the best thing to do for both and his wife and the now endangered child was to send the girl away to a far off orphanage, for though he too feared his daughter and her strange abilities, he could never bring himself to harm a child... regardless if his wife insisted she was the product of a satanic curse cast upon her growing fetus.

Liliana lived within the orphanage, reviled and neglected out of fear, but she never let it drag her down or destroy who she was and who she wanted to be, she managed to endure the orphanage until she was able to get a job at a local flower shop at the age of sixteen, then getting her own apartment and striking out of her own, free of glares and hate from people that never bothered to even try and get to know her at all.

Liliana also deals with a myriad of psychic abilities she has had to fight her entire life to gain control over.

The most important and notable being thus:

Telepathy (reading minds)

Precognition (Glimpsing the future)

Mild Empathy (reading emotions)

Liliana has also recently learned to manifest her psychic energy into basketball sized balls of psychic energy that can be thrown at an enemy to pack quite a powerful wallop. It is highly draining however and reserved for life threatening emergencies only and can only be safely used twice before the body is completely exhausted and Liliana blacks out.

Teleportation- Liliana can only move herself about a miles distance and she must know precisely where she is going or she could end up anywhere within the distance of a mile or less.

Psychic shield- Liliana can engulf herself and allies within a bubble of psychic energy, but this bubble can only be maintained for a time frame of an hour and no more than that without risking exhaustion and a black out to Liliana.

Name: Liliana Sinclare

Age: 18

Hair: hip length with soft subtle waves, raven black

Eyes: Pale blue like a January sky

Height: 5 feet and 2 inches

Weight: 115 lbs.

Orientation: Heterosexual

Figure: Curvy and sweet (Hourglass shape)

Status: Single (dreams of finding true love)

Sexual ons: Vanilla, please ask first about anything you are uncertain is okay or not.

Liliana dreams of a man that all at once sweetly affectionate, romantic, strong and confident.

Sexual offs: See my o/o's for all my character's offs.

Kiara James the slayer (Unrelated to the Buffyverse in any way whatsoever)
Kiara is one tough little cookie, some would even call her as cold and stoic as she is earth shattering beautiful. Kiara is a slayer and one of the very best yet, her silver edged katana has lopped off quite a few vampire, demon and deranged wolf heads, earning her a reputation among the supernatural deviant as being extremely dangerous.

Name: Kiara James

Age: 18

Hair:  Dark brunette hair with soft subtle waves, hangs down to the top of her breasts.

Eyes: Dark brown

Height: 5 feet and 5 inches

Weight: 125 lbs.

Orientation: Heterosexual

Figure: Perfect curves in the perfect places to drive men insane (Hourglass shape)

Status: single, but a man strong and confident enough to dominate her might change her mind.

Sexual ons: Aggressively passionate sex. She leans towards vanilla, but has no qualms about climbing on top and riding her lover till sunrise, especially if he has the stamina to satisfy her that long... now that would impress her.

Kiara likes strong men that don't take shit from anyone and if they want something, they are not afraid to go for it relentlessly until it is theirs. Now that is hot.

Sexual offs: See my o/o's for all my character's sexual offs.

Bianca Jenkins the archaeologist
Beautiful and brilliant, Bianca is by far the youngest archaeologist of her high reputation, there is no where this brave beauty will not go to uncover the truth of an ancient past. Her greatest pet peeve is being underestimated and sometimes ridiculed for being a young and attractive female.

Name: Bianca Jenkins

Age: 23

Hair: Mid waist length wine red hair (Yes, the color is natural)

Eyes: Aqua blue

Orientation: Heterosexual

Status: Single, but open to pursuing a romantic relationship with the right guy

Sexual ons: Sweet and romantic vanilla love making, but she could be persuaded towards something a little bit more aggressive with the right coaxing. Ask about anything you are not sure I'll be cool with.

Sexual offs: See my o/o's for all my character's offs

More to come as the profiles are finished.