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Author Topic: Massive Fandom Idea Stockpile. Star Wars, Superheroes, and More. M for f  (Read 642 times)

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For each of these stories, the ideas are inspired by a particular tv show, movie, or comic book. That being said, I don't want to be bound strictly to the events in that universe. With each of these stories, I want to work with a partner to craft something uniquely our own. Also, these are not the only fandoms I'm willing to do. They are simply the ones I have ideas for at the moment. If you don't see something here, feel free to ask.

I've included a label of the characters each story includes next to the title, as well as what type of relationship I imagine these would develop into. Some of those might change, based on my partner's ideas.

Each idea is seeking a female character, but the gender of the player doesn't matter.


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Year One (Arrow/Felicity. Light)

Oliver Queen has returned from five years on a hellish island, and now seeks to use the skills he learned there to bring justice to his city. The problem is that while the island might have taught him how to fight and shoot, it gave him no information on how to hack into databases or track a foe's digital movements. In order to complete his mission, Oliver is forced to recruit someone with the skills he lacks.

His search ends before it ever really begins. While walking home, Felicity Smoak is attacked by a mugger, only to be rescued by the Arrow. Oliver recognizes her as an employee of the company, someone with unrivaled computer skills. Bringing her into the fold puts her life at risk, but it means protecting the rest of the city.

I would like to see this develop into a loving romance that is mixed with action. The two have to learn how to deal with their significant other being put into harm's way, and have to consider that even together, they may not be enough to save the city.

Training Day (Arrow/Laurel. Light, possibly bondage)

After a personal loss, Dina Laurel Lance is determined to become a tool for justice, something that can make sure others don't suffer her same loss. With limited training, she has success against isolated criminals, but finds herself overwhelmed in the face of the more organized, violent criminal element.

During one of her less successful encounters with organized crime, she runs across the Arrow, Star City's other vigilante. The Arrow has been in action longer, and knows his training could be a valuable asset to her journey to reach her full potential. Unfortunately, the Arrow isn't looking for a partner, and instead warns her to get out of this life while she can.

Rather than give up, the Canary continues to put herself in dangerous situations, forcing the Arrow into a reluctant partnership, since letting her go untrained will clearly get her killed. While he starts out seeing her as a disruption, over time he starts to warm to the idea of a partner. Eventually, he starts to wonder if she might be something more.

This one could be reworked to have certain “damsel in distress” elements, as Canary could find herself in situations she simply isn’t ready for. It would depend on my partner’s interests.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Claws and Arrows (Green Arrow/Catwoman. Bondage)

Gotham has gotten to be a chaotic place as of late. Not only is the Batman keeping tabs on things, but there are a number of costumed criminals who make it progressively more difficult to steal an honest living. After a close call with law enforcement, Catwoman starts to wonder if maybe a change of scenery is in order. It is well known that Star City's only real guardian is a man with a simple bow and arrow. How hard could it be to elude a guy like that?

I like the idea of Oliver and Selena having their duel lives interact with each other. Half the time he is in costume chasing her, but perhaps he meets her at a party when they aren't wearing the costumes and finds himself taken with her. Eventually I would like to see them team up against some bigger foe that challenges Catwoman's morality a little.

Helm of Fate (Dr. Fate/Zatanna. Light)

Something is wrong with the mortal realm. Bodies are being found mutilated, burned or torn to pieces in ways police cannot explain. There are always people who claim the end of the world is at hand, but even the most level headed individual can sense that perhaps the end of humanity really is in the air.

In the midst of all this, Kent Nelson is a young college student who just wants to find his place in the world. Kent is pulled from his studies by an urgent notice from his grandfather, calling him to the family estate in New York. When Kent gets there, he discovers that his grandfather has been killed, another mangled corpse that the police cannot explain. Kent stays in the family home for a few days to see to his grandfather's affairs, and that is when he starts to have the dreams. In the dreams, he is visited by a spirit named Nabu, who warns him that the end times are coming. Nabu can give Kent the power to try to turn the tide, but at a price. The dreams point to the cellar, a place his grandfather always kept locked with a series of expensive locks. With some effort, Kent is eventually able to break into the cellar. Inside, he finds a golden helm and a note from his grandfather. The note explains that this is the helm of fate, which Nabu is bound to. The wearer can tap into Nabu's powers, but the bonding process is trying. Only people from Kent's bloodline can survive it with their individually intact, and even for them it is an ordeal. Nabu's presence claws at them, trying to assume control of their body so he can walk the earth. Each use of the helmet could cost your sanity, or your very soul.

