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Author Topic: VICE ~ Planning (WIP, comments welcome)  (Read 1007 times)

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Offline CynadeaTopic starter

VICE ~ Planning (WIP, comments welcome)
« on: December 25, 2015, 08:53:49 PM »
Done with the check list.

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Offline CynadeaTopic starter

Re: VICE ~ Planning (WIP, comments welcome)
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2015, 10:20:26 PM »
Imagine a place where there are no laws, no rules, no consequences.

Welcome to
This is 2019 in a suburban area of New York City, and VICE has officially opened its doors. VICE is not a virtual environment, it is a resort where people can indulge in their deepest, darkest fantasy without fearing the consequences in the real world. There is only one rule: if you break the law and damage someone (assault, rape, murder, etc.), make sure it's an artificial, not another guest. Those with intent to kill are furnished with weapons that will harm artificials, but not guests. Failure to comply with this one rule has the guilty party banished from the facility for life.

Know them, follow them

  • Follow the Oath Of The Drake
  • The word of the GM is final, if you wish to argue it, take it to PM
  • Read the O&O of your partner, and the character sheet before doing anything non-con or worse.
  • IC post length must be at least 2 paragraphs (A paragraph should be 5-6 sentences long, minimum.)
  • 2 characters max per player, until the player can prove they are active.
  • Keep your character sheet up to date
  • Breaking the one rule of the resort has IC consequences

Facility Grounds
Thread List

From the outside, VICE looks like a giant concrete cube with a glass front. It is impossible to see inside the resort from outside. No sound comes from it, no light, nothing. What happens within the walls of VICE remains within VICE.  Save perhaps real murder. In these four blocks you will find everything that one may find in any downtown area of a major city. For the artificials and the clients, this four block radius is known as Downtown St. Vincent.

(list to be completed/reviewed)
Coffee shop (Name?)
Starlight Night club
5 star hotel (Name?)
An apartment building (the artificials have to have some where to sleep)
A bar / strip club / brothel (name?)
A day spa (Name?)
Performing Art Center
Gardens, parks and streets
Retail Stores

Character Sheets
Submit the character sheet to Aysande

  • Join a picture of a model or a celebrity with your character sheet. If possible, make it 150px by 200px or Aysande will  resize it.
  • Respect the formatting, please do not change it. Write after the /b tag, not before it.
  • Make sure it meets the minimum requirement before sending it to Aysande, she will post it in the thread when it is accepted
  • This shows your ability to build a believable character and respect the setting
  • Open to characters of any gender, and any orientation

    Artificial (AI)
  • Bio-mechanical beings. They feel, bruise, bleed like humans
  • They have emotions and intelligence like humans
  • They are programmable, their memories can be wiped and overnight they can be someone else
  • They man the facility, populate it.
  • They can be differentiated from guests by the silver bracelet that they wear, which the artificial are programmed not to see or feel. They don't know it is there. It is also a tracking device.
  • By playing an artificial, you agree that your character can be temporarily killed or maimed, at which point they are brought to maintenance, repaired and their memory reset.
  • They are programmed not to see that their world is limited to these 4 blocks.
  • They are not aware that they are not human, and that this isn't the real world. Becoming aware deactivate the artificial (failsafe) and will be reset.
  • You may write an artificial that is reset every morning, set with a different template, if you want to use the same model but in a wide range of scene
  • Memories are not transferable between persona, but a backup is made before the persona is changed
  • Feel free to create more than one persona per Artificial. Send each added persona to Aysande in a PM, to keep the character sheet up to date.
Player name:   Your E name
Player's O&O: Your O&O link, don't list them please.

Name: Full Character name

Appearance: A paragraph, minimum

Persona #1
Personality: A paragraph, minimum

Purpose: if applicable. If you created his personal to play a plot with someone, write it here

Background: can be as detailed as you want, can also be just a bullet list

Character's O&O: any O&O specific to this character

Other Note: Anything you think that we should know about this persona

Code: (Artificial Character Sheet) [Select]
[b]Player name: [/b] 
[b]Player's O&O: [/b]


[floatright][img][/img][/floatright][b]Name: [/b]

[b]Appearance: [/b]

[spoiler innerblock=1 block=1 title=Persona #1]
[b]Personality: [/b]

[b]Purpose: [/b]

[b]Background: [/b]

[b]Character's O&O: [/b]

[b]Other Note: [/b]


Client (Human)
  • Normal human
  • They are from any financial bracket, although more modest client might stay for hours, rather than days.
Player name:   Your E name
Player's O&O: Your O&O link, don't list them please.

Name: Full Character name

Age: Character age

Appearance: A paragraph, minimum

Personality: A paragraph, minimum

Background: can be as detailed as you want, can also be just a bullet list. Where they come from, what they do in life, etc.

Character's O&O: Anything specific to the character?

Other Note: Anything else you wish us to know

Visit : Write days/time and duration of visit.

Fantasy #1
Present your idea, the purpose of this character. The Fantasy doesn't have to be sexual. You character could simply be longing for someone to talk to, or do something he would never dare to do in the real world, like stripping on a stage, or approach a beautiful woman, or spend a day in a spa where they know they can keep their options open, etc. There can be more than one fantasy per client, use one spoiler by fantasy

Code: (Human Character Sheet) [Select]
[b]Player name: [/b]
[b]Player's O&O: [/b]


[b]Name: [/b]

[b]Age: [/b]

[b]Appearance: [/b]

[b]Personality: [/b]

[b]Background: [/b]

[b]Character's O&O: [/b]

[b]Other Note: [/b]

[b]Visit : [/b]

[spoiler innerblock=1 block=1 title=Fantasy #1]


To be used in every IC posts

Current Event
Participation to the even is optional[

February 14th:
St. Valentine's day masked ball, in the ballroom of the hotel
Ladies' night at the pub
Speed dating evening at ???
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