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May 22, 2018, 10:54:08 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking one for these various ideas. (Human/Beasts and femdom mainly.)  (Read 403 times)

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Online Quinz128Topic starter

I am returning to the scene, shortly (Including picking up the RPs I basically halted during the holidays), and am interest in adding just one more to my list. I have a couple specific ideas and a couple non-specific ones as well. I do want something long-term, though with these. SO! Here are possible I'd want:

1) Dragon(F)/Human(M): Both the characters are, effectively, mercenaries sent to a job to scout behind enemy lines. The dragon is the means to this end to go quickly, where they are to scout and double back while the human is the on-the-go note-taker/map maker. They are both combat-ready and either can be a veteran of this craft, however, somehow the dragon gets knocked down and injured, preventing her flying again. So they are behind the lines of the enemy of the people that hired them, and have to figure a way to safe lands. Whether through persistence or negotiation with enemy forces. Excepting a bond between the two as they have to rely on one another on the ground and can be just a friendship bond or go deeper depending on my partner's preference. Dragon in this scenario does not shapeshift.

2) Human(F)/Dragon(M): In this Scenario, Dragons are legends to humans, but they are but hidden away, now. They have found an island that, effectively, vanished off the maps and that is where they live. They have been there for hundreds (if not thousands) of years, now. A recent shipwreck, though, had been settled on their land and One survivor is found. The one is a child who eventually was raised by the community of dragons, with one who was given the duty to be her guardian. However, the human grows older and wishes to leave to her own kind again, due to the pressure of some of the older dragons. Before she leaves, though, her guardian gave her something to be able to call on him, if ever needed, even crossing the ocean. She leaves, but a war in the lands causes her to call the dragon forth and he travels to the human lands, but has to disguise himself with the assistance of old-magics, which protects him from discovery as well as the harm that occurs due to a new essence that covers the human lands that harms dragons over time. This Dragon Scenario allows him to shapeshift. Multiple survivors are able to be brought in if there wishes to have more.

3) (Pathfinder) Kobold!: I just want to play a kobold in an open adventure. Original idea is just generic fantasy, but also have a desire where it is a modern/cyber punk thing as well, where kobolds are xenophobic isolationists with their own technology and culture. Either way it is a fish-out-of-water scenario, where if modern/cyber punk the new technology for entertainment starts becoming addicting for the kobold. Open for kobold being either sex (Or intersexed if desired). Open to world-building for this!
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Online Quinz128Topic starter

Re: Seeking one for these various ideas. (Human/Beasts and femdom mainly.)
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4) Female Pokemon/Male Human: A turn around of the Male/Female dichotomy of where the male trainer is the one being the one turned to a submissive to his powerful pokemon. Perhaps he gained a pokemon too strong willed for him, but rather than just not listening she tries to influence his behavior and maybe even force herself on him. Mainly thinking Gen I 'mons, but open to negotiation here!

5) Mother/Son Incest: This could be any kind of characters, really. It's just a sub-set I want really. Humans? Sure! Lizardfolk instead? Why not! Dragons? Okay! I do want something to be less mindless fucking though, but more with the idea of social ramifications, but that always depends on culture too! May need some Scenario Building before starting.

6) Beast/Human: An idea of the end-of-the-world scenario, where the world is a desolate waste-land thanks to heroes failing to protect the world against an evil sorcerer. Heroes are dead and a new band is being formed, starting with a Human and a Beast who mutated during the magic-infused subjugation of the world. Kind of want this to be more long-lasting. Open to discussion for starting characters, deeper plot, worldbuilding and what kind of character we can add, if any.
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