Terrified by all this, Kent seeks out someone who might understand the supernatural. His search leads him to Zatanna. Zatanna can instantly sense that Kent is marked by the demons who walk the earth. The spirits can sense that he has the helm, and they will stop at nothing to destroy him.

(This would be a starting point. Zatanna needs help to stop what is happening, but each time Kent uses the helm, he risks himself. As their relationship grows romantic, the situation grows more complex. Kent cant sit back while Zatanna risks herself, and Zatanna knows what could happen if the helm is used recklessly.)

I'm Here to Kill You (Green Arrow/Felicity Smoak. Light to Bondage)

In the comics, the relationship between Oliver and Felicity starts out quite different. Felicity is a well known hacker who sells her services to the highest bidder. One of those bidders hires her to learn everything she can about the Green Arrow. She is to find out who he really is, where his bases are, and where he is vulnerable. Given her technical aptitude, Felicity finds all of this, but in the process she discovers that the Green Arrow does a lot of good for the city. Realizing that her employer plans to kill Oliver once he learns everything, Felicity changes sides, instead telling Oliver everything she knew about her employer.

I really like the altered meeting between the two. Felicity isn't recruited, she simply forces her way into Oliver's life. Perhaps she arranges to meet him at a party while she is trying to decide what she knows about his identity, and sees something in her eyes that makes the choice for her. Of course, there is also the matter of what her former employer will do once he realizes Felicity has switched sides. She is about to become one of the most hunted people in the world.


Green Arrow/Black Canary
Ultraman/Captured Member of League


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The Detective (Flash/Patty. Light to bondage)

This one is less of a specific plot, but I would really like to do a pairing between the Flash and Detective Patty Spivot. Patty's position on the metahuman task force means that she is constantly placed in dangerous situations, and puts her in frequent contact with the Flash. At the same time, Patty is starting a relationship with Barry Allen, completely unaware that he is the Flash.

I really want to play up the duality of their relationship. Patty might be frustrated by the way Barry is always disappearing, and she finds herself drawn to the Flash.

This could go a lot of different ways. I like the idea of her discovering the truth when Barry is injured and she has to get him out of a life threatening situation. Depending on my partner's interests, there could be damsel in distress situations in the story, as Patty is constantly in harm's way because of her job. Perhaps she starts to get a reputation as someone connected to the Flash, which would make her ideal bait if someone wanted to lure him out.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Keep the Secret (Clark/Chloe. Light to Bondage)

Now that I'm watching the show again, I really like the idea of a Clark/Chloe relationship. I'm really taken with this idea that she was always taken with him, but he just wasn't in the right place to see it. But somehow she discovers his secret (I would say just as they are leaving for Metropolis to start their lives), and suddenly he feels like he has a partner, an other half. As Clark tries to figure out how to best use his abilities, Chloe is right there beside him, acting as the investigator and sympathetic ear Clark needs. And if we want to be true to the show, perhaps her investigations lead her to a bit of trouble, but also provide her with a few opportunities to save Clark's life. I really like the idea of them rescuing one another from time to time.

In Another Life(Clark/Tess. Light to Bondage)

I really like the idea of an alternate Smallville, one where Tess was the heiress to the Luthor fortune who was sent to Smallville to master her business skills. It is Tess who gets distracted while driving and hits young Clark Kent with her car. When the young man is unharmed by the impact, she starts to grow suspicious. Despite her hunger for knowledge, the two become friends, and eventually something more. That close connection encourages Clark to tell Tess the truth, letting his guard down around the daughter of the town's most hated man.

What would a world look like where Lionel Luthor's daughter ended up with the son of Jor-El? How would their destinies be shaped? And what would happen when Tess's brother Lex came looking to take over the family business? These are questions I would love to answer.

Star Trek

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The Captain's Girl (Mirror Universe) (Original Characters. Bondage)

By the mid 22nd century, the Terran Empire has conquered the vulcans, andorians, and a number of other nearby species. Some members of these conquered races serve in Starfleet, hoping to earn a measure of independence and respect among the humans. Others have gone into open rebellion against the empire. This rebellion is eroding the imperial fleet and causing hostility towards the aliens in the fleet. Many become subservient to their human superiors, becoming consorts in addition to their regular duties.

When the Imperial starship Intrepid is attacked by rebels, their captain is killed and the ship's new first officer takes command. In their anger, many of the crew feel that the ship's alien helmsmen, who was the captain's consort, was working with the rebels to ambush the ship. The crew expects the new captain to kill her, but instead he claims her as his own consort.

Rather than find a cruel, prejudiced superior, the helmsmen finds herself with a captain who is level headed. She even senses a certain degree of compassion from him. With the proper influence, perhaps he could be motivated to help the rebels and prevent the destruction of her race. For that to happen though, he will have to stay alive. In the Imperial fleet, the perception of weakness invites assassination. If power were to transition a third time, the young helmsmen would likely find her fate heading down a much darker path.


For this story, I'm looking to do a story set in Star Trek's Mirror Universe. Instead of the Federation as we know it, people live in a much more warlike empire. I'm looking to play a character who can be ruthless when the situation calls for it, but is more composed than many of his peers. He would be entering a dom/sub relationship with your character, though he doesn't see her as inferior because of her species. He simply outranks her. I was picturing the helmsmen to be a vulcan, but really any alien would work. I'm flexible.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Piece of Home (Original Character/Supergirl. Light to bondage)

I'm still trying to figure out what to make of this show, but it has given me an idea for an original character to pair with Supergirl.

Jason Fine has a secret. Years ago, he was there when Kara Zor-El's vessel crashed to earth. Fascinated with the sight of an alien ship, he raced towards it, but Superman had found the vessel and carried it away before Jason arrived. But Superman missed something. As Jason examined the crash site, he found a small puddle of silver liquid that seemed to react to him. Before he could process the danger he was in, the liquid absorbed into his skin and changed him on a molecular level.

In the days that followed, Jason noticed a number of differences in his body. He had most of the powers of a kryptonian, though flight seemed to elude him. But while he couldn't defy gravity, he was smarter than he had been before. A lot smarter. Rather than reveal himself to the world, his family feared that he would be taken away and studied if he were discovered. So he kept his gifts a secret.

Not even Jason's family knew the whole truth. Jason never told them about the voice in the back of his head, a voice that whispered that Jason was now BRAINIAC, destined to help the last true kryptonians conquer this world and destroy the surviving members of the house of El. Over time, Jason learned to fight the voice, but it never went away.

In the present day, Jason is 25 years old and worlds as a prominent scientist for Lord Industries. When his lab suffers a bombing, Supergirl arrives to save the day. But with the massive structural damage, not even she can save everyone. Jason is forced to reveal his gifts and assist, though nobody sees him but Supergirl.


I would like this to be the start of a relationship between Supergirl and Jason. Perhaps he could start helping her on missions, and that blossoms into romance. The voice in his mind would protest him helping Supergirl, encouraging him to kill her, but he would refuse. (It could create amusing little moments though, where he might start accidentally speaking kryptonian in her presence.)

Eventually, the voice would change, telling Jason that General Zod, BRAINIAC's true master, is almost here. When Zod arrives, Jason will be forced to help the general enslave the planet and destroy Kara. That is, unless his feelings for her are stronger.

Please send me a PM if any of these ideas appeal to you. And again, I'm not limited to these characters or situations. These are just the ones I have ideas for.
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Re: Massive Fandom Idea Stockpile. Star Wars, Superheroes, and More. M for f
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Removed some taken ideas and added a number of Smallville ideas.

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Re: Massive Fandom Idea Stockpile. Star Wars, Superheroes, and More. M for f
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Added a number of plotless pairings to the DC section. I'm really craving something comic related right now, but anything on the list is good. I'm also open to pairings that I might not have considered/listed.
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I removed an idea that was taken, and also added several new ones.

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Removed several older ideas and added a Star Trek section.

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Back after a brief hiatus. I'm very much craving Smallville: Keep the Secret and anything from Arrow